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Dreams of Atlantis

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Author Topic: Dreams of Atlantis  (Read 6424 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 14, 2016, 12:04:45 pm »

I occasionally visit the Atlantipedia site to keep myself up to date on what is new on Atlantis, and where our dear beloved, "missing," island continent has been found. I have to admit that I'm not completely devoted to the task of keeping track with the latest news about it, nor am I completely familiar with all literature and claims about Atlantis that has surfaced in the past 50 years or so. But apparently whomever maintains the Atlantipedia web site is so dedicated and enamored with the myth of Atlantis that he was moved to compiling just about everything anyone knows or tells about Atlantis. Further, being that he retains himself quite an expert on the subject, he therefore, besides presenting the persons and their ideas, giving all the necessary references, also gives a short personal evaluation as to the plausibility of meeting Plato's version. This site, for those that may not already be aware of it, is worth visiting for anyone that wants to get more familiar with whom is who, past and present, that seeks to prove the verity of Atlantis, and where and when it may have existed, or still exists, but unrecognizable due to time passage.

As I was saying, in visiting this Atlantipedia site, the very latest had been the posting of yet, another claim, as to where Atlantis was supposed to have been, as given us by a British scientist and author of a very recent book of his; About Atlantis: Finding the lost city of Atlantis,  paperback – 17 Nov 2015. And here is a quick introduction about the book, as posted on Which, in it, the author is claiming that the Northern Italian PO valley is supposed to be the very plain surrounding the royal capital city of Atlantis.

"When someone says Atlantis, you probably think of a large island that suddenly disappeared below the sea and vanished forever. The story of Atlantis is based on legends dating back three thousand years, these stories are actual dim recollections of real events. With the passage of time the truth has become clouded by myth. An ancient natural disaster swept away a large city at the top of the Adriatic where the Po valley is. Over thousands of years the sea was forced back and the place where Atlantis had once been again became dry land. Twenty years of painstaking and thorough research coupled with major advances in technology have finally stripped away the myth from the fact and revealed the truth behind the legends. The ancient records can now be seen to tell the true story of a catastrophe that changed the course of history and is still remembered to this day."

For those that are not familiar with this Northern Italian region, nor versed in fine culinary traditions, should know that it is the very region from where we get the famous cheese, Parmigiano, and a special ham, Prosciutto, both from the city of Parma (parmesan cheese, and cured raw ham, for the ignorant not watching any of the cooking shows on the cable/satellite channels). But the region is especially noted for their Mortadella. But Mortadella comes from another city, also located within the Po valley, and which is Bologna. Why do I emphasize the Mortadella? Because the city of Bologna, where the origin of Mortadella is supposed to have come from, is also where we get our name for our famous, but cheap version of the imitation of Mortadella, and which goes by the name of  "bologna sausage." But the point I want to make is not strictly culinary, but is relevant to one of my posts here about all the "junk" food we are being fed about Atlantis, and the way which most will devour it, with fervor pitch, and easily swallow this junk. Where is the connection with Mortadella and the author's claim? It is this. When one hears or reads something very absurd, totally unfounded, lacking logic, evidence, and any other acceptable, substantiated proof, we have a term for that, which we express it in this way; Boloney! And this author, with his claims about the Po valley and Atlantis, is full of BOLONEY!   

