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July 23, 2018, 04:55:15 am
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Fluoridated Water harming disadvantaged

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Author Topic: Fluoridated Water harming disadvantaged  (Read 239 times)
senator Bam
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« on: March 16, 2017, 02:23:20 am »

For 9 years i have been off and on suffering and battling this here where i am in NZ. At present i am really suffering the harms since not only they still forcing the fluoridated (etc) tap water on me (giving me not other equal alternative clean water options help, as i am in a disadvantaged situation and there being no other clean water anywhere near here) but also am prisoner here until i can get the locks fixed (after meter reader picked my door lock (showing that anyone else can also pick it) and locksmiths refused to do my locks), and no one local cares or is able to help. Every meal of every day I'm being poisoned/harmed. So in a last ditch effort i'm going worldwide with the facts.

Fluoridation Facts article from my latest letter to authorities. Part One.

The hard cold fluoridation facts. Here is a very briefest summary of the root issue of fluoridation, and then the links to my (& others) articles/papers/posts giving more detailed evidences info.

The root issue of water fluoridation is that the pushers  claim that fluoridated water is a cheap, beneficial "effective" solution to "increased incidence of (disadvantaged) (urban) (children's) tooth decay", and that it is "safe" and not harmful (with "studies" and alleged to be "monitored"), and they claim that anyone/everyone who doesn't like it supposedly has an "[easy] range of options" to avoid it. This is either genuine belief or a lie (or half and half). Since we can not prove that they are lying, we have to instead address the real root issues (which is actually the better thing to do anyway). The pushers/pros always falsely make the issue to do with "antis" having to prove that fluoridating/fluoridated water is harmful. We can reasonably prove to ourselves from multiple experiences and evidences that fluoridated (etc) water does negatively effect our (and others) health and ability, but we are not able ourselves to conduct scientific experiements/studies and so we can not prove it to them/others, so we instead address the real root issue (the better thing to do anyway). Now these are them main root issues with tooth decay:

(1) Diet : Sugar. The main cause of tooth decay is bacteria, and sugar exaserbates this. They heap sugar in our foods (esp breakfast cereals (incl wheatbix) and biscuits) (ingredients lists are in order of amount and sugar is often in the first 2 or 3). "We all know that sugar is the new crack ****" - quote from Newspaper review of 'That Sugar Book'. They have no right to force fluoridation on one hand while they pour sugar in our food on the other hand. If this goes to court i am instructing my legal aids to bring boxes of cereals to show to the judges eyes.
(2) Diet : (processed) carbs. Main cause of tooth decay is bacteria which processed carbs sticking to teeth exasperbates. My own experience proved this from eating flour porridge and not brushing teeth.
(3) Oral cleanliness/hygene : The main cause of tooth decay is bacteria (esp from sugar, processed carbs, and eating snacks between meals), and acid, and demineralisation. The best ways to deal with these aside from limiting the intake is to clean our teeth by brushing our teeth and rinsing our mouth etc. Any adept knows how we have to take care of things (like machines, guns, cars, etc), my own experience witnessed even holes eating metal from uncleanliness. The the MoH's "oral health on tap" is moronic.  You are admitting that NZers are unclean.
(4) diet : nutrition. Includes calcium together with vitamin d.
(5) socio-economic inequaities/disadvantages: Surely it is easy enough to address sugar and oral cleanliness. Disadvantaged people like me are also harmed/hurt by forced tap water fluoridation.
(6) topical fluoride is more effective than induced/intaken fluoride. Most people already brush their teeth with fluoridated tooth paste. There are already numerous ways people can easily get natural or supplementary fluoride if they want it (toothpaste, tablets, natural fluoride already in water, tea, some foods are naturally high in fluoride, bottled water, etc).

The main ones are the first 3. These are easy enough for authorities and individuals to address (and in fact these nevertheless still have to be addressed despite fluoridating the water anyway), and so they have no excuse for forcing fluoridated water on us, and so either they are incompetant or deceived or lying or serving sectional interests. And, as has been said by some, they are evading "individual responsibility" (while  also violating others rights of consent and freedom of choice). As usual humans are just trying to [mis-]use "science" as an easy answer to consequences of lifestyle choices because they don't want to address the root issue/s. "Prevention is better than cure". I defy/challenge you that no one can deny these facts or prove me wrong about these facts.
The MoH's own study a couple of years ago found that rural Wairarapa children better teeth than other urbans. Maoris had better teeth before modern "western" corporate consumerist diet. I have not seen/heard that Petone is any more plagued with tooth decay than all the rest of the fluoridated region? (But even if the fluoridationists possibly said they do have more incidence of tooth decay, then we have just shown the root reasons why.) Mainland Europe banned fluoridation, are they more plagued with tooth decay? (If they are you know why now.)

Israel stopped fluoridation a couple of years ago, but articles say there still people seriously disputing it. There is no genuine serious dispute, we have proven what the real root issues of tooth decay are.

