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Kids Herded Like Cattle for Forced Vaccinations in Maryland Courthouse

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Author Topic: Kids Herded Like Cattle for Forced Vaccinations in Maryland Courthouse  (Read 240 times)
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« on: November 19, 2007, 10:10:09 am »

Kids Herded Like Cattle for Shots
Charlie Frohman

This morning, on Saturday, November 17, 2007, I attended Prince Georges County’s forced vaccinations of kids (see ABC News Video of story, and a shorter Fox News video [which takes a more shocked view based on using jail as a threat for other school problems, not just nonvaccination]) whose parents had not yet done so for the School year. I was there on behalf of American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, Natural Solutions Foundation, Free World Media, and, of course, my Center for the Common Interest. I was asked to go by Michael Ostrolenk, who heads the Liberty Coalition. What I saw shocked me, but didn’t surprise me.

AP’s written coverage mentioned me, as “supporting choice”, and as “representing a doctors group opposed to vaccines” (which isn’t true, since all AAPS opposes is “mandated” vaccinations). The New York Times, which also quoted me, did get the latter right, about the nature of our opposition. With the Times I said the county should have done more to make parents aware of their options. “Reports are that very few folks are really hearing about exemptions.”

I first heard about this forced vaccination on Thursday, when the Alex Jones noon Radio show interviewed Prince George’s State Attorney Glenn Ivey. Mr. Ivey claimed that parents were not being forced to immunize their kids; rather, to attend school they needed to make a choice between immunization or election of a waiver for either religious or medical contraindication reasons. He also said he did not immunize his own kids! I got a chance to interview the Prosecutor, and he reaffirmed that all that was needed was a choice that parents needed to make. I did not ask Mr. Ivey, unfortunately, what waiver he used to protect his kids from the dangerous vaccines. But I did share that the exemptions were overly narrow: what person, actually, could think of a health reason that would contraindicate a vaccine? And how many religions prohibit vaccines? No, what’s needed is what 26 other states offer parents: a “conscientious” objection choice. Mr. Ivey was open to that, but said that was a matter for state legislators.

When I was interviewed today by NBC’s Andrew Gross, CNN’s Gary Nurenberg, another NBC journalist, Mike Flynn, Sarah Abruzzese from the New York Times, and Gail Chaddock from the Christian Science Monitor, I said that parents were not being told about the two exemptions (they were excluded from the press packets, letters to parents [that some parents claimed they only received yesterday] and in that day’s handouts), that the exemptions were insufficient (26 other states have better exemptions, for scientific or conscientious objections), and that such exemptions were offensive to the freedom of health choice already protected in the 5th (protecting life, liberty and property) and 14th (incorporating Constitutional protections on the state level) Amendments to the Constitution.

Parents leaving the Court House confirmed our suspicion that the State was not telling parents about the exemptions. Most parents, unfortunately, seemed OK with the vaccinations, showing what a great PR job the Mainstream Media, Big Government and Big Business have done ignoring possible dangers of vaccines. A clerk with the presiding Judge, told me personally that parents knew about the waiver, and that more info about this issue is at the PG site.

But what I heard about what happened inside the CourtRoom scared me. We nonParents were prohibited from entry, and we heard the lines of moms with their kids to get shots was like a “cattle call,” with waiver offerings only barely mentioned or on display. A fellow activist was mercifully let into the Court to use the Restroom, but only under “escort with Security Officers and Dogs.” Outside, these same Cops with the dogs chased away any reporter or activist that got within 50 yards of the entrance. Haven’t they heard about the 6th Amendment, guaranteeing “public trials”?

I was very pleased that Ms. Chaddock, of the Christian Science Monitor, understood health freedom since prayerful christian scientists have a long history of abuse from government for their resistance to using pharmaceutical chemicals for healthcare (see her story here, which mentions AAPS). After my 1966 birth in Erie, Pennsylvania, by the way, my late Mother raised us kids as Christian Scientists, and my Great Aunt Hammersmith used to attend Bruce Hornsby’s Christian Scientist Church in Williamsburg, Virginia.

