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2008 Presidential Campaign

Question: Who is your choice for President?
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Author Topic: 2008 Presidential Campaign  (Read 765 times)
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Baldwin: Antidote To Voter Discontent

By mary | May 30, 2008

A Zogby poll shows 42% said McCain “will never” get their support.The poll also shows an overwhelming 86% of self-described “very conservative” voters said they are displeased with who the presumptive nominee will be - and 65% of these voters said they are “very unsatisfied”.
Fertile ground for Chuck Baldwin. This November, the race is up for grabs!

November Surprise?

May 21, 2008

A recent Zogby poll shows an unprecedented 86% of conservatives do not support the presumptive GOP candidate for president, John McCain. Source

In a memo to the GOP,Republican Congressman Tom Davis (VA) wrote: “The Republican brand is in the trash can. If we were a dog food, they would take us off the shelf”.

Political analyst David Wasserman opined: “I’ve never seen a more defeated tone .This is as bad as it gets for any party.”

The Republican Party’s likely presidential candidate John McCain’s position on issues of importance to “conservative” voters has been identical to those of left-leaning Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Americans who consider themselves “conservative” should acknowledge that McCain’s positions on stem- cell research, homosexual unions, amnesty, taxes, free speech and gun rights simply have not shown him to be in anyway different from the Democrat contenders.

Case in point, is an analysis by Bobby Eberle, President of GOPUSA- a “company dedicated to promoting grassroots conservative philosophy.” Eberle focuses on what is called “The Contract With Conservatives”. This “contract” outlines the presumably non-negotiable points conservatives say they must have in a party and a presidential candidate. This “list” also shows they are the very same principles and issues John McCain has never, ever, adhered to in his entire political career. It’s difficult to imagine that intelligent people would ignore such glaring departures from their stated “principles.”

The Contract with Conservatives actually may better be termed “McCain’s Not Conservative- Let Us Count the Ways: The Contract outlines issues such as immigration reform. The contract asks a candidate commit to securing the borders, enforcing employment laws and abolishing amnesty.
On a scale from 1-10 McCain scores a -0 on this one.

The good senator from one of the states most devastated by the effects of the illegal invasion not only VOTED for amnesty, but he teamed up with Sen. Ted Kennedy to come up with an amnesty bill!

If tax reform is what so-called conservatives are after, McCain’s not likely to deliver. Twice, the good senator from Arizona voted against making President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.
If it’s the Life issue that drives voters, again John McCain falls short. McCain has shown his disdain for pro-lifers (not to mention the unborn) with his support of federally funded embryonic stem cell research. Add to this his Super Tuesday endorsement by The Republicans for Choice Political Action Committee ( They decided that McCain was the “best candidate to make the Republican Party pro-choice” following Rudy Giuliani’s withdrawal from the race.Last, and certainly not by any means least, McCain scores in the super-negative numbers on the issue that is foundational to our republic- free speech.

The McCain-Feingold bill, under the guise of “campaign finance reform” did more to trample free speech in this country than any other piece of legislation. Now “conservatives” say this chilling First Amendment-destroying legislation must be repealed in one breath and with the next endorse for president the man who came up with it!

Conservatives have repeatedly begged the candidate to start acting like one of them ( even though he at one point toyed with the idea of switching parties and becoming a Democrat.) His voting record shows he’s more aligned with liberal Democrats than with the few remaining conservatives in his own party. The day after his Super Tuesday wins, McCain told his conservative critics to “just calm down.”

The discontent with the Republican Party’s offering is being noted by even the most die-hard Republicans. Conservative activist and publisher of Conservative HQ, Richard Viguerie didn’t mince words when he recently warned: “Republican leaders must resign…Leaders in the White House, the Congress, and the Republican National Committee and its affiliates, along with most Republican leaders at the state level, have failed — or outright betrayed — the conservative voters who put them in their positions… The conservative movement has been set back 10 to 20 years — possibly even permanently — by politicians consumed by power.”

Newt Gingrich even noticed it when he said:” [On Super Tuesday], there were 14.6 million Democrats who thought the presidential nomination was worth voting for, and there were 8.3 million Republicans on Super Tuesday,” Gingrich said. “That is a warning of a catastrophic election.” No Child Left Alive Barack Obama leaves moderates cold, while true conservatives can’t even go there. Obama’s track record shows he’s aligned himself with left-of center political forces that push for universal health care, higher taxes, a more intrusive federal government and environmental policies designed to increase D.C. reach into areas best left to states. Arguably the most chilling aspect of Obama’s political pedigree is his opposition to the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” ( Even the most hard-core pro-abortion elements found it disquieting to note the former Illinois senator’s vote in effect said “If a baby survives an attempt on its life it should be taken to a separate room to die, and no efforts should be made to save it”.

Obama sat through testimony by delivery nurse Jill Stanek who detailed how babies were routinely left to die in hospital laundry rooms. Her heart-wrenching photos and first –hand account “did not faze Obama”.

Even the rabidly pro-abortion NARAL did not oppose the legislation. That is evidence of the “Change” Obama tells us we, as a nation need? From a Republic where life and liberty were once valued, to a country where live babies can lawfully be left to die? That is “change” we do not need. Barr None and despite talk that former Congressman Bob Barr might be the antidote to this dismal state of affairs as the Libertarian candidate, true conservatives and libertarians know there is only one man for whom they can, in all good conscience cast their vote: Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin.( Baldwin has stood firmly on truth as a pastor, talk show host, syndicated columnist, and 2004 Constitution Party vice presidential candidate. He squares up 100 % on the issues, while Rep. Barr’s political pedigree shows serious breaches such as votes in favor of the dangerously unconstitutional USA Patriot Act and authorization for the unconstitutional Iraq war.

As Congressman Ron Paul enters the next phase of his presidential campaign by continuing his efforts to reform the Republican Party, voters seeking a true constitutionalist on the ballot this November should look no further than Chuck Baldwin. He is the only presidential candidate who actively campaigned for Ron Paul . As a true friend of Ron Paul, Dr. Baldwin is the presidential candidate to continue the Revolution this fall.

Given the choices this November, and considering Congressman Ron Paul will not be on the ballot; Chuck Baldwin will be, and is committed to carrying on the principles of the Paul campaign.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who never supported the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who will strengthen our national defense by bringing our troops home from around the world and ending the Iraq War as expeditiously as possible.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who vows to end the monetary monopoly created by the Federal Reserve by legalizing gold and silver as legal tender.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who wants to abolish the unconstitutional income tax.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who wants to restore America’s sovereignty by getting out of the UN and thwarting any move towards a North American Union.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who is serious about sealing our borders and ports from illegal entry, rejecting amnesty and ending birthright citizenship.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who vows to abolish the federal Dept. of Education and allow local, private, and home-based education systems to flourish.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who is totally committed to ending legalized abortion on demand.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who is not a friend of the socialist-leaning ACLU.

Chuck Baldwin will be the only candidate who never supported the assault on civil liberties that is the USA Patriot Act.

This November, there will be only one choice for conservatives and libertarians serious about restoring the constitutional Republic of the United States- Chuck Baldwin. Join us as we continue this grand American Revolution.
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