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Plato's Atlantis My Theory

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Author Topic: Plato's Atlantis My Theory  (Read 55994 times)
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« Reply #105 on: May 18, 2007, 12:45:54 am »

Actually, I didn't realize the Atlas Mountains came so far East.  In the ancient times, I can now see where they would think that the land bridge at Sicily was a demarcation line, for their world.  Who would want to try to get farther west by hiking thousands of miles thru the mountains, or a blistering hot desert?  Only the nomads I guess.  So - if we place the Amazons at or near Gabes and they attacked their neighbors the Atlanteans, who were even more "western" than they were, the Atlaneans had to have been all along the north and west coasts of Africa and possibly in Spain as well.  However, it is possible that the lay of the land was a bit different back then than now, tho I wouldn't have a clue as to HOW different.  Diodours does say tho, that an earthquake caused the marsh Tritonis to disappear when those parts of it that toward the ocean were torn asunder.

55. Now as the Amazons, they go on to say, relaxed their watch during the night because of their success, the captive women, falling upon them and drawing the swords of those who thought they were conquerors, slew many of them; in the end, however, the multitude poured in about them from every side and the prisoners fighting bravely were butchered one and all. Myrina accorded a funeral to her fallen comrades on three pyres and raised up three great heaps of earth as toms, which are called to this day "Amazon Mounds". But the Gorgons, grown strong again in later days, were subdued a second time by Perseus, the son of Zeus, when Medusa was queen over them; and in the end both they and the race of the Amazons were entirely destroyed by Heracles, when he visited the regions to the west and set up his pillars in Libya, since he felt that it would ill accord with his resolve to be the benefactor of the whole race of mankind if he should suffer any nations to be under the rule of women. The story is also told that the marsh Tritonis disappeared from sight in the course of an earthquake, when those parts of it which lay towards the ocean were torn asunder.

As for Myrina, the account continues, she visited the larger part of Libya, and passing over into Egypt she struck a treaty of friendship with Horus, the son of Isis, who was king of Egypt at that time, and then, after making war to the end upon the Arabians and slaying many of the, she subdued Syria; but when the Cilicians came out with presents to meet her and agreed to obey her commands, she left those free who yielded to her of their free will and for this reason there are called to this day the "Free Cilicians". She also conquered in war the races in the region of the Taurus, peoples of outstanding courage, and descended through Greater Phrygia to the sea; then she won over the land lying along the coast and fixed the bounds of her campaign at the Caicus River. And selecting in the territory which she had won by arms sites well suited for the founding of cities, she built a considerable number of them and founded one which bore her own name, but the others she named after the women who held the most important commands, such as Cyme, Pitana, and Priene.

Depending on the time line, or the different time lines we should look at - one being the time-line of Atlantis itself, as apparently it was an "original" area, as in being there when the Gods divided up the land.  So - if we are going THAT far back, then the Med, wasn't the way it is now.  Apparently at one time, the western end of the Med. was actually a lush plain.  Also at one time, the Sahara desert was a lake.  When the Straits of Gibralter opened, the same seismic activity caused a split in the floor of the lake, and the water drained away.  So if you can imagine that the western end of the Med was like a plain - in other words dry land, bordered on the South by the Atlas mountains, but that there was water where the Sahara now is, then in very ancient times The area from Morocco east to Tunisia, then NE to Tyrrenia, then North to France and Germany, and then west again to Spain, would have been the "island" of Atlantis. 
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