NBC’s Andy Gross also was good in asking if it was “unsettling to have the Courts threatening fines and jail time, to coerce vaccinations”. I obviously agreed, since health care needs to be a personal decision, protected from government involvement.

As far as the actual danger of vaccines, I liked the suggestion of nurse/activist Deborah Mason, who said that at least what’s needed are “safer” vaccines, or a delay in when they’re delivered - don’t innoculate infants, but wait, like the Japanese do, to when the child is 2 years old. Ms. Mason recommends this site for more info on the danger of vaccines. And she posted this YouTube from the event (which includes me at the end), and this YouTube Video as well.

Two other activists that did a great job getting in front of the cameras and parents were Kelly Ann Davis and Jim Moody, both from Safeminds. I really enjoyed talking with Jim, a constitutional attorney who helped me really understand the issues of liberty involved in the vaccine controversy. He said the Centers for Disease Control would not study unvaccinated kids, to compare their health with vaccinated kids. Unbelievable.

I had first heard about the tie of vaccines, its mercury ingrediant, and the horrible disease of autism from my college buddy Coy Barefoot, now a radio host in Charlottesville and activist on vaccines. Also kudos to area doctor Donna Hurlock, who with her daughter Elizabeth held up signs, saying, “HANDS OFF OUR KIDS!” And thank you Barbara Loe Fisher for interviewing me for your Natl Vaccine Information Center. According to this Grassroots Action alert, the ACLU cannot take action Maryland until a parent actually is arrested for failure to vaccinate their school kids. Here’s a “Health Ranger Report” podcast.

Unfortunately, a few reporters expressed no interest in hearing from me about the controversies over “choice” or “vaccine dangers”, such as Patrick Madden of WAMU (88.5 FM Public Broadcasting), Gretchen Gailey from Fox, and Jeff Napchin from CBS. All they seemed interested in was asking parents if they got their shots and whether they were worried about being jailed or being kept out of school, for failure to do so. Shame on the disinterest of so much of the Mainstream Media on important matters.

Final kudos to Donovan Hubbard, a local activist, for handing out a history of vaccines, and for making a YouTube video of his interview with Prosecutor Ivey, which he plans to ship to Alex Jones’ Radio Show.

For more on today’s Vaccine Roundup, click here. To see how vaccines could play a role in any future homeland security emergency, check this out from Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF). Better yet, get involved in NSF’s grassroots campaign to protect ourselves from forced drugging.

To protect health freedom in general, subscribe to the eNews of AAPS and NSF.

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7 Responses to “Kids Herded Like Cattle for Shots”
Ralph Fucetola JD Says:

November 18th, 2007 at 12:54 am
Thank you for witnessing this vicious descent into health fascism. Emboldened by the rapidly escalating power of the central government, all levels of authority are flexing their muscles; the iron fist under the velvet glove more clearly visible…

Exposing such injustices is absolutely essential if we are to regain our liberties.

People can go to — truly, the choice, now, is Health Freedom or Health Fascism.

Siobhan Reynolds Says:

November 18th, 2007 at 5:10 pm
Charlie, Ralph…we see it this way as well. But more specifically, the entire idea that the Feds had a coercive role to play in medicine in the first place has been pushed on the people through the so called War On Drugs.
We will never be able to deal with any of the fascism that has evolved out of the WOD without stopping that first.
Thanks for being there and witnessing it Charlie..
Siobhan Reynolds

Kirantana Says:

November 18th, 2007 at 6:15 pm
One of the constant disciplines of Tantra is to see and identify any obvious, or “subliminal” messages and prompters that “hypnotize” us into believing we are powerless.
If you look at the 3 most popular kinds of shows on mainstream TV, we have Lawyer shows…cop shows…and doctor shows. Layer shows subliminally impress on the “watchers”…(we need someone to speak the truth for us…an “expert”…we are not strong enough or smart enough to speak our own truth.) Cop shows impress on the watchers…we have no power to protect ourselves…anything can happen…it is all about chance occurrences in a dangerous world…we need someone to protect us from harm.) And finally doctor shows…( there is somebody out there…and “expert” who knows more about your body and your health than you yourself do.) To a Tantra yogi or someone that truly practices Christian Science these are absolutely ridiculous concepts. My two great Aunts were Christian Scientist and lived there whole long lives without one drug…died wonderfully in a Christian Scientist home. I myself have not been to a doctor in 30 years…
I have great faith in Americans…they will awaken to their self-empowerment. We will do it by choice or be dragged there kicking and screaming, but it will happen…by the necessity of Evolution. And then? America is one of the few places on Earth where we can take down a whole government without violence. Why? Because it was written into our Foundation that we have the legal, and spiritual right to do so. More than that, we have the duty to do it.

