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Plato's Atlantis My Theory

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Author Topic: Plato's Atlantis My Theory  (Read 60765 times)
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« Reply #105 on: May 18, 2007, 12:04:09 am »

I've been trying to check up a bit on the Amazons, because I've still got that bouncing time-line in my head, and it may just be that if I go with the assumption that the peoples in the Eastern Med., considered the Amazons and Atlanteans as being at the western edge of the world at some point in time, it will help place things in their proper location.  When you think about it, the Atlas mountains kind of kept people hemmed in on the eastern land side, and the desert kept them hemmed in to the south.  People on the Morocco side either had to trek the mountains or go by boat.

Ok - so folks say that it is mentioned in history that the Amazons had something to do with Lake Tritonis (Tritonis marsh according to Diodorus)

Here's an article I found regarding this:

Chott Djerid - the legendary Lake Tritonis
Ancient geography:

The ancient knowledge of geography has been handed down to us by Claudios Ptolemaios (2nd century AD).  According to him the lake Tritonis name Palus Tritonis is the third of a row of lakes (Palus Pallas, Palus Libya), which are connected with a river Triton.  This river empties into the Mediterranean Sea some miles north of Tacapae.  Tacapae is indentical with the today's city Gabes.  Consequently, the lake Tritonis must be in this salt lake basin which stretches from the Mediterranean Sea at Gabes to the west.  We know that still in antiquity the climate in this region was much moister, thus there was much more water, so we have to assume that they were real lakes.  Today the salt lakes only fill with water after much rain mostly in winter.  According to Ptolemaios the Tritonis was the third lake.  Today we distinguish the salt lakes Chott Fedjadj, the large Chott Djerid and then the Chott el Rharsa (also: el Gharsa).  Due to this the hott el Rharsa must be the lake Tritonis.  Actually, there is an unambiguous hint.  According to Ptolemaios next to the lake Tritonis there is a place named Thusuros, which is undoubtedly identical the the today's city Tozeru.  This town is situated at the Chott Djerid.  Thus it is clear, which was always certain in antiquity - that the Chott Djerid is identical with the legendary lake Tritonis.  The detail that the Tritonis was the third lake can easily be explained that in the moister period the extended Chott Fedjadj was divided into two basins.  Even today there is a special name for the western part of the Chott Fedjadj - Chott Faraoun.

Presumable position of the island Hespera respectively Phla:
Between the salt lake basins of Chott Djerid and Chott el Rharsa there protrudes an extensive elevation from the surrounding landscape.  It stretches from Nefta in the west across Tozeur, the main place, to El Hamma du Djerid in the northeast and Degache in the southeast.  At Degache there starts the wide basin of the Chott Djerid, at El Hamma the landscape drops into the hott el Rharsa basin.  In fact, this special region is enclosed to the east by a mountain chain named Cherb, to the south and north by the salt lake basins, and in the west at Nefta it ends in the desert.  The unity of the region gives the impression of an island.  Actually, this landscape is the only inhabited area for many miles around.  Therefore the identification of this secluded region with the island Herspera or Phla seems plausible.

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