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'We know where Jack the Ripper lived' - experts

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Author Topic: 'We know where Jack the Ripper lived' - experts  (Read 524 times)
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« on: July 15, 2016, 09:08:48 am »

Well i could be wrong but i don't think so yet. Unfortunately I don't really have the time and health and situation to re-research and post the pros and cons for James Kelly. From what i recall the strength and savagery and pverpowering may be somewhat negated by if it was a woman, and not all the canonical cases necessarily require strength. (Incidentally some feminist works give examples of the Dionysian women overpowering men.) Unnoticed and "average"/"anonymous" also can fit a woman. I have heard of aqua tofana re women. (I wonder if the water fluoridationist poisoners are "women" (or Babylon of Revelation) then....) I'm not sure about the sketches in the paper, i can't remember what i read/saw about them, possibly i thought that they were just imagined by artist but from what you write it sounds like they may have been from "witnesses". Anyone that looks at JTR or any other mystery has to consider all candidates (though it may not be possible to write disproofs against so many rival theories), and anyone that looks at JTR has to read the 200 pages canonical court cases (which i think i found via the casebook forum?)

start of a list

James Kelly pros
- initials JK can be JacK.
- escaped just before canonical murders.
- supposedly escaped to America after the last canonical murder.
- first identified in 1987 almost exactly 100 yrs after 1888. Missing MJK case papers returned in 1987.
- police searched his last known residence in Nov 88 after the last of the canonical murders.
- "killed his wife in brutal manner" with a knife "cutting her throat"
- males rather than females have strength & savagery & overpower.
- he had been a furniture upholsterer which entails strength and large knife.
- he supposedly wrote of his disapproval of prostitutes.
- he supposedly wrote he was on "warpath"
- clever escaping with a self-made key.
- was "insane"/"madman" in an asylum.

James Kelly pro or con:
- it seems suspicious coincidence to me that James Kelly and Mary Jane Kelly and Jane Kelly and John Kelly and Mary Ann Kelly have same surname.
- why did the police say the vigilance group’s services were no longer required after the MJK murder, and they removed the extra police at/about same time too (“the great hush after MJK”)?  (They didn't know JK had supposedly gone to USA? They searched his last known residence after the last canonical murder and didn't find him or know where he was.) (I have to check the dates of the former, the latter was Nov 88.)

James Kelly cons or questions:
- "the trail has grown so cold" "hard for anyone to ascertain the exact truth".
- why is he only a modern suspect and not a suspect at the time? (Though it does say they searched his last known residence after the last murder.)
- what is the evidence that he escaped from UK to USA after the last murder? and the journal that claims he resided in USA? and then came back to London before turning himself back in in 1927? How did he get there and back unnoticed?
- does the hand writing & fingerprints & language/psychology of the "James Kelly" journal match the JTR letters & wall writing handwriting?
- *stabbed* with a knife in neck is not same as the JTR victims?
- The "JTR *might* have killed in America": American murders abit different from my vague memory? And they are not in the "canonicial murders".
- the American court case said JTR was still in London.
- the documents sound abit possibly spurious/dubious origins. "Supposedly the documents i purchased...."
- "i do not know if the woman in the photo was the wife he killed" sounds pretty weak to me.
- why no other murders in UK between 1888 & 1927?
- why wasn't he treated worse when he turned himself back in to the asylum?
- can he be proven to live in the Flower & Dean streets "hell" area of London?
- I don't see evidence that Sickert knew and stayed in the same room as "JTR" "~ James Kelly"?
- the "cleaned up" and "as is widely reported" secrecy theory doesn't seem convincing to me, i don't see any reason why except "to keep the more butal details" from people.
- i don't see what James Kelly has to do with Juwes?
- i will have to re-read the JTR  letters to re-see what pros/cons for JK.
- they are just picking on "insane"/"madman" people. JTR doesn't have to have been classically insane/mad?
- why hasn't anyone else like Police confirmed it?
- his picture doesn't look/feel like JTR to me.
- the Puck poster picture looked woman-like to me not like a man?
- did James Kelly have (women's) anatomical knowledge?
(- NYP, USA fluoridates it water which effects peoples abilities.)
- his asylum papers haven't been released yet.
- All our evidences for MJK. (Or others claimed evidence for Kosminsky.)
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