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Search the Urantia book in ten languages or Listen

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Author Topic: Search the Urantia book in ten languages or Listen  (Read 323 times)
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« on: March 13, 2007, 12:04:02 pm »

The APRIL 2007 Semester
Schedule of Courses

Registration begins on Monday, March 26 on the UBIS website:

The registration period is 2 weeks, from March 26 to April 8. Courses begin on Monday, April 9. To register on Monday March 26 or after, go to the UBIS website (, click on Course Offerings, select a course and click on the [Apply] button, then fill in the information on the Application. A registration "confirmation notice" will be sent to you containing the additional information needed for student participation.

We are pleased to announce the following four courses for the April Semester:

Part I
Course Title: Striving for the Knowledge of God    
Papers: 1, 2, 3, 5
Teacher/Facilitator:  Phil Taylor
Course Descriptor:
The Universal Father has put forth the supreme mandate "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect." He has given us the divine goal of knowing Him and striving to be like him. This course will study the nature of the Father's supreme mandate for perfection attainment and seek to understand how the creature by striving for the perfection of God comes to know God.
Part  III
Title:   The Adamic Dispensation    
Papers: 51,73, 74, 75, 76
Teacher/Facilitator: Pam Maunakea
Course Descriptor:
This course will explore the origin and nature of Adam and Eve, their mission of upstepping evolutionary civilization, their default, and their eventual contribution to the betterment of our world.

Title: True Religion: A Personal Experience
Papers: 100, 101, 102, 103
Teacher/Facilitator: Guy Perron
Course Descriptor:
This course covers many aspects of religion, such as spiritual growth, religious living, the acme of religious living, living faith, the certitude of the divine, the essence of religion, and many more.  

Part  IV
Title: The Sojourns of Jesus: Preparing for Service
Papers: 130, 132, 133, and 134
Teacher/Facilitator: Polly Friedman
Course Descriptor:
This study takes us through the travels, discourses, and personal encounters of Jesus, his preparation for public service, and what we can learn from our own life's journey.

We look forward to having you join us!   
In friendship,   
Dorothy Elder
Director, UBIS





Purpose and Method

Organization of the Courses

Rules of the School

Schedules of Courses (registration information here)

The School Needs Your Help


One of the  duties of URANTIA Foundation is to provide means and methods to disseminate  the teachings of The URANTIA Book worldwide. Many readers have  expressed a need for a place where they could join and study The URANTIA  Book with experienced, long time readers. This in turn leads to the  development of teachers and leaders.

The Internet School is envisioned as a means to help students from all over the world study The URANTIA Book in an electronic setting that frees the students from the constraints of distance, timetables, and physical presence. Courses will be given in small classes under the guidance of an experienced teacher/facilitator using the "Questions and Response" technique. The Urantia Book Internet School is designed to help the student:

*   develop a progressive approach to difficult concepts;
*   enlarge his or her comprehension by going deeper into the revelation;
*   learn teamwork and the fostering of good will, and
*   develop methods for presentation and dissemination of the teachings.

Purpose and Method of the Urantia Book Internet School

Interpreting  the truths and teachings in the Urantia Book is NOT the purpose of the School.  The Fifth Epochal Revelation came to us in book form expressly because the  Revelators wanted each human being to have a first hand experience with the  revelatory material. Thus, the Internet School's purpose is to provide a  tool to assist each student in experiencing the Revelation first hand and to  promote, improve and expand his/her comprehension through a non interpretive,  non-invasive, and non aggressive pedagogy.

The Method 

*   The teacher/facilitator will placeon the UBIS website a set of study questions and page references  related to the course topic. Students will select and  prepare  responses to three of the six study questions provided by the  Teacher/Facilitator. Sometime during the study week, students will enter  their responses to the questions in the appropriate place  provided on the UBIS website. At the beginning of the "Discussion Week"  the students may view all the responses, and the teacher and the students may then  discuss the responses by entering their comments on the website.  The 8-week format is  divided into 4 PERIODS of 2 weeks each: week #1 study and questions,  week #2 discussion. Week #9 is the "Summary Assignment" and concluding  comments week .
*   This method is  designed to provide two functions: to allow new readers to study in a  friendly, supportive atmosphere, and to provide an opportunity for students to  develop skills as teachers/facilitators . The  Teacher/Facilitator's role is to provide study questions adaptable to all  levels of familiarity with the text and to encourage students to  experientially integrate and creatively synthesize the material in the  assigned reading.

Organization of the Courses

The UBIS courses are ten weeks in duration. The first  week is a "pre-course" week for the purpose of Roll Call, personal introductions, and  other information. The course then begins, having an 8-week format which is  divided into 4 PERIODS of 2 weeks each: week #1 is for study, week #2  discussion. The final week, week #10, is the  Summary Week.