Now, as far as I'm concerned, I know all about Atlantis, what it means, where and when, and exactly what was on Plato's mind in writing about it. Although this claim of mine sounds and looks arrogant, conceited, and totally absurd, if taken seriously, is not mere boloney. Or as others may see it, is just something that seems to be sarcastic towards those that are trying to justify and put credence to their dreams and visions about reincarnation, since my, seemly, and outrageous claim of knowing for certain is based on my own reincarnation suspicions of my soul having been Plato's own master. Then, someone may, and justly I may add, ask if I'm not even more full of boloney? Yes, and yes, and yes; three times yes. But give me time, and I will show that I have fed on the more noble and much more expensive meat, Prosciutto. Although, like bologna sausage, also coming from swine, but unlike it, since bologna is "cooked-up" and prosciutto is raw meat, which requires a special long-time curing process, and interval driven, specifically-timed sensitive treatment methods, besides also requiring a particular, controlled environment, to achieve and rendering prosciutto its savory, pleasant, and outstanding taste, in the end. These expensive and painstaking procedures, besides giving the meat such a wonderful and delightfully unbelievable flavor, they also render the meat more digestible, even to newborn babes being weaned off milk.... If you get my meaning.  But as I was saying, I have to give my prosciutto to all of you a little at a time, since prosciutto is salted as part of the process of "creation," and it contains high levels of sodium. Therefore I don't want any of you to suffer from high blood pressure. And the old saying of taking this with only a grain of salt is not appropriate, since you will have to take it with a "shtttttt" load of salt! Mine is good salt, though. Therefore be cheerful, as Jesus said this about good salt; "Therefore, salt is good; but if even salt has become tasteless, with what will it be seasoned? "It is useless either for the soul or for the manure pile; it is thrown out. He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

In time, with good salt, I will attempt to prove that we, those that are Atlanteans, as Edgar Cayce told us, are reincarnating in the USA. Therefore, as Donald the duck declares, no foreigners are welcome in the good Old U ass of A. Or in this case, no one foreign to Plato's and Cayce's works needs to chime in on this "dreamy" thread started back in 2007, but left to stale in time. And this is why I'm attempting to resurrected it, to reincarnate it with some savory meat, and not mere boloney. But Prosciutto, unlike bologna sausage, is mostly lean meat, whereas bologna is mostly fat. So let us cut out the "fat" parts and images on this thread. Especially duck meat, which is very fat indeed, and let us, by words and deeds, elect to, Trump the boloney.

My own predicament in trying to convey my sentiments about the matter is quite, remarkably mirrored in music, my kind of music. And for which, this tune, coincidently or not,  kind of reflects and expresses my own outrageous claim of, uniquely, knowing Plato's very own mind. I have reincarnated to ring the division bell; separate the goats from the sheep. I'm coming back to life to set the record straight about Atlantis. Any bird brains out there , please, pay attention!
Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
And where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun
Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight into the shining sun

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« Reply #31 on: January 15, 2016, 12:32:23 pm »

Here is another example that I ran into of pure speculative nonsense for identifying an Atlantis location. It is an essay to fortify the idea that Plato plagiarized from Hanno's journey log to come up with the tale of Atlantis. I have cited a couple of small passages to make some points. I selected these because of the insinuations made about Plato's mental state, and also because of the hypocritical nature of the author of the "essay."

"Once it is understood what was the true nature and scope of Hanno’s discoveries, it becomes possible to face the hoary problem of the location of the island of Atlantis described by Plato." "Therefore, it is not surprising that the voyage of Hanno influenced Plato’s image of the ideal city."

" The majority of modern classical scholars have interpreted Plato so as to make him appear to have written his dialogues in a state of mental frenzy and made pronouncements that are as profound as they are incomprehensible or absurd. By this they have provided a justification to pathological characters whose minds conform to this description. As a result books on the subject of the location of the Island of Atlantis mentioned by Plato, written by graphomaniacs with pseudoscientific delusions, appear at the rate of about one every year or every two years. Since classical scholars have presented Plato’s statements as being totally chaotic and self-contradictory, this has made it possible to place Atlantis anywhere on the surface of the earth and even at the bottom of the seas, since Plato reports that most of the territory of Atlantis was sunk under water. It would be probably easier to list the areas of the globe where Atlantis has not been placed, but I shall not try to draw such a map, since I do not know but a fraction of the literature on the subject, although I have perused more than one hundred books and essays specifically dedicated to the location of Atlantis. All I can say is that the explanations written by academic persons in their commentaries on Plato’s works are somewhat duller and less imaginative, but not more rational."

Wow, Plato wrote his dialogues in a state of mental frenzy? This mindless statement clearly reflects total ignorance of having understood Plato.

But I think that whomever authored the above piece is rather looking in the mirror when he/she accuses others of being graphomaniacs with pseudoscientific delusions. Why, the pot is calling the kettle black.

