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Plato's Atlantis My Theory

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Author Topic: Plato's Atlantis My Theory  (Read 55863 times)
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« Reply #75 on: April 24, 2007, 03:23:45 am »

Hi Mark
You know- I've been thinking about Atlantis.  Even if there actually was a "country" or city or empire of Atlanteans, where the heck did they come from in the first place?  I know that isn't a new thought, but when I read, and read all the books about the ancient civilizations that raised up and fell, and this tribe married that tribe and the other tribe took over that place etc. etc.  If - from the skeletons that have been discovered so far, scientists say WE (being earthlings) only developed our modern body at such and such a time, WHAT or WHO were the Atlanteans? (or the giants) I don't suppose that was their real designated name either.  I mean, only Plato and Cayce used the word.  Since Georgeos has said that so much of the Greek translations were wrong, as in the Greeks, if they didn't know a meaning of a word in another language, they gave a name meaning something to them in their language. There are so many computations and permutations of the word Atlantis, it boggles the brain.

BUT - if peoples came here from another planet, way back when we first learned to stand up-right, who's to say what they looked like originally?  How the hell a 20 foot tall being could breed with five foot women is beyond me, but say we take the genetic engineering for what it's worth, the Anunnaki supposedly couldn't breed as fast as we could and before you know it, us little twinkies were breeding like mice.  Given that then - the two races were obviously compatible.  Although supposedly the Anunnaki did the hit and miss thing a few times and that's why we have the myths of centuars, mermaids, etc.  I'm not so sure about that though.  Maybe if scientists keep fooling around with this stem-cell research, we'll end up having these mythical beings all over again.  Although I suppose in our day and age we would euthanize the poor things at birth.

Anyway, if we follow the stories in the Bible and folk legends, there WERE giants in those days - so who were they?  They were considered "gods" probably just because they were bigger and had better technology - but hey - just as good a reason as any to worship them  I guess.  So - if they were giants, and bred "down" and one of the features was the enlongated head, then I suppose Nefertiti was a decendant of the "gods".  So - if those were the Atlanteans, then she'd be from Atlantis Grin  Or her forefathers were anyway.  Atlantis might even be the name of their home planet for heavens sake!  They had to COME from somewhere, since we ourselves haven't discovered anything in our own heritage to say WE were giants at one time.  OR maybe this planet is seeded every so many hundred thousands of years, and the leaving peoples, keep a few back to train the new ones up.  Maybe those giants weren't "gods" at all, but a race of humanoid that was seeded long before we were.  But the fact remains, there were giants, and those giants were supposedly "gods" and those "gods" interbred with the indiginous peoples of earth.  The Bible doesn't call them Atlanteans, although the Bible doesn't really say a lot about the giants except that Goliath was one.  We still have throw-backs to them every once in a while.  The tallest man today I think, is 7'8" and he'd be a midget compared to someone 20 feet tall.   It does sound as though, wherever they came from, they landed in the Middle East and headquartered there somewhere.  Perhaps they had an empire, although perhaps we should be following a skeleton trail to find the giant skeletons so we'd know where they really went.  I think the mounds in the States should be uncovered and everything investigated.  If it IS a burial mound, the dead people aren't going to complain -  they're long gone. 
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