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'We know where Jack the Ripper lived' - experts

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Author Topic: 'We know where Jack the Ripper lived' - experts  (Read 490 times)
Keira Kensington
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« on: July 16, 2016, 02:49:59 am »

James Kelly cons or questions:

- why is he only a modern suspect and not a suspect at the time? (Though it does say they searched his last known residence after the last murder.)

Well, he was a suspect, early and later on in the investigation. Kelly was once considered a suspect by London police, but after only minimal checking at his old residence, they simply gave up, and were never able to find him. With the huge amount of pressure they were under, the case against Kelly went cold…

- what is the evidence that he escaped from UK to USA after the last murder? and the journal that claims he resided in USA? and then came back to London before turning himself back in in 1927? How did he get there and back unnoticed?

 In Britain’s National Maritime Museum, they keep track of every ship that came to the United States. Kelly said he traveled to America aboard an Anglo-German steamer named the Zaandam that sailed from Rotterdam to New York. At the museum, the ship is confirmed, also that it sailed from Rotterdam to New York on October 7, 1890—two years after the last Ripper murder in London (11/88) and months before the April 23, 1891 murder of Carrie Brown in New York. You might be thinking, “How does a ‘wanted man’ get into the United States without detection?” Professor Dan Citrum is an expert in 19th-century immigration and explains how easily it could have been done. Remember this was before Ellis Island was established, so getting in and out of the country was very easy. No drivers licenses, no passports, and no photo id whatsoever.

Richard Jones, owner of Ripper Walking Tours and author of Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London. Jones has spent more than two decades investigating the Whitechapel murders. Jones was asked if any of the serious Ripper suspects had ever traveled to the United States after the death of Mary Kelly. Jones provided him with three names: Severin Klosowski, Francis Tumblety, and James Kelly.

- does the hand writing & fingerprints & language/psychology of the "James Kelly" journal match the JTR letters & wall writing handwriting?

I haven't been able to find Kelly's handwriting sample. Once his Broadmoor file was opened, the profile was said to be a perfect match for Jack the Ripper.

- *stabbed* with a knife in neck is not same as the JTR victims?

Well, that was his first kill, most serial killers get more brutal in time. Kelly wrote of his hatred for prostitutes, state they gave him STDs.

- The "JTR *might* have killed in America": American murders abit different from my vague memory? And they are not in the "canonicial murders".

There are actually twelve non-canonical victims besides Carrie Brown, four of which were killed before August 31. Why arbitrarily choose three?

- the American court case said JTR was still in London.

How would they know since the killings had stopped?

- why no other murders in UK between 1888 & 1927?

The killer actually wrote to the NYPD, before the murder of Carry Brown. His letter is recreated below:

    Capt. Ryan,

    You think that “Jack the Ripper” is in England, but he is not, I am right here and I expect to kill somebody by Thursday next, and so get ready for me with your pistols, but I have a knife that has done more than your pistols. Next thing you will hear of some woman dead.

    Yours truly,

    Jack the Ripper

Did Jack The Ripper Come To New York And Commit Brutal Murders There In 1891

On the morning of April 24th 1891 a woman's body was discovered in a cheap hotel in New York City. The then Chief Inspector of the New York City Thomas Byrnes had said many times in the newspapers that if Jack the Ripper ever showed up in New York he would be caught in just a few days. The woman's body that was found on that April morning had been murdered in a most vicious manner. Her stomach had been cut open and her intestines were thrown around over the bed. And most shocking of all was the fact that some of her female organs were gone. Scrawled on the wall was a message in blood written to Chief Inspector Byrnes. It said " Okay catch me Boss " New York City went into a panic and the newspapers reported that Jack the Ripper had arrived in America.The murdered woman had been a prostitute and she had been seen going to her motel room with a male client at about 10.30 the night before she was found murdered the next morning. People remembered the prostitute was drunk and giggling and the man with her as silent and grim. It was reported the man carried a case much like doctors of the time carried.

Almost at once the New York newspapers had a great time at the expense of Inspector Byrnes pointing out that Byrnes had said he could catch the Ripper in a day or two if he ever made the mistake of showing up in New York City. And though the details of the murdered woman on that April morning were never disclosed to anyone other than that note written in blood on the wall it leaked out quickly that their were many similarities between the woman's murder in New York City and the London White-chapel murders known to have been committed by Jack the Ripper.

Inspectors From Scotland Yard Came To New York City

It is a historical fact that members of London's Scotland Yard came to New York City at least twice in 1891 to examine evidence and a letter the New York Police had to see if they could connect the murders in New York City to the Jack The Ripper murders in London. So they must have thought it was quite possible that Jack The Ripper had traveled to New York City and committed murders in New York City.

Three More Murders In Eleven Days

Over the course of the next eleven days three more brutal murders took place in New York City all with in a few miles of the first murder that took place on April 24th 1891. In all three cases prostitutes were attacked and ripped apart in a brutal fashion. And in all three cases female body parts were cut out of the bodies and taken away. But then the murders stopped. Why? There have been rumors for many years that New York's Chief Police Inspector received a package with a bloody body part in it and a taunting letter saying that Jack the Ripper was moving on to another city because he now knew that Inspector Byrnes was incapable of catching him.

- why wasn't he treated worse when he turned himself back in to the asylum?

Well, he died two years after returning to Broadmoor, so he probably wasn't  treated too well.

In January of 1888, Kelly escaped and just disappeared. At that time a series of stabbings and slashing attacks of women start in London. Three victims: Annie Millwood, (February 25, 1888, stabbed repeatedly, but survived), Ada Wilson, (March 28, 1888, slashed in the throat, but survived), and Martha Tabram, (August 7, 1888, stabbed 23 times, did not survive).

Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum

- why hasn't anyone else like Police confirmed it?

Have they confirmed anyone?

- his picture doesn't look/feel like JTR to me.

1888 witness descriptions of Jack the Ripper (presumably drawn by a different forensic artist), the one above is of a young James Kelly. Any two imaginary portraits will look similar if you add a big mustache and a floppy hat.

- did James Kelly have (women's) anatomical knowledge?

Well, he didn't have to be a doctor, he does have:

 -The expert use of a blade. (yes anyone can cut, but to have strength combined with the precision to cut fast and accurate.)
    -A stesser. His disease combined with the marital problems. For someone with a known past of being "...obviously not right in the head." according to his boss, these stressers resulted in the used of a knife on his wife instead of a piece of furniture. Possibly feeling a sense of relief, his need to fulfill that feeling could consume his already warped brain.
    -Mix of alcohol, his state-of-mind and need to lash out at those who "wronged him". Being called a schizophrenic in the late 1800's England doesn't mean he would fit that criteria now. What ever his mental state was, without any medication that we use today he was knowledgeable enough to make the key to escape and survive without being caught.
    -The kidney - Anyone who enjoyed that for dinner would have spent time at a butchers watching them work. Without medical knowledge it wouldn't take much to know what the kidney looks like and where in the human body it is found.

- his asylum papers haven't been released yet.

I get the feeling they would show the asylum, and the police in a bad light, then, too, at this point, no one really seems to want the murders solved. In a similar respect, the National Archives refuses to release info on the Kennedy Assassination until 2027 or something like that.

- All our evidences for MJK. (Or others claimed evidence for Kosminsky.)
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