The greatest vehicle for change is “awareness”…by “seeing” the injustices, we automatically change them. Thanks Charles for being out there on the front-lines bringing these stories to Awareness.

Deborah Mason Says:

November 18th, 2007 at 9:52 pm
I am the “Debra” Mason, the nurse that Charlie referred to in his blog that was present at the forced vaccinations yesterday but was advocating against them. I am also the mother of 2 sons on the autism spectrum who were vaccinated in the 1990s when multiple new vaccines were added to the childhood immunization schedule without the CDC checking to see how much the total amount of toxic mercury (thimerosal) that infant children would now receive during periods of critical brain growth. There is a growing body of evidence from doctors, toxicologist, chemists, parents, etc that there is a link between mecury in vaccines and the current autism epidemic. In 1999, the CDC admitted that children were receiving too much mercury in their required vaccines and the government “recommended” but did not require that the amount of toxic mercury in vaccines be reduced. Today, there are unregulated “traces” of mercury in most vaccines (even those referred to as mercury-free) but the flu and tetanus shots still have the high levels of mercury as in the 1990s …an amount only EPA safe for someone weighing 500 lbs or more, yet pregnant women, frail senior citizens, and infants are to receive flu shots. There have been several attempts to get mercury-free vaccine legislation passed in Maryland but success has not been met yet, unlike in 7 other states (and most Eurpoean & Scandinavian countries and Russia). By the way, mercury has been removed from pet and horse vaccines over a decade ago. Ever wonder why mercurochrome disappeared quietly from store shelves in the late 1980s, because the CDC/FDA recognized health problems people were experiencing from absorbing mercury through the skin (topical application) yet we are still injecting it directly into people’s bodies, especially our vulnerable children. What sense does that make? The power of the Big Pharm lobbies in D.C. are in play. Pharma companies would have to change their manufacturing process to eliminate thimerosal (mercury) totally from use (used as a anti-bacterial agent, especially in multi-dose vials that will be subject to multiple needle stabs). This would cut into Big Pharma profit somewhat, but what is a generation or more of damaged children going to do to our society in general, economically, Soc Sec Disability benefits-wise, and even militarily (autistic kids can’t serve).

I can go on and on about this but to put it simply, as a student nurse in the 1970s who was brainwashed into believing that everything that the CDC said or did was gospel, I no longer do … I wish I would have questioned things more before my sons got their vaccinations in the 1990s.

To begin learning more about this subject I would recommend to anyone interested that you read David Kirby’s investigational reporting award winning book, Evidence of Harm. Also, a shorter summary of the issue is available in RFKennedy Jr’s article, “Deadly Immunity”. Websites that I would recommend are SafeMinds, Age of Autism, Generation Rescue, Autism Research Institute, and National Autism Association to get started. Mainstream medicine keeps telling parents that autism is not curable, but if caught early enough (which my sons weren’t), some kids have been removed off the autism spectrum from biomed treatments including chelation which pulls toxic chemicals out of the body. See DAN (Defeat Autism Now) on the Autism Research Institute website. A urinary porphyrins test is now available that shows autistic kids to frequestnly have higher than normal toxic mercury levels in their bodies and during chelation large amounts of mercury gets dumped out in their urine.

