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UFO Observed On The Moon By Italian Astronomers

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Author Topic: UFO Observed On The Moon By Italian Astronomers  (Read 199 times)
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« on: October 02, 2007, 11:03:36 pm »

Subject: Cabal antigravity craft skimming over Moon's surface.
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 18:49:41 -0700

    A story to share: Cabal antigravity craft filmed skimming over Moon's surface.
    It is fitting that this telescope video was shot by an Italian astronomer.
    Galileo Galilei was an 17-century Italian and the first person to use the newly-invented telescope to peer at the heavens and give rise to astronomy.
    As for this dark craft skittering above the Moon's surface, I used my dowsing rods and determined that its energy signature was consistent with the Cabal (occupation crews based on the Moon).
    Shortly after I put out the message globally that this video was a Cabal craft,   Google Video removed this arresting tape of the Cabal craft skimming above the Moon.
    Given its discovery as a Cabal craft, and not a wandering Star Visitor disc, it is understandable why the Cabal would want to make this evidence of their presence on the Moon disappear soon after being discovered.
    But, too late! Enterprising computer viewers had already downloaded it to other sites, such as:  (not its original Google site.)
    Some debunker wrote me trying to assert that "This is a picture of the shadow of the [satellite?] camera's craft. I have seen it before on the NASA TV site."
    What the debunker failed to explain is how the craft never distorted its outline when it rolled above crater walls and depths, the way a shadow would do.
    Nor did the know-it-all debunker explain how the "shadow" persisted in view after skimming off the edge of the Moon into space.
    Now why a "shadow" of a hypothesized orbiting satellite's camera would carry a highly-negative energy signature.
    Nor why the Cabal would delete a web address within 24 hours of a supposed     photo of a "camera's shadow" being identified as a Cabal Moon craft.
    My suggestion to devotees of this video: download it before it mysteriously disappears again.
          in the light,
          Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Hello Dr. B: (10-01-2007)
   "Thank you Dr. Boylan for this release.
   "I have reported our continued presence back on the moon for many years now. But, because of the "International" Black-Out of Clark C. McClelland, ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, only now is it finally coming forth, by sheer good luck. The object seen by the Italian Astronomer is a fact!
   "The Clementine Lunar Missions have confirmed bases on the lunar backside. Some ours, some THEIRS [Star Visitors]!
   "Many Apollo Mission Astronauts observed crafts flying above the lunar surface during that project. I observed them and was told it was a fact.
   "The Sheeple on this planet of morons had better awaken worldwide, before they are completely enslaved by this Cabal. It is in the works with the NWO, EU, NAU, etc.
   "Technology is at least 50+ years ahead of all your knowledge! The enslavement curtain is approaching fast.
   "Why do all of you think my book (3) are not published for public knowledge??? Black Out! Too many provable FACTS!
Clark C. McClelland, ScO, 1958 to 1992, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Dr.B.: You may release this if you wish. Thank you, my friend.
    I wish I could make a video.

Subject: Re: [UFOFacts] Interesting object flying around moon video

     I thank you for forwarding this request as it has no reason for being there to begin with. And you are correct about my comments about the cross-gened Being piloting the cabal craft, perhaps with Star Nations communicating/conversing with the Being they may be able to enlighten them to a evolved healing-light purpose instead of a tool of the Cabal factions. I did not think it would be out of line as I have already spoken out to Star Nations to take a back-engeered craft that was spraying chemical trails out of the atmosphere of Gaia/Unce Maka/Earth Being so as to negate the the components thereof and keep the Being in life continuance till dealth with. Immediately a Star craft showed up that was silvery in appearance and disappeared 2 or 3 seconds later.
     I myself am relieved that the Formal Hearing and Conviction of the Cabal  has occured as they have treated humanity wrongly and harmfully.
     This is most honorable actions of the Star Nations to do. I agree about the Priority attention as our Star relatives on the moon have done nothing to deserve harsh treatment.
    In light of your last sentence. Just recently I ventured in meditation to visit the workers of the Cabal around the moon at their temporary bases/sites and warned them of what is to come and how their "masters" would do them in in the event of cutting them off and left in the hands of Star Nations. Their reaction was amusing it was of a mentality of "they would not do that", "they need us", and so on. Upon this, I departed and they were bewildered as to this as their so-called security system was of no service to them.
      As for the Cabal personel reading these words "too bad, so sad" the days as you know it are dwindling. And Gaia/Unce Maka/Earth Being will reach her destination of Fifth evolution from Fourth. And humanity will no longer have to pay to partake of what you call "technology" that our relatives wish us to learn and work with for healing.
Love & Peace in Service
Mantis incarnate woman
Mantis incarnate woman,
    Your out-of-body travel to the Moon and the Cabal installations there sounds like it was productive.
    At least the stooges working there for the Cabal can't complain that they weren't forewarned about being left abandoned there after the supply ships stop flying up.
    The hapless Cabal station crews will learn how their Cabal masters reward loyalty, as the Moon stations' oxygen supplies eventually run out.
    Seeing that the Moon has been, since the 1950s, planned to serve as the ultimate platform from which to conduct war on any sector of Earth that would not bend the knee to the Cabal, it appears that the Spiritual Law of Karma is going into play, as the Cabal abandon their loyal workers soon.
    Councillor/Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, California 95619,  USA
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