However, personally, I would say to this person: How can you say to your brothers, 'Let me take the specks out of your eyes,' and behold, the log is in your own eye? "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the specks out of your brothers' eyes.

In my own case, as it appears outwardly, I would do good to follow my own advice, but it's not quite the same. It's more like: "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

Now this piece on Hanno's journey and how it relates as having inspired Plato continues, but I'm not going to expound on the rest, and will just re-quote a portion of the above, and comment.

"Since classical scholars have presented Plato’s statements as being totally chaotic and self-contradictory, this has made it possible to place Atlantis anywhere on the surface of the earth and even at the bottom of the seas."

Well for this statement, the classical scholars were obviously only referring to the myth of Atlantis, and has some merit, but missed the mark all together, nonetheless. It is true that to someone who has no idea who Plato is, and what the tale of Atlantis is meant to be, Plato's own description of the particulars for the tale of Atlantis are, outwardly, totally chaotic and self-contradictory, as I have, myself, pointed out. 

Without needing to further cite the complete argument that Plato came up with Atlantis based on Hanno's journey, nor without citing the original source, since it was someone else that first brought forth this argument, as a base, using Hanno's account of one of his voyages, because many here may already be familiar with it, and if not, it can be looked up easy enough, I will say this. It is this kind of nonsense (complete imaginative speculations, baseless and itself self-contradictory to Plato's account and logical reasoning) of which we have tons and tons of it, which makes one lose complete faith in believing that the tale could be true. And then, one becomes a sort of misologist.

No worse thing can happen to a person than this. For as there are misanthropists or haters of men, there are also misologists or haters of ideas, and both spring from the same cause, which is ignorance of the world. Misanthropy arises out of the too great confidence of inexperience; — you trust a man and think him altogether true and sound and faithful, and then in a little while he turns out to be false and knavish; and then another and another, and when this has happened several times to a person, especially when it happens among those whom they deem to be their own most trusted and familiar friends, and they have often quarreled with them, they at last hate all men, and believe that no one has any good in themselves at all. You must have observed this trait of character?
Now there, I was led on by you to say more than I had intended at this time; but the point of comparison was, that when a simple person who has no skill in dialectics believes an argument to be true which they afterwards imagine to be false, whether really false or not, and then another and another, they have no longer any faith left, and great disputers, as you know, come to think at last that they have grown to be the wisest of mankind; for they alone perceive the utter unsoundness and instability of all arguments, or indeed, of all things, which, like the currents in the Euripus, are going up and down in never-ceasing ebb and flow.

Yes, and how melancholy, if there be such a thing as truth or certainty or possibility of knowledge — that a person should have lighted upon some argument or other which at first seemed true and then turned out to be false, and instead of blaming themselves and their own want of wit, because they are annoyed, should at last be too glad to transfer the blame from themselves to arguments in general: and forever afterwards should hate and revile them, and lose truth and the knowledge of realities.

Let us then, in the first place, be careful of allowing or of admitting into our souls the notion that there is no health or soundness in any arguments at all. Rather say that we have not yet attained to soundness in ourselves, and that we must struggle manfully and do our best to gain health of mind — you and all other people having regard to the whole of your future life, and I myself in the prospect of death and reincanation. For at this moment I am sensible that I have not the temper of a philosopher; like the vulgar, I am only a partisan. Now the partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions. And the difference between him and me at the present moment is merely this — that whereas he seeks to convince his hearers that what he says is true, I am rather seeking to convince myself; to convince my hearers is a secondary matter with me. And do but see how much I gain by the argument. For if what I say is true, then I do well to be persuaded of the truth, but if there be nothing after death, still, during the short time that remains, I shall not distress my friends with lamentations, and my ignorance will not last, but will die with me, and therefore no harm will be done. This is the state of mind in which I approach the argument. And I would ask you to be thinking of the truth and not of me: agree with me, if I seem to you to be speaking the truth; or if not, withstand me might and main, that I may not deceive you as well as myself in my enthusiasm, and like the bee, leave my sting in you before I die.

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« Reply #32 on: January 20, 2016, 09:34:25 am »

Just look at this stuff. Are we to believe this nonsense, and then ridicule the very truth about Atlantis?

