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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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the Giza Building Project

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Author Topic: the Giza Building Project  (Read 7767 times)
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« Reply #195 on: June 20, 2008, 01:56:55 am »

"the city" deep in huge natural cavern

Archaeologists in charge of the discovery were "bewildered" at
what they had unearthed, and stated that the city was the most
beautifully planned they had ever seen. It is replete with temples,
pastel-painted peasant dwellings, workshops, stables and other
buildings including a palace. Complete with hydraulic under-
ground waterways, it has a perfect drainage system along with
other modern amenities. The intriguing question that arises out of
the discovery is: where is that city today?

Its secret location was recently revealed to a select group of
people who were given permission to explore and film the city. It
exists in a huge natural cavern system below the Giza Plateau that
extends out in an easterly direction under Cairo. Its main entry is
from inside the Sphinx, with stairs cut into rock that lead down to
the cavern below the bedrock of the River Nile.

The expedition carried down generators and inflatable rafts and
travelled along an underground river that led to a lake one kilometre wide. On the shores
of the lake nestles the city, and permanent lighting is provided by large crystalline balls
set into the cavern walls and ceiling. A second entry to the city is found in stairs leading
up to the basement of the Coptic Church in old Cairo (Babylon). Drawing from narra-tives of people "living in the Earth" given in the books of Genesis, Jasher and Enoch, it is possible that the city was originally called Gigal.

 Film footage of the expedition was shot and a documentary called Chamber of the Deep was made and subsequently shown to private audiences. It was
originally intended to release the
footage to the general public, but for some reason it was withheld.

A multi-faceted spherical crystalline
object the size of a baseball was brought
up from the city, and its supernatural
nature was demonstrated at a recent
conference in Australia. Deep within
the solid object are various hieroglyphs
that slowly turn over like pages of a
book when mentally requested to do so
by whoever holds the object. That
remarkable item revealed an unknown form of technology

and was recently sent to NASA in the USA for analysis.


Historical documents recorded that, during the 20th century,
staggering discoveries not spoken of today were made at Giza and
Mt Sinai, and Egyptian rumours of the discovery of another
underground city within a 28-mile radius of the Great Pyramid
abound. In 1964, more than 30 enormous, multilevelled subsur-
face cities were discovered in the old Turkish kingdom of
Cappadocia. One city alone contained huge caverns, rooms and
hallways that archaeologists estimated supported as many as
2,000 households, providing living facilities for 8,000 to 10,000
people. Their very existence constitutes evidence that many such
subterranean worlds lie waiting to be found below the surface of
the Earth.

Excavations at Giza have revealed underground subways,
temples, sarcophagi and one interconnected subterranean city, and
validation that underground passageways connected the Sphinx to
the Pyramids is another step towards proving that the whole
complex is carefully and specifically thought out.


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