The Evidence of Harm book, which does a good job of telling both sides of the story, has a good section on the genetics/physiology/biochemistry involved in this issue. 1 in 150 children per the CDC(probably more ) are now being diagnosed on the autism spectrum. These kids have inherited genetic predisposition not to be able to rid toxic metals from the body as readily as most of the population. But there is an environmental insult needed to push them over the mercury toxic tipping point. Vaccines is one source, along with poisoned fish that they or their pregnant mothers eat, as well as air pollution (toxic mercury emissions) that come from coal-burning power plants.
The vaccines are the easiest insult to stop, by not putting toxic mercury in vaccines and injecting it on purpose into our children’s bodies during a time when their brain is undergoing critical development and their immune systems are weaker. Vaccines should not be given earlier than 2 yrs of age (like in Japan) and there should not be multiple viruses injected into the system too close together or at the same time. Dr. Amy Yasko has an alternative vaccine schedule for doctors to follow out on the web. Another good read is Dr. Stpehanie Cave’s books. Boys are more affected than girls because the testosterone interferes with the body’s detoxification process. Mercury poisoning symptoms are very similar to Autism symptoms.

Sorry for such a long comment, Charlie, but once I start I’m hard to stop

cfrohman Says:

November 18th, 2007 at 10:43 pm
That was amazing Deborah. Thanks for the education, and sorry for misspelling your name!


Rima E. Laibow, MD Says:

November 19th, 2007 at 5:54 am
I wish I were shocked over the intrusion of the State of Maryland into the health and freedoms of these families and the callous disregard of safety which Mr. Ivey and his ilk have shown for the children of Prince George’s County. I wish I could be shocked that Mr. Ivey has protected his own kids from immunization (like at least 30% of the nation’s physicians) while forcing other people’s kids, at gun point, to receive vaccinations too dangerous - and perhaps deadly - for his children.

I am not shocked but I am outraged enough to spend my days and nights frighting for our collective health freedom, our “herd immunity” from health fascism. I am not shocked that there are 6 different pieces of legislation enacted within the last 3 years which allow for compulsory drugging of children and adults for poorly defined and mostly mythical situation including the New Freedoms Initiative, the Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind.

The Natural Solutions Foundation, whom Charlie was observing the situation for, is a grass roots movement devoted to protecting and promoting health freedom - and making sure that this kind of insanity, along with government experimentation on Americans without informed consent, the loss of our rights to access clean healthy food and high potency supplements through “HARMonization” with Codex Alimentarius and a host of other food and health fascisms.

You can join hundreds of thousands of other irate Americans and tell legislators that this forced exposure to dangerous drugs must stop by clicking here:

Thanks, Charlie, for being there and telling us about it. Now it is up to all of us to put an end to health fascism. Big Pharma is not going to help us, so we clearly have to raise our voices collectively loud enough to create a protective wall around our children and our selves.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Alan Rees Says:

November 19th, 2007 at 3:37 pm
What is happening in “the land of the free”? I sent the following fax:
Alan Rees
Ginstgatan 7
SE 218 36 Bunkeflostrand
fax +46 40 158883

State Attorney, Glen F. Ivey
14735 Main Street
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-3050
Fax: (301) 952-3775
Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley
Office of the Governor
100 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1925
FAX: (410) 974-5735

This news item has just reached Sweden:
“Mass Arrest Planned for Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate in Maryland
The parents of more than 2,000 students in Prince George’s County, Maryland have been ordered to appear in court this Saturday and have their children injected with mandatory vaccines, or face a fine of $50 for every day that they do not comply, or a possible ten days in jail. State’s Attorney Glen Ivey is running the roundup. He was quoted as saying, “We can do this the hard way or the easy way, but either way this needs to be done.”"

Can this news item possibly be true? If so, this is to tell you that here in Sweden vaccines are not compulsory, but voluntary. Nobody would dream of rounding parents up or threatening them in this way. Since fewer vaccines are available here and their use is voluntary, Swedish children are healthier than those in Maryland. So what is happening in “the land of the free”? Please explain.

This fax is also to let you set a good example by letting me vaccinate you with all the vaccines dose-adjusted for your body weight. After all, you would never force others to do what you would not dare to do yourselves, would you? Or would you?
For more details see my vaccine challenge in the British Medical Journal:


Alan Rees

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Damned Illuminati puppets just followin' orders.
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