Just to additionally touch the is or is not harmful: what if they are wrong? We are harmed. What if we are wrong? No one is harmed (as long as they address the real root issues of tooth decay). They have not and cannot prove it is not harmful/hindering to health/ability. They can not control the intake of fluoride or water (some people like me have a higher daily water intake diet due to situation).
Pushers claim that there is already fluoride naturally in varying degrees in all water. But this is untrue twisting. The fluoride they add to our water is not the same compound and not in the same amount. Plus they don't also consider the alluminium also in the tap water which combined with fluoride may be harmful. The packets of fluoride they add to our water say "toxic" "haxchem" etc. Water that is naturally very high in fluoride is also a concern of people. You can not mess around with such an important essential necessity of daily life like water so riskily with such impunity. Water chemical toxins and not just biological toxins have wrecked many peoples mental health throughout history. "Let us all put our hand on our head." (Google image search "hand on head" and see this is common when fluoridated.)
Fluoride in water is colourless/invisible, tastless and odourless, so just because the water looks/tastes/smells clean it doesn't mean its good and not bad.

Its not just the water either, years ago i noticed that the fluoridated tooth paste seemed to be mkaing me dumb during the day.

Secondly the issue is not just about fluoride, they also treat the water with 4 other things and add 3 other things, and various of these things by them selves or in combination seemingly maybe harmful to health/ability.
No one can tell us that they do all these treatments and additives to stop biological toxins (or to stop hard water scales, or to make water more soap lathering and not scum trouble, or ph adjustment), because they said they only treat Petone water (sourced from exact same source) with lime, and they said that the upper (Upper) Hutt river near twin lakes is already pretty clean, plus the Dutch have a water checking system "the Dutch secret" which doesn't even require chlorine/chloride (though we are not so concerned with chlorine/chloride, though we have seen evidences claims that it contributes to cancer etc).

(The fluoride etc also seems to make the water more corrosive/caustic/soft. Soft water sitting in metal fittings, pipes, tanks, pots also picks up heavy metals (lead, cadmium, copper, etc). The council and everyone else never told me this and 9 years ago i got very sick and lost alot in a crisis. They do say on their website about lead in tap fittings, but it is like they only very barely even admit it, and they only say to flush just a cup's amount (in contrast a scientific/technical site on water says [15-30?] mins to flush the lines), and its only on a webpage where only people who have the web/net have to go looking for it.)

quote "We use the following chemicals during the treatment process at our Te Marua Water Treatment Plant:
- Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Lime (Ca(OH)2)
- Polyaluminium chloride (Al2(SO4)3.18H2O) [Alum?]
- Polyelectrolyte
We also dose the following into the treated water:
- Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) [caustic soda]
- Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)
- Chlorine gas (Cl2)
- Fluoride (Na2SiF6)"

If yous refuse to address the root issues, then i have the (need and) right to request some other (proven) alternative clean water equal option (offered help not just words or info or force).

Our need and right to (clean) (running) (home/work/school) (tap) water (which is one of the topmost essential necessities of daily life) is not only equal but far greater than everyone else's need or right to sugar or fluoridated tap water. "Majority" vs "minority" doesn't count, since the answer to the root issue nullifies this. Yes i have to care about other peoples tooth decay (and we have give you quick and easy enough asnwers to that), but who cares about my not having clean water and being harmed/hindered because yous force the bad water on me? It is far easier for them to stop putting sugar in food, for people to avoid sugar, for people to add their own sugar, for people to brush their teeth, for people to get natural/supplementary fluoride, etc than it is for disadvantaged people like me to avoid fluoridated water and/or to get clean water (esp from dozens of kilometers away by hand/foot/trolley/train). I have already proven that all the ridiculous hyper-individualistic supposedly "easy enough" alternative water options are not so "easy" or possible for disadvantaged people like me (without equal options help). Everyone just keeps coming up with every possible ridiculous hyper-individualistic alternative water option instead of confronting the root issues / sectional interests.

Refs and/or Links to articles/papers/posts giving the facts:

My paper/article in various stages editions:
health tips:
My net/web comments/posts/threads on fluoridation, water & my situation,1063143,1087088
Post in sceptics in the pub forum.

Fluoridated water called "kool-aid" by pushers/pros:

sedgeford archaeological society paper.
MoH's own wairarapa children study. (prev
award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson on "fluoride deception" . .
South Taranaki court case notes/paper.
"nz dentist exposes/blows whistle on fluoride" news item.
"4,200 health & science professionals sign 'Professionals' Statement'".
Dr Mercola;  Dr Paul Connett; Dr John Colquhoun.
antifluoride (Facebook group page).
national anarchist blog;;
'fluoride detective' blog.
science study on fluoride & multiple sclerosis found by google searching that.
wikipedia article on "kool-aid" (near end of main article).
wiki article of water filter(s) mentions dangers of filtered water

breakfast cereal packaging labels ingredients lists.
fluoride packaging labels.

Part Two is on how the supposedly "easy" "range of options" to avoid fluoridated water are not so "easy" for disadvantaged people like me.
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