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September 11th: Conspiracies & Cover-ups

Question: Do you believe the government's official story about 9/11?
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Author Topic: September 11th: Conspiracies & Cover-ups  (Read 1783 times)
Tesha Dodge
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« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2007, 05:07:02 am »

Did Bush Cause The 9/11 Attack?

(5/11/2005) On September 11, 2001 at 8:35 A.M. the first passenger jet flew into the north tower of the World Trade Center. At 9:03 A.M. the second jet flew into the south tower of the World Trade Center. When George W. Bush was told about this second jet he sat quietly reading "My Pet Goat" to school children for another 8 minutes.
The reason I believe that Bush caused the attack on 9/11 is not because of his immediate lack of reaction to the news, which in itself is very odd, but because of what happened leading up to 9/11, and after 9/11.
On August 6, 2001 Bush was given a national security memo that warned of a possible attack by al-Qaeda during the next few weeks using hijacked aircraft by al-Qaeda agents already inside the United States. Bush responded by taking a long vacation at his ranch in Crawford.
This was not the first warning Bush received about this threat but was just another in a long list of warnings and security recommendations.
Another strange fact had to do with Vice President Dick Cheney's activities that day. Dick was busy conducting war game simulations, some involving airplane hijacking simulations, in the north eastern portion of the United States. They would create fake blips on the radar screen and run simulations about what to do if the plane had been hijacked by terrorist. In preparation for this exercise Cheney had FEMA set up a command post on pier 29 in NYC on 9/10. Some of the simulations might have involved remote controlled aircraft.
Another troubling fact that day had to do with the lack of military jets that respond to the hijackings. Andrews Airforce Base was just 10 miles from Washington DC and yet fighter planes did not get into the air until after the third plane hit the Pentagon at 9:38 A.M.. Did someone tell the airforce to stand down for an hour?
Following is a list of other facts that point to gross incompetence, at best, and criminal collusion and conspiracy with the terrorist, at worst:
   Bush stopped Clinton's Saudi money tracking system.
   Bush told FBI to stop investigating Saudi money connection.
   Airlines stocks were being heavily traded during the weeks leading up to 9/11 indicating possible insider trading transactions.
   Of the 19 hijackers 17 were from Saudi Arabia.
   FBI Director Louis Freeh quits just weeks before attack on 9/11.
   FBI employee Sibel Edmonds warned about attack using hijacked commercial aircraft.
   A German agent told FBI about possible terrorist attack just prior to 9/11.
   Bush objects to 9/11 commission, he objects to the creation of the new department of Homeland Security, he refused to turn over documents, and he refuses to testify before the 9/11 commission. He does finally agree to testify but only after having an agreement that restricts questioning.
   NSA intercepts suspect chatter day before 9/11 warning of an attack that next day.
   Five hours after 9/11 attack Donald Rumsfeld told aides to come up with plans for attacking Iraq.
   Someone in Bush cabinet allowed the evacuation of bin Laden family member from the U.S..
   Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shut down a plan to weaken the Taliban.
   The CIA's National Reconnaissance office had scheduled an exercise in which a small corporate jet would crash into an office tower following an equipment failure for the morning of 9/11.
   Numerous and repetitive lies from Condoleezza Rice, and Bush about warnings they had received prior to 9/11.
   Rumsfeld threatened a veto when Congress proposed to shift $600 million from Bush's Star Wars program to counter-terror programs prior to 9/11.
   Clifford Clarke gave numerous warnings to Bush officials about al-Qaeta plans to attack inside the U.S..
   Despite increased threat warning Tenet only briefed Bush twice in August 17 and 31. This is usually a daily briefing.
   Ashcroft's Justice Department curtailed a program to monitor al-Qaeda suspects in the U.S..
   Ashcroft stops flying in commercial aircraft and starts flying in private jets due to security alerts in the weeks before 9/11.
   In 1996 Clinton and Gore recommended changes in air safety but Republicans in Congress removed many recommendations claiming they were two costly for the airlines, or might infringe on civil liberties.

All these facts may just be incredible coincidences, or there could be a criminal collusion and conspiracy between the Bush administration, the Saudis, al-Qaeta, and the terrorist.
The truth is 9/11 was the perfect excuse the Bush administration needed to do what they have been doing; starting a costly long term war in Iraq, running up huge budget deficits for as far as be projected, rolling back civil liberties of American citizens, and using the war on terror as an excuse for massive increases in military budgets.

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