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'We know where Jack the Ripper lived' - experts

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Author Topic: 'We know where Jack the Ripper lived' - experts  (Read 617 times)
senator Bam
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« on: July 16, 2016, 02:43:13 pm »

Well we shall just have to wait and see who/which is proven right or wrong in the future, our MJK or your JK or others suspects. Thats what matters in the end, total proof of who it was.

There are two isues here, our MJK and not just your JK.
I have given my evidences for MJK being JTR in my blog post (and some cons against JK being JTR here). It is up to people to decide for themselves. No one has given any much disproof against our MJK evidences.

Sorry i just do not have the time and health etc to further debate JK (perhaps i shouldn't have posted sorry). Esp now that i am being forced back to poison fluoridated tap water. Esp if you ignore our MJK evidences and only divert us to answering your JK stuff.

I didn't mean that the picture of JK doesn't look like the JTR pictures, i meant that JK doesn't look/feel like JTR to me abit like Josephine Tey wrote about picture of Richard the 3rd. One of the JTR pics you posted looks abit like a sherlock holmes type of detective. Note sure if Jame Kelly wore tie.

No the trail has not grown cold for me.

Its disgusting how the 100 suspects havs had their private/personal lifes splashed all over the world, while other criminals like the water fluoridation poisoners are made out to be good.

How do you know that MJK couldn't have gone to America?

Could James Kelly afford money for Prostitutes?

The few earlier murders before the canonical ones didn't seem very similar or connected to me from reading all the court cases records.

(Sorry this is my last post because i have now been forced back to poison fluoridated water and no one cares, and other attacks/threats against me which i've posted on at (i think you have to replace the nz with your own countries two-letters initials or the with com?))

I may as well post my MJK evidences from my blog here in case anyone not bothered to look at the blog i posted link to.

My evidences for Mary Jane Kelly being Jack the Ripper (canonical murders) from :

-the Mary Jane Kelly (and Eddowes?) is/are the only one of the 11 WC/JTR murders that stands out in various ways. (Also note: Eddowes is also connected with names Jane Kelly and John Kelly and Mary Ann Kelly, and with Dorset St, and with face mutilation.)

-“MJK” was only identified (by Barnett) by ear & eyes.

-the mutilation of the body of “Mary Jane Kelly” victim all seems to fit mutilating/removing all identifiers of body. The clothes were removed, unlike the other JTR/WC murders. Clothes/stuff was burnt, like when destroying evidence? Compare Stewart says the murderess burn ther own clothes in the grate & made her escape wearing Kelly’s clothes.
Compare “crimes ended because of the culprits death”?

-why kill (5/6/7/11) women prostitutes?

-(Saucy) Jacky may indicate a female (like Jackie).

-the language of the postcard/letters/graffitio (“cuss”, “Mister Lusk”, etc) seems like either a lower/working class or a youth or a female. (May also fit with MJK speaking Welsh?)

-MJK always seen with a spotless white apron.

-MJK was “superior to that of most persons in her position in life”, & very “quiet” [often people claim that it is the quiet ones that are the real bad ones (I’m somewhat quiet myself).] “her origins are obscure & undocumented”.

-MJK is the last of the 5 canonical murders.

– the police said the vigilance group’s services were no longer required after the MJK murder, and they removed the extra police at/about same time too. “The great hush after MJK”?

-certain MJK case papers went missing (returned 1987 (anniversary of JTR, compare “a century after the murder Harrison & Paley”))

-Jack could be JK (jane kelly, or john kelly, or jacket)?

-Ripper might possibly connect with Ringer’s? (Kelly & kill?)

-Barnett (also a JTR suspect) gave his evidence very well, like as if maybe he was prepared?

-MJK was seen independently by two people the day after the murder.

-MJK was seen talking with an Jewish man before the murder in a way which seemed like maybe he was going to help her with something big/good (like disappearing) [“you will be alright for what i have told you”, puts right hand on shoulder]. Perhaps also the Juwes and Jewish man have a connection? MJK was a scholar so may have known the Yiddish spelling Juwes?

-AC Doyle suggested a female JTR (“Jill the Ripper”). A woman may have escaped noticed/suspicion because people/witnesses at scene would have naturally been sub/consiously more on lookout for man. Likewise a woman would be more trusted and less suspected by the victims (and cancels strong enough to man-handle?) (maybe lesbian prostitution?). A woman migh have female anatomical knowledge?

-someone else has already proposed MJK [for some same reason/s?] admin’s email “queen mean”?

-every other possibility i have considered falls apart, while this one makes the most sense (though possibly maybe some uncertainty on whether MJK or someone connected with MJK or Eddowes, &/or …). None of the usual suspects (like those listed in wikipedia JTR suspects) quite fits.

-in the American “JTR” murder case notes it was said JTR was still in London.

-women can multi-task unlike men (re expert-like surgical speed).

-MJK said “whatever you do don’t turn out like me”.

-ear deformity?

-seems strange the table behind door in MJK’s room?

-“Sickert stayed in a room that JTR said to have once stayed in”?

-Puck poster has a woman-like person in top right hand corner with a knife?

-she was in whitechapel.

-some forum poster/s said JTR must’ve been in or familiar with Spitalfields (which is where MJK was).
“All the identified victims lived in the heart of the rookery in Spitalfields, including three in George Street (later named Lolesworth Street), two in Dorset Street, two in Flower and Dean Street and one in Thrawl Street.” MJK was in Dorset street, Spitalfields.

– she was an aritist which might connect with adept with a knife and/or with writing in blood etc?

-anatomical/surgical knowledge may fit with MJK being a woman/”an excellent scholar”/artist.

-her father was in the iron works which might connect with very sharp knife?

-JTR was “some independent genius”, MJK was “superior to that of most persons in her position in life”, a scholar and an artist.

– JTR letter said “from Hell”. Compare “Whitechapel was considered to be the most notorious criminal rookery in London. The area around Flower and Dean Street was described as “perhaps the foulest and most dangerous street in the whole metropolis”; Dorset Street was called “the worst street in London”. JTR must have been in WHitechapel area. MJK was in Dorset Street.

(-“The murders drew attention to the poor living conditions in the East End slums….” May indicate that JTR was in whitechapel , and that was a prostitute?)
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