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Plato's Atlantis My Theory

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Author Topic: Plato's Atlantis My Theory  (Read 56011 times)
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RE: "Once upon a very loooong time ago, the "Gods" divided the earth amongst themselves. (According to Plato)
So - does that mean the whole planet? I would say yes, since these Gods seemed to need a lot of room, and also seemed to be constantly fighting each other and we see ruins in all parts of the world. From reading about these "gods" they were beyond "super" human, so what were they? What were the ancients calling "gods"? Some being(s) that had incredible knowledge and powers of some sort.

Ok - so Poseidon got his territory, and who knows how many gods there were in the very beginning? So let's say one god got South America, Poseidon got Atlantis, and whatever other Gods there were, divied up the rest of the world equally. Or picked choice locations for themselves at least. (Seems they all picked waterfront property anyway)!"

The Bock saga tells that the earth was populated by kings and queens sent across the planet by the Aser in Hel (now Helsinki) in Oden-ma at the north pole, long before Ice-time (beginning about 55 million years ago-according to it's reckoning).  When the Ice-time began, those populations were cut off from the contact and information system which had been constantly in use for countless thousands of years, and which kept a world-wide system active.  The word "god" originally meant "good", as we know it.

By the time Plato heard and related the story (in relatively modern times) it had naturally changed almost totally. 

Studying the Bock material tends to deeply expand into the past the sense of what is "modern".

By the way, I think it was ten kings and queens which travelled out from Hel.   Maybe that number is residually remembered in relation to the 10 kings of Atlantis?

Also, at the end of Ice-time, about 10,000+ yrs ago, the Aser who had survived the duration, sent emissaries out to the 10 kingdoms to try to re-establish the old information system.  In the Med. region they were known as the Hyperboreans, across the world were reports from every culture of their arrival.   The name, a sort of "diplomat", they were called by the Aser was Han-u-man, a name which survives in India.

These "diplomats" discovered a vastly different world than their ancestors had left, kingdoms which condoned war, tyranny, slavery, and every sort of destructive activity.  They carried the message of the old way which survives to this day as the "Golden Rule".

Another thought, If it is the case that the story was related through Egyptian perception, how would they have described ice, the sliding ice-sheet which drove the surviving Aser into the water, or the grinding glacier which stripped the whole of Hel down to bed-rock and into the sea??
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