"There are endless opportunities when we meditate. Because of it, along with my dreams, I've uncovered memories of the lost empire, Atlantis, buried within my subconscious. A part of me has always known of the ancient world deep down, but I'd never given it much thought until an intense "dream" that I later learned my sister and paranormal friends shared. In it, their was a massive volcanic eruption was shattering everything in sight. I was amongst the few kids who had the chance to run for our lives. We tore away from the most amazing crystal city imaginable to head for a ring of water. (Atlantis was made up of rings of land and sea)

We had almost escaped with our lives into the harsh waves acting like demonic claws desperately trying to trip us when I realized someone had been left behind. I don't recall who it was, but a sudden sense of dread washed over me and I found it hard to breath. I raced back into the nightmare on my own despite almost making it out alive. There were flames and ashes everywhere as I burnt to death, never catching another glimpse of whoever I had gone back for. I could literally feel the flames as I awoke in panic. I knew this was no ordinary "dream" but a vision of the past.

Soon I began seeing more and more visions of candle ceremonies and crystals. I had always had an intense fascination with both for as long as I could remember without understanding why. I felt as though they were a part of me. After these visions got me thinking, I did some research and found many people had memories of Atlantis and of crystals associated with them. Coincidence? I think not. My sister, Danny, Chloe (see "Other Realms") and others have described the very same memories. Danny says I had a premonition of its fall back then, but no one believed me until it came true. Have any of you had visions of Atlantis?"  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

There is no way that a normal person would ingest the above. It's poison I tell you. It's poison for your mind. It's verbal "LSD" and takes you on "trip" to the land that time forgot. There you will see just about anything.

We need to get back to our roots, Plato's roots; logic and reason. No more cheap and poor "sophists" to tells us fairy tales.

I know that we are all anxious for news about our love, Atlantis; where, when, and how. But all good things take time. I'm willing to wait even a million years, while shedding a million tears reading all the nonsense about Atlantis.

Oh my love, true Atlantis, wherever the others think you were, I know that the heart goes on! I believe you to be true and faithful to Plato's description, and still alive. You are here, in my heart, and not there, in their dead imagination.

I don't see Plato's beautiful Atlantis in any of their stories, it's all cleaver makeup. My Atlantis, I will always love you the way you are, the way I remember you! We are in times of trouble, and I will not leave you they way they describe you, dead and buried, on land or at sea; it's not you.

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« Reply #33 on: January 20, 2016, 11:47:35 am »

Just more little pieces of "ground" meat, that is about 95% fat (boloney) content. Einstein being the 5% meat.

""""" ATLANTIS and The Kingdom of The Neanderthals

Colin Wilson, the author of two previous books on the mystery of Atlantis, has recently written a new volume on that ancient lost land. His book, ‘Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals’ is an enthralling read, offering many original insights and theories. Wilson starts his book with a preface detailing the experience of the anthropologist Michael Harner who, under the influence of a native Andes Indian drink called ‘ayahuasca’ saw what he believed to be the truth of humanities origins.  In a form of induced hallucinogenic trance Harner ‘saw’ the whole land flooded as water gushed from the jaws of a huge crocodile. The water rose until it became a sea, then a galleon floated into view with bird headed creatures that reminded him of the ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. These creatures told him that they were the bringers of all life and lived within the bodies of every living thing on this planet.  These bird-headed humans said that they were the true masters of humanity and that man was their servant. Wilson presents this as a possible vision of The Flood that destroyed the continent of Atlantis. However, the idea that bird-headed beings created humankind is perhaps, for most reasonable people, a difficult concept.
Then there is the question of Atlantis itself, as many believe the story of this lost continent to be nothing more than pure mythology.  One argument discussed by Wilson in his book is that Atlantis may have been Antarctica. In support of this theory Wilson introduces the work of professor Charles Hapgood who declared that the earth’s crust is subjected to periodic shifts that can cause continents to change their positions. Hapgood suggested that the continent of Antarctica  shifted approximately twelve thousand years ago. This is no pie in the sky total nonsense as the foreward to Hapgood’s book on the subject ‘Earth’s Shifting Crust’ was written by none other than Albert Einstein.  It was the scientist Rand Flem-Ath that took the hypothesis of Hapgood and applied it to the Atlantis question arriving at the potential conclusion that it may once have been the land that is now known as Antarctica....""""  and on, and on.

