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August 09, 2022, 02:07:53 am
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26 Tenets of the New World Order:

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Author Topic: 26 Tenets of the New World Order:  (Read 2066 times)
senator Bam
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« on: October 26, 2016, 01:24:57 am »

There is some truth to that liberalism is bad/flawed, but there are also other bad persons/people & ideas too. Nicolatines just as bad as Laodiceans. Nazis had some bad things. "He who is without sin cast the first stone". Life is like walking a tight-wire - have to have right delicate balance.
"We hang minor thieves and tip our hats to major ones." (- German proverb.)

Cain slew Abel, not Abel slew Cain.

Satan's throne/dwelling is in Pergamon [Rome], Satan's sits in sides of north [Europe?]

Rome/Babylon the harlot is the cosmopolis of world trade in 'Revelation/Apocalypse' (and Jerusalem is called "Sodom & Egypt"). "All roads lead to Rome". Nero ["Peter"] "Public enemy (number one)". "Wolf is sheeps clothing".

All humans not rebirthed are evil not just liberals.

All laws are in "love your neighbour as your self" "do unto others as would have done to you".

All humans/groups/ideas have good and bad mixed in them. There have been evils like slavery in many high cultures through-out world and history, esp in the winter/dark/iron phase/age of high cultures.
"the only difference between me and them/you is that my badness is more manifest on the outside, while theirs/yours is more hidden inside".
"Finally, Kali Yuga, the dark age of today, is riven with quarrels, dissension, wars, and strife. Love and sex are separated. Few know truth. Possessions, not righteousness, confer rank and outer trappings are confused with inner religion." - Hindu (via Arthur Cotterell).
"Of the 22 civilizations that have appeared in  history, nineteen of them collapsed when they  reached the moral state the United States is in  now." (- Arnold J. Toynbee.)

Scythians had slavery. Romans had slavery, crucifiction, etc.

"love of mammon (not just money?) is the root of all evil"

"The Origin of the Species [Evolution] is at the root of man's present attitude to himself and the universe: no one book since the Summa of Thomas Aquinas has made a comparable impact." (- JW Burrow/Penguin/Pelican classics.)
"I don't believe in social darwinsim but in social cooperation which is what is seen in nature" - KB.

Not what people say but what they do/don't do that proves. No one here cares i am forced to eat/drink poison fluoridated water & food every meal of every day.
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