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December 13, 2018, 08:36:56 pm
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ATLANTIS IN MALTA - countdown has began!!!!!

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS IN MALTA - countdown has began!!!!!  (Read 635 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 03, 2018, 10:01:53 am »

Jun 8, 2017 at 5:28am adamska said:

I found this on the other forum about you Oliver/Hermocrates, so **** off my topic, i dont need your discussion:
$Oliver D. Smith[4] is a person of interest who is known for his pseudointellectualism and long-reaching campaigns of online harassment. His most common aliases are Anglo_Pyramidologist and Atlantid.

Portraying himself primarily as an academic and researcher,[5][6][7] he is better known for his extensive harassment campaigns; Smith is known to go to insane extremes to pursue and accost individuals who he believes to have offended him, such as utilizing on multiple sockpuppet accounts to accuse his critics of various crimes, actively sending his opponents death threats, trying to extort them into recanting their criticism of him, and going so far as to chase those that have "wronged" him from website to website. It is this behavior, however, alongside his tendency to try to weaponize Wikis, that led him to be covered by the Kiwi Farms and subsequently this wiki.

At a glance, Smith appears to be cut from the same cloth as disgraced Wikipedia editor Ryulong in that he is a frequent editor of the likes of Wikipedia and Rationalwiki; however, whereas Ryulong focuses primarily on specific articles to claim as "his," Smith instead pursues wholesale retribution against anyone who offends him or disparages him in any capacity. Towards this end, Smith has created literally hundreds of Wikipedia accounts,[8] mostly centered around the prospect of using to attack those who have angered him. He is outright obsessive; once he feels a target is "guilty," he will not let go of any slight, and he will relentlessly pursue them until they have have recanted anything negative they have said or posted about him, and deleted anything disparaging him. A relentless wiki vandal, Smith uses his numerous socks to shove hate-filled screeds of "crimes" his opposition is guilty of, making dozens of new pages doing similar, and generally creating constant new work for the staff of a given wiki to have to clean up. In addition to this, he uses his socks to pose as other users and try to goad them into capitulating to him.

Smith first came to the Kiwi Farms' attention on on February 13th, 2016, due to his obsession with Mikemikev, who had initially come to the Farms in an attempt to rally them as his own personal army; this would have ended with the Farms simply mocking Mikemikev, but Smith harbours an intense grudge against Mikemikev because of his involvement with Smith's ban from Metapedia,[9] And subsequently pursued him, where he, too, was mocked.

While the relationship between Smith, Mikemikev, and Michael D. Suarez was initially likened to The Three Stooges, due to their constant hissy-fits with one another,[10][11] Smith quickly proved to be the most irritating of the three due to his incapacity to accept defeat and his constant creation of socks that he used to vandalize the wiki to attack his critics. As of December 30th, 2016, Smith has created over 100 sockpuppets on Lolcow Wiki alone.

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Silence is gold, and often is the answer!

« Reply #31 on: June 10, 2018, 04:46:47 pm »

Hello Nikas,

I suppose that you've telling us that Atlantis are on Malta, but as you know , these theories are all over the world.
For you information probably in the next Ice Age, some day the Ice covered all the world will arise the precise location of the city and the lost Continent of Atlantis.

Such theories are well received , but it's so blanked ideas !!


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