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Ghost-Spider: Why Is Jackal So Obsessed With Gwen Stacy?

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Author Topic: Ghost-Spider: Why Is Jackal So Obsessed With Gwen Stacy?  (Read 89 times)
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« on: June 14, 2021, 12:26:02 am »

Ghost-Spider: Why Is Jackal So Obsessed With Gwen Stacy?

The Jackal is obsessed with Gwen Stacy and now, Ghost-Spider. The character has a long history of stalking this Spider-Man favorite.
By Anthony Gramuglia Published May 03, 2020

The Jackal is one of the most widely hated Spider-Man villains around. Also known as Miles Warren, he is the originator of all the Spider-Man clones that have plagued the wall-crawler over the years, in part because the college professor turned super-villain has a profoundly disturbing obsession with his former student, Gwen Stacy.

While the idea of a man falling in love with a girl half his age is already unsettling, the Jackal's obsession with Gwen Stacy has led to him creating duplicates of her, some of which are so unstable and grotesque they're born begging for death. In the ongoing series Ghost-Spider, Jackal has even crossed dimensions in pursuit of an alternative version of Gwen Stacy. It's time to examine what has driven this man into such depths of depraving obsession.

Ghost-Spider: Gwen's Anger Over Outlawed Brings Out [SPOILER]
The First Clone Saga
Jackal Clone Saga

Miles Warren started work as a pupil of the High Evolutionary. However, when his Man-Jackal clone ended up murdering his first wife, he was expelled from the High Evolutionary's social circles. Grief-stricken, he got a job as a professor at Empire State University. However, he soon met Gwen Stacy and became infatuated with her. He became convinced Gwen was his one true love, despite the fact that Gwen just saw him as one of her professors.

However, Gwen Stacy was ultimately killed by the Green Goblin. Rather than blame Norman Osborn, Miles blamed Spider-Man for the death of his "love." He started manipulating various individuals, from Hammerhead to the Punisher, in an elaborate scheme to destroy Spider-Man.

All the while, Jackal became convinced he could bring Gwen Stacy back -- and that, grateful for being reincarnated, she'd love him. Using resources obtained from Scrier (who, ironically, was a pupil of the very person who actually killed Gwen Stacy, Norman Osborn), Jackal got his hands on Gwen and Spider-Man's cells, learning that the man who he blamed for Gwen's death was her boyfriend. This further exacerbated Jackal's obsession.

Spider-Man: 2021 Will Be the Year of the Wall-Crawler

He created multiple clones of both Gwen and Peter. While Peter's numerous clones, from Kaine to Ben Reilly, would become iconic characters in their own rights, Gwen's clones were a little more unstable. Abby-L, the first Gwen clone, degenerated horribly and could disintegrate everything she touched. Abby-L's one request to Miles was that he'd never clone anyone again, so that no other clone would suffer as Abby-L suffered.

Right after abandoning Abby-L to her agonizing fate, Miles continued to clone Gwen again and again, trying to create a clone that would remain beautiful like Gwen. Some of his clones succeeded -- although, to Jackal's horror, the clones did not return Jackal's feelings of admiration. Warren descended further into his obsession until he was seemingly blown up by his own creation.

Ghost-Spider: Outlawed Gives Gwen Stacy a Rude Awakening on Earth-616

Obviously, Jackal survived and continued making clones, though he primarily became obsessed with destroying Spider-Man's life and sense of self. The Clone Saga and Spider-Island are just two of the most iconic stories surrounding Jackal's obsession. However, what is less known is that Abby-L, the first clone of Gwen Stacy, spent much of her time trying to erase the Jackal's work. She executed multiple Gwen Stacy clones and even tried to kill Jackal -- though she failed.

His life began circulating around perfecting his cloning technology, reviving multiple clones of Spider-Man and turning people into spider-monsters, along with other frankly insane and bewildering experiments of genetic modification. It's uncertain if the Jackal that exists in Marvel Universe now is the original Jackal, or just a super-modified clone.

Jackal eventually disguised himself as a university professor once again, only to run into Gwen Stacy -- or, at least, the Gwen Stacy from Earth-65. This version of Gwen came from a world where she gained spider-powers instead of Peter. Now under the moniker of Ghost-Spider, she became a hero in her own right, fighting across the multiverse. Upon enrolling in Empire State University, she crossed paths with Warren, reigniting his obsession. Jackal manipulated Gwen's social circle just to learn her every secret, invading her private life.

When Gwen returned to Earth-65, Jackal followed her back and worked alongside the Earth-65 version of Miles Warren to kidnap her. Once 616-Warren had her in his grasp, he killed the only competition he saw for his love for Gwen: Himself. He murdered his Earth-65 counterpart, then tried to convince Gwen Stacy to love him. Ghost-Spider did not feel any romantic attachment to the man who kidnapped and stalked her and ultimately broke free with the help of her rock band, the Mary Janes. At present, Jackal is still brooding somewhere on Earth-65, waiting for another chance to make Ghost-Spider his.
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