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News: Site provides evidence for ancient comet explosion
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The creation story - a 6000-year-old earth Or the aftermath of a comet impact?

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Author Topic: The creation story - a 6000-year-old earth Or the aftermath of a comet impact?  (Read 992 times)
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« on: September 22, 2015, 11:29:48 am »

The creation story - a 6000-year-old earth
Or the aftermath of a comet impact?

The creation story is not unique to the Old Testament - several similar stories exist in other cultures. Those who believe the biblical version must necessarily also believe that the earth is very young - merely thousands of years old. However, the description of the creation of the world, darkness that eventually cleared and a flooded earth from which the waters receded and life that began to emerge, closely matches the biblical flood of Noah.

In my opinion, and others have come to the same conclusion, the Noah story came before the creation story - in other words, an ancient civilization existed that realized that the earth would be hit by a comet. The safest place to be at the time of the impact would have been in ships on the open sea, where the ships could ride out the gigantic swell caused by the impact. The impact caused the Great Flood, which nearly wiped out human life on the planet, but some did survive. The impact and associated earthquakes would have resulted in sunlight being blocked from the earth until the dust began to settle, and the flood waters would likewise have begun to recede, leaving a very muddy earth behind.

Is this not a more realistic interpretation of these biblical legends?

Would not a civilization so advanced you make it out to be---to be able to forecast the comet to hit the earth, and not only, but to also localize it as hitting water, and perhaps even a particular localized place on the water, and the degree of effects and consequences of the impact--would have also a technology so advanced as to have the capability of space travel/orbit? Therefore to select ships of the air rather than land/sea, as being the safest place? Think of NASA as we are today. We have catalogized all sorts of asteroids and comets, and their orbits and trajectories, and we also have space flight capabilities, besides scientific data and knowledge as to the aftermath of such a world wide catastrophe. Now to me this sounds more plausible, logically speaking. One goes with other.
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