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July 05, 2020, 12:32:07 pm
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Science will never find Atlantis

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Author Topic: Science will never find Atlantis  (Read 1239 times)
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« on: September 14, 2015, 03:25:55 pm »

why would i read all this? do you believe i can learn from it?

please tell all of us who wrote about the pillars of heracles before pindar. you say there was someone but you don't bother to tell us who. how can one learn from this?

its a poor intellect that doesn't follow the first best lead and until you prove otherwise pindar still owns this title.

ps i did say the junction of sava and danube [springs of ister]. that is the middle danube basin where was okeanos [pelagos of atlas]. i get the impression you think i mean the black sea area. you do know what a pelagos was at the time of plato i hope. no more wiki based scholarship please. if you can't use it as a reference in university it shouldn't be an acceptable source in any serious conversation.

pps herodotus also mentions the pillars of heracles up the danube but struggles with the story because he had no idea a pelagos had filled the midde danube basin [okeanos]. thats 2 sources.

In "darkness" I found most here, and in darkness I leave you all. Plato's Atlantis in nowhere here, only fantasy. And how can Plato make those ambitious donkeys understand that their "long ears" does not make them belong to that better and nobler portion of their family, horses, especially when the donkeys are also deaf, dumb, and blind?  This site needs the Who's "Pinball Wizard" to play your game, and find Atlantis for you, as he does not hear any buzzes, bells" and "whistles, sees no lights flashing, and no "circles" either, but uses only his intuition and sense of smell. The Who will also tell you it's an "Eminence Front," and "I Can See for Miles." I see a lot of smoke on this site, but no fire. But in keeping with honesty, I have to admit that I did find traces of those bulls that were caught with nooses (logic) only, but only their "droppings." And that due to the great quantity and wide spread of this "fertilizer," I could not help "stepping" on it. Grasp the truth as a whole, and in the right way; you will then have no difficulty in apprehending the preceding remarks, and they will no longer appear strange to you. Seek out the others here of your kind, and measure who has the longest ones. I see, all too well, that there are no philosophers here, only kindergarten sophists and great braggers, mostly, save a few.

So long all you seekers and "experts," and like children, have fun in your playground of Atlantis. But, please, do be careful when the water starts to get over your heads in your search, as you are liable to drown in a sea of words.

In Latin "Etruscan" dialect I make my goodbyes to those that can understand it; veni, vidi, vinci......but only a lollipop, though. And this lollipop I leave here, as a winning "price" to you, the victor. Oh great and wonderful rival. The laws of song and the hurrying hours prevent me from telling a long story, especially since you will not read it, and I am drawn, by a magic charm on my heart, to touch on the new-moon festival. Nevertheless, although the deep salt sea holds you around the middle, strain against treacherous plots. We will be seen arriving in the light far above our enemies. But another man with another idea on the location of the Pillars, with an envious glance, broods in the darkness over an empty thought that falls to the ground. As for me, I know that whatever excellence ruling destiny gave me, time will creep forward and bring it to its appointed perfection. I will now retire to my observation post and watch you all Kick, Bite, and Bray, as you have done all along, long before I put in my two cents.
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