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News: Were seafarers living here 16,000 years ago?
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Plato's Atlantis My Theory

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Author Topic: Plato's Atlantis My Theory  (Read 53040 times)
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« on: March 05, 2007, 11:32:26 am »

 I always believed UNTIL I read Plato.(That Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic) Now I'm wondering, after reading in this forum for days on end, if Atlantis WAS in the North!!!!
Just for fun, when we were debating this on Sarmats's site, I cut and pasted Malaysia into the Atlantic west of Spain. I figured it was about the right size, but it wasn't exactly the shape I was trying to create. I'm not at all very good with this picture business, but it was all in fun.

When I said maybe Atlantis was in the north -I was referring to the fact that Felice Vinci has interpreted Homer differently, showing that his stories and poems could have been located in the North. Therefore, perhaps, Plato's Atlantis is in the north also. (especially if the Bock Saga is true, and Plato has woven the history of Atlantis into the tale)

Now let's pretend that Georgeos is right. 
To corroberate his theory, I'm trying to figure out logically, how the Amazons could attack the Atlanteans. Their home was on an"island" which, because it was in the west, was called Hespera, and it lay in the marsh Tritonis. This marsh was near the "ocean" which surrounds the earth, and near to the Atlas mountains. The island was of a great size and full of fruit bearing trees of every kind, but grain used not at all because it had not been discovered among them. Soooooo - this is waaaaay back.
From Wikipedia:
According to the Sicilian Greek poet Stesichorus, in his poem the "Song of Geryon", and the Greek geographer Strabo, in his book Geographika (volume III), the Hesperides are in Tartessos, a location placed in the south of Iberia (Spain). The Euboean Greek poet Hesiod said that the ancient name of Cádiz was Erytheia, another name for the Hesperides. Others[citation needed] situate the gardens of Hesperides in the region located between Tangier (formerly Tinjis) and Larache in Morocco.

Now I'm just going to type in a bit from Diodorus here to get a picture of the Amazons.

The Amazons, then, being a race superior in valour and eager for war, first of all subdued all the cities on the island except the one called Mene, which was considered to be sacred and was inhabited by Ethiopian Ichthyophagi, and was also subject to great eruptions of fire and possessed a multitude of the precious stones which the Greeks call anthrax, sardion, and smaragdos (there's a little footnote telling about these gems)and after this they subdued many of the neighbouring Libyans and nomad tribes, and founded within the marsh Tritonis a great city which they named Cherronesus after it's shape. (foot note beside Cherronesus - Peninsula; presumably the city lay on a ridge of land running out into the marsh.
Setting out from the city of Cherronesus, the Amazons embarked upon great ventures, a longing having come over them to invade many parts of the inhabited world. The first people against whom they advanced, was the Atlantians, the most civilized men among the inhabitants of those regions, who dwelt in a prosperous country and possessed great cities.

Just a bit more 
Now the queen of the Amazons, Myrina, collected an army of thirty thousand foot-soldiers and three thousand cavalry, since they favoured to an unusual degree the use of cavalry in their wars.

I don't know what shape a Cherronesus is, so don't know the shape of this "peninsula". But I do know (I think!)  that the Atlas mountains, and Libya are on the Southern side of the Straits, and that thirty thousand foot-soldiers and three thousand cavalry, are not going to swim the straits to attack the Atlanteans in Cadiz/Spain/Iberia/ or an extremity thereof. Are they?

Therefore, it is logical to me that whatever island the Amazons lived on,it seems to be similar to the island of Atlantis in it's riches and food stuffs, (although supposedly Atlantis had other foods as well), it was near to or possibly joined to the island of Atlantis somehow since they were attacked first, and also logical therefore, that Atlantis must be on the same side of the straits as Amazonland since the Atlas mountains are on that side.
So -to correlate with your theory - whatever time in history the Amazons attacked the Atlanteans,A) the Strait of Gibralter would have had to be closed, OR B)Atlantis was on the same side, OR C)the Amazon warriors were fabulous swimmers, and swam across the strait to where your tombolo was.
I vote for B

Cherronesus - continent island - translating to peninsula. A perfect description. A piece of land that is an EXTREMITY of a mainland, that is almost completely surrounded by water, but technically still a part of the mainland because it has a little neck attaching it. NOT nesos that COULD BE an island or a river mouth or wetlands, or, or , or but an acutal word in Greek that means exactly what it's supposed to!!!! . So - one would think that if the Greeks actually had a word for this type of land - Plato would use that instead of nesos.

There's more than one culture of Atlantis?HuhHuh Georgeos - let's not use desperate measures here. We KNOW the Atlanteans spread out and took over lands, we already know where THOSE lands are - it's the Atlantean land we're trying to find.

The account does not accredit the Amazons with sailing as it stresses they preferred FOOT soldiers and horses. Try to use logic. An army, attacking another country in those days, could not just pull up to their docks, casually unload 33,000 warriors and 3000 horses, without SOMEONE noticing. As a ploy in war, this would be senseless. The dock sticks out in the water - they would be trapped before they could get off the ships. No, I don't think the Amazons went by ship.

As for swimming across, they would die of hypothermia before they got there, and if they lived, they'd be so cold as to be almost catatonic.

But if you notice, the account says that Amazons did attack some Nomadic tribes in LIBYA, THEN built their city of Cherronesus. Therefore, they are on the Libyan side of the straits. THEN next, they attacked the Atlanteans. Their city also sunk into the water, just like Atlantis. So if we say as Georgeos says, that the Amazons attacked "other" Atlanteans, those other Atlanteans would still have had to be on the Libyan side.
Now if we could figure out where this city called Mene was which was inhabited by Ethiopian Ichthyophagi we'd be getting warmer.

A friend sent me this info:

"The Greeks did believe apparently that there was an Ethiopia in the location we usually place it , but also Ethiopia in the far west of Africa ,Mauretania ,that way . It was so called because of the black inhabitants .Ethiopia basically means 'Land of the burnt-faced people'.
As for the Ethiopian Ichthyo***i mentioned by Diodorus , they r black fish-eaters. I think i recall that a legend about Perseus or some other Greek hero who saved Andromeda ,had him go to the far west of Libya ,to Ethiopia to save the princess"

So now we have another little clue that mentions Libya again. So if the Amazons were on the same island as the Ethiopian Ichthyophagi, and THEY were on the side of Libya, and the Atlanteas were neighbors of the Amazons, then they were ALL on the side of Libya. UNLESS THE LAND BRIDGE WAS CLOSED AND THE AMAZONS CROSSED OVER. However, the Amazons continued their journey along the south side of the Med not the north side, which makes sense if you're starting out from the south side already.
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