Everyone is butchering Atlantis, chopping her down into hundreds of pieces of every shape and proportion imaginable. This can only happen when the cleaver being used by these butchers and boloney sausage sellers is imagination. There is no truth there, there is not any solid meat; it's mostly "grounded fat," groundless lies, and not the heavenly solid meat of truth. Dreams, dreams, and more dreams about people dreaming about Atlantis. Nightmares they are, and not true dreams from above. Like all nightmares, it's not the truth; wake up to reality, you fools, don't you know that we can never win with false dreams? It's a "riddle!" And that is why Cayce hinted about finding Atlantis' hall of records under the paw of the Egyptian Sphinx. The hall of records, symbolizing the place where one finds the recorded evidence of truth. What Cayce really wanted us to know is that Atlantis is a riddle for us to answer; a prophecy to unfold for our own times. Think of the Greek Sphinx. We have better find the answer to the riddle or we will eaten alive.

The only way we will be able to solve the riddle of Atlantis is not by "dreams" and visions, nor by vivid merchandisable imagination. Only by reason, logic, and understanding will we be able to save ourselves. We have to soar through all the dreams to get to oblivion, from whence the prophecy came from.

And this is the kind of music that Socrates and the Guardians would approve of very much.

AL DI LA, WHERE THE ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD, AND WISE, LOVING FATHER AND CREATOR IS!  I had a dream too. I dreamed that God lives in Italy and must be Italian.

If you like all the music I have been pointing to, go and buy it, like I did. However, enough of music, and dreams, let's get down to business; Atlantis is not any old myth, it's prophetic inspiration given to us by Plato, through that beautiful and heavenly creature, Socrates. And although he was not very beautiful outside, there was never one as beautiful and wise, inside. Only God is more beautiful, inside and out, and wiser throughout.   

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« Reply #34 on: February 18, 2016, 09:18:05 pm »

However, the idea that bird-headed beings created humankind is perhaps, for most reasonable people, a difficult concept.

Why not, do you have something against bird-headed beings?

Then there is the question of Atlantis itself, as many believe the story of this lost continent to be nothing more than pure mythology.  One argument discussed by Wilson in his book is that Atlantis may have been Antarctica. In support of this theory Wilson introduces the work of professor Charles Hapgood who declared that the earth’s crust is subjected to periodic shifts that can cause continents to change their positions. Hapgood suggested that the continent of Antarctica  shifted approximately twelve thousand years ago.

Many find Hapgood's earth crust displacement a perfectly plausible hypothesis, Albert Einstein certainly did. Sorry that it doesn't quite measure up to your lofty standards.
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« Reply #35 on: October 31, 2016, 07:40:44 am »

I have had a recurring theme in my dreams over the past few months. I'm 14 and live in Ohio. I will be having a normal( I guess, normal) dream and all of a sudden we'll be in a woods. I and whoever I'm with come out into a clearing. The scenery here is breathtaking. Beautiful green grass, nice sky, bright sun, etc. There is a row of buildings on a hill about 100 or so feet away. I have an overwhelming feeling that it's a timeline of human history. In my most recent dream, I was exploring the woods with my grandfather. All at once, he exclaims, " I can see the future!" and takes off running. I follow him and we come out in the clearing. I almost woke up, because I knew I had seen this place before in my dreams. This is the first time any reference to time has occurred. Now, I'll describe the buildings. It starts off with just like old fashioned buildings, skyscrapers mostly. It goes to like current time office buildings and penthouses, huge buildings with bright lights. The very last building, however, is why I think it connects to Atlantis. It appears to be a gargantuan palace. It resembles a Muslim mosque, like something straight out of the Aladdin movie. Except, the domes of the palace are shaped like fish mouths. The palace is tan and turquoise. There is a monument behind it that is bigger than the palace. It resembles a large fish, or perhaps a whale. Even though Atlantis is supposed to be the past, there is just an eerie feeling that it's somehow the future. All the people are gathered around the palace in a courtyard of sorts. I can somehow see into the windows of the upper part of the palace. There is a large balcony with a room behind it. In the room, a man is waiting, I presume waiting to give a speech on the balcony to the Atlantean people. He is surrounded by large, muscular men, several out on the balcony, as well as crowd control. He never makes it out on the balcony though, because he either falls down due to sudden illness, or is assassinated. I can't be sure, but I think he is assassinated. I'm very confused by this dream, as well as the timeline with the buildings showing up in recurring dreams. If someone can help interpret or provide some info, please reply. Thanks.
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« Reply #36 on: November 07, 2016, 08:54:01 am »