Bi-Weekly Procedure:

The  Urantia  Book  Internet School courses are presented on the UBIS website. After  Registration, students go to the website on the first day of the "pre-course"  week, and sign in. They answer the roll call, enter their personal  introductions, and read the information provided by the Teacher/Facilitator.  This is followed by the 8-week course: the course is divided into 4 PERIODS of  2 weeks each. The student goes to the website, reads the teacher's comments  and selects study questions for that week's study assignments. The students  enter their responses to the study questions on the website during  Week #1 of PERIOD 1.  Week #2 of PERIOD 1 is the Discussion week. The  student goes to the website, reads all the student responses, and participates  in the week's discussion. This procedure is repeated for the next three 2-week  PERIODS.

How to Begin a Course:

*   After reading the "Rules of the School",  and reading through the COURSE OFFERINGS on the UBIS website, you may select  and register for a course. A confirmation message and Log In information  will be sent to you via your email address. At the conclusion of the 2-week registration period, the "Pre-course Week" takes place. The student needs to log in and respond to the Roll Call.  On the first day of PERIOD 1, log in, enter your  password, and go to the website classroom. You will read the teacher's  Introduction and the study questions for the reading assignment for that  week. Enter your Responses to the questions on the  website by  first week's deadline;
*   At the beginning of the second  week all of the student's responses will appear on the website, and the  discussion begins.  You participate in the discussion by logging in on  the website, going to the classroom, and entering your discussion  comments.This procedure describes the two-week activities of PERIOD 1.   Each course is made up of four 2-week PERIODS and a concluding "Summary Week".

The Rules of the School 

The Urantia Book Internet School is dedicated to the study of The Urantia Book and is sponsored by Urantia Foundation to help the community of Urantia Book readers.  All interpretations and comments are those of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Urantia Foundation.

When subscribing to the Internet School you agree to the following:

*   To interact with other students and teachers according to the spirit of the teachings of The Urantia Book by being respectful of the differing levels of comprehension, diversity of perspective, and varied communication skills of fellow readers;
*   To adhere to class deadlines and study requirements;
*   To respect the privacy rights of fellow students by keeping course content, student repsonses, and discussion within the confines of the classroom site;
*   To use the classroom site for discussion of course topics and The Urantia Book and refrain from engaging in discussion of other non-related topics, texts, or websites;
*   To refrain from exceeding the maximum length of 150 words when entering responses to the study questions.

The Schedule of Courses

The "Schedule of Courses"  and information on how to register may be viewed here before Registration begins. Registration takes place on the UBIS website. Registration is  on a  "first come, first serve" basis.  Each class is limited to 20  participants. After Registration begins, the courses offered for the Semester can be  viewed by clicking on  COURSE OFFERINGS on the HOME page of the UBIS website.  

Click here <> to go to the Schedule of Courses and Registration Information.

The School Needs Your Help

This project  can become a very efficient means to study The URANTIA Book worldwide  if it is well organized and wisely conducted.  It is an exciting project  which requires time and dedication. It is not a one man show but team work.  Interested and dedicated individuals who want to participate are welcome to  submit ideas and improve its functioning.

It is clear that this school can function only with benevolent individuals dedicated to serve The URANTIA Book community of readers. The school needs experienced readers with educational skills (either formal or informal), computer skills, and the available time to serve as teacher/facilitators. In addition, those interested in preparing and presenting a course should first experience a course as a student.

We welcome your participation and look forward to hearing from you.

Dorothy Elder
UBIS Director- English Version

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©Urantia Foundation. All Rights Reserved

Urantia Foundation • 533 Diversey Parkway • Chicago, IL 60614 USA
Telephone: (toll-free within the US and Canada) 1-888-URANTIA
Telephone: (from outside  the US and Canada) +1-773-525-3319
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"melody has power a whole world to transform."
Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits.
Harmony is the speech of Havona.

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« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2007, 08:44:18 pm »

 Search English Text

 Search Croatian Text

 Search Dutch Text

 Search Finnish Text

 Search French Text

 Search Korean Text

 Search Lithuanian Text

 Search Portuguese Text

 Search Russian Text

 Search Spanish Text


English 1955+

Korean 1991+

 Russian 1991+

Chinese 2006

Croatian 1994

Dutch 1997

Finnish 1993

French 1983+

German unknown

Lithuanian 2005

Portuguese 2002

Romanian 2005

Spanish 1993

Others... soon       
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"melody has power a whole world to transform."
Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits.
Harmony is the speech of Havona.
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« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2007, 07:29:58 pm »

Draft Arabic Translation Completed

Youssef Saliba has recently completed a draft translation of The Urantia Book into Arabic.  The Ottawa Study Group has begun posting side-by-side (English–Arabic) versions of his translation on our website and will gradually provide access to the entire set as formatting proceeds

The Ottowa group is hoping to find readers with an Arabic background to review the draft and provide comments on its fidelity.  Any assistance which anyone might be able to provide/suggest would be much appreciated. If you would like to help please contact David Graves at

Arabic language support will be added to The Fellowship's polylingual search page.

See Youssef’s Draft Translation

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"melody has power a whole world to transform."
Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits.
Harmony is the speech of Havona.
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« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2007, 05:58:05 am »















Farsi (Persian/Iranian)


       (In progress)


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"melody has power a whole world to transform."
Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits.
Harmony is the speech of Havona.
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