PopeRiley....That is quite a dream. Are you 14 years old in the dream, or are you actually 14 years old? Because if you are 14 years old, then it would be strange that someone your age would be interested in Atlantis, but it would not be farfetched that you may be dreaming about underwater cartoons, Acquaman, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, or other such water oriented cartoons. But if you are an adult, just how much did you know about Atlantis before you had the dream? I do not grasp just how you would imagine that you had a dream about Atlantis from what you posted. And most of all, how can you assume that, in your dream, Atlantis is a futuristic realm rather than the one everyone knows from experts and crackpots alike, which, if Atlantis is a real story, then it is one of the past and not of the future. In conclusion, I do not think that there is a valid reason for getting an interpretation, as you just had a "normal" dream. Dreams, for 99.9999% of us, are not meant to have a purpose, as the experts tell us that it is just the resting mind unwinding from our hectic awake hours, and nothing more. Rarely, people have very specific and recurring dreams that somehow are relative to reality and have a purpose, usually one of foretelling the future; in other words, prophetic like. How often have you had this same dream, and can you relate it to any of your awake emotions, likes, fears, and wishes? But perhaps you are like one of those that have posted on this site, stating that they believe they have had these kinds of dreams of having visited/lived in Atlantis, which are mainly dreams of having been, in another previous life (reincarnation), a citizen of the long ago land of Atlantis. Also keep in mind that there is only one Plato's Atlantis, and many other accounts of an Atlantis that are far and wide and greatly distorted, exaggerated, and in a few cases, also having a technology greater than our present day one, which deviate from the original source, Plato, as these variants began surfacing in the past 200 years or so. 
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« Reply #37 on: September 11, 2018, 06:15:45 pm »

I know its been a few years since this post was made, but I have been trying to find others who have had Atlantis dreams to see if I have any similarities. I am not sure if I dreamed of Atlantis all those years ago or if it was some other place...but I do know that it was the most vivid and realistic dream I had ever experienced. I have never had a dream that felt that way with just detailed sounds and sights or even smells. I have not had the dream since.

I can recall it was when I was about 13. At that time I knew nothing about Atlantis, never even really heard of the place much less what it was. In this dream, I was in a room surrounded by individuals
who were doing some sort of medical experiments. I wanted to look closer and see what it was they were doing when I noticed a commotion out in the hall. I ran out with a few others to look out the window of the building we were in. We were in the central part of a city, it looked like dead center and we were pretty high up, I recall seeing several beams of light coming from a shoreline across a lake...or maybe a strait or something. They were shining toward the top of our building. I didn't really count but at first glance, there did look to be anywhere from 10-12 of them.

We were all staring not at the beams of light, but at what there were doing, they seemed to pulse and flicker occasionally. Every time they did, I could feel the floor of the building vibrate. With each successive flicker, the vibrations got stronger. I knew something was off, so I went up to the top of the building to see what was going on. At the top was the very open room. It looked like a dome overhead and there was this large pyramid shape in the middle but it seemed to have two interlocked, one upright and one upside down inside each other. It looked transparent like a crystal which is what the building walls, floors, and ceiling looked like.
I remember the beams of light I had saw out the window were all striking this object in the center of the room. Surrounding it were twelve men and women who were holding hands to form a circle. Each of them gazing at this object in the middle and emitting these beautiful colors, each one their own color. There was this kind of ethereal music coming from the colors and it looked like they were trying to fix something. As the beams of light began to grow more erratic in their pulses I decided that maybe I should start looking at getting out of here while I can, I just felt like I needed to go now or die. As I made my way down the stairs I would pass others and in a calm but slightly panicked state would urge them to evacuate the building. They all just gave me this reassuring gaze that everything is ok and being taken care of.

When reaching the bottom I could see down a street clear to the docks, there were ships docked there taking on a few passengers as normal. The roadway wasn't was like a highly smooth cobblestone feeling. I started to run to the boats, I was going to just take a trip somewhere until things settled down.
I didn't get more than a few feet before I started to noticed the beams of light above me flickering constantly now and one by one they each went out. Still, people were not as panicked as I seemed to be. I started to hear this really low hum oscillating from the building I had just left. All of a sudden the hum turned into this horrific combination of screeching, high pitched whining, and dissonance. I had to cover my ears it was so bad. I couldn't do anything but cover my ears in pain as the sound rang through the city. After a minute or two I could hear the noise start to rise in it was building up or something, that's when I noticed the top part of the tower that I was in completely exploded raining huge chunks of crystalline structure over the city. It became apparent now that people were in a huge state of panic.

I looked back toward the dock and started to run that way again when I noticed the sea wall that was along the shore of the city seemed to be very close to the surface of the water. The ocean began spilling over it and creeping up the roadway. By this point, there were these types of aircraft that seemed to work on the same principle as a helicopter but there were no blades moving on it. They were evacuating panicked citizens but there weren't enough and the boats at the dock were cut off. People were literally swimming to the boats and being pulled under the water by the flow of water as it was breaching the city. I remember looking over to the left and seeing this little girl, she looked about 6 or 7. She had this beautiful brown hair and was in a kind of beige dress. Her mom grabbed her and they headed to the roof of their house to escape the water.

Of course, I decided to run back to the tower I was in thinking I was safe. By the time I had reached a high enough floor to look out, I could see the water now covering more than 3/4ths of the city and it wasn't like a tsunami, it was like the city was just outright sinking even the opposite side of us, the coast I had seen the beams of light originate from was disappearing beneath the sea.
I looked down at the house where the little girl and her mother were, I couldn't believe it as I watched the water pour over the roof and the current rip them away. I didn't have time to grieve though, I heard this crack which sounded like a huge bolt of lightning and two more, it became apparent to me when the window I was looking out shattered, the crack had run up the crystal wall.

There was a deafening sound like a gunshot as I felt the tower I was in start to move, it was falling over onto the city and into the sea. I remember thinking this was it, it was all over, I woke up before I hit the water and I was so freaked it took me a few minutes to realize who I was and where I was. Being during the night time I wasn't sure what was going on. Years later I started to hear about Atlantis and research it more and I hear all these claims of Atlantean ruins and such...but everything I ever found concerning Atlantis just didn't seem right to me, I don't know how to explain it. Its like I want to go to these people and tell them they are wrong, Atlantis is nothing like what they are talking about, the place I saw would make a modern 2018 city look like a cave-dwelling by comparison. I know there are those who would say it's just an overactive imagination or a really trippy dream, but I can close my eyes sometimes and replay that entire event in my mind perfectly vivid as if it happened today and that was like 18 years ago, its the most vivid memory I have of my childhood. It honestly makes me wonder if I was just experiencing the event through someone's eyes or if it was me in a past life.
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« Reply #38 on: July 29, 2020, 09:58:25 pm »

I have had dreams of atlantis as well going through the pillers and but i was swimming under to apparently see heaven and im so confused bc i never seen atlantis until my fiance showed me and it was crazy how ever i said goodbye to the ones who wouldnt follow me to atlantis and i left i seen myself swimming between the pillers that were destroyed andthe other side was unknown i seen a women statue holding a instrument and i dont know my internments so i appoligize latelyi have been really into mythology even though it is real i love my gem stones the moon the sun and its strange as im a beliver of christ and my momtells meoh thats devils work but its so much deeper i need help on what you all think bc this is just crazy and really cool to
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