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Science will never find Atlantis

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Author Topic: Science will never find Atlantis  (Read 1241 times)
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« on: September 12, 2015, 12:36:27 pm »

The Pillars of Heracles were know to the Greeks, and therefore also to Plato, as the modern day location of Gibraltar. Aristotle, one of Plato's intimate disciples, and a pupil of the Academy for 20 years during Plato's lifetime, clearly, and without a doubt indicates, in his Meteorologica, that the pillars were this very location, the narrow mouth dividing the Med from the Atlantic. And in this work of Aristotle, one also can see the knowledge of geography that the Greeks of those times had, which also, clearly shows their specific knowledge of the outer ocean, the Atlantic.

its not good for an expert or anyone with an interest not to know what the person who introduced the term "pillars of heracles" says. he was greek.

Olympian 3
For Theron of Acragas Chariot Race 476 B. C.

I pray that I may be pleasing to the hospitable sons of Tyndareus and to Helen of the beautiful hair while I honor renowned Acragas by raising my song in praise of Theron's victory at Olympia, won by the choicest of horses with untiring feet. With this in view the Muse stood beside me when I found a shining new manner of fitting the splendid voice of the victory procession to the Dorian sandal. For the garlands twined around his hair exact from me this sacred debt, to blend harmoniously for the son of Aenesidamus the embroidered song of the lyre and the cry of the flutes with the arrangement of words, and Pisa bids me to raise my voice—Pisa, from which god-fated songs come often to men, for anyone over whose brow the strict Aetolian judge of the Greeks tosses up around his hair the gray-green adornment of olive leaves, fulfilling the ancient behests of Heracles; the olive which once the son of Amphitryon brought from the shady springs of the Danube, to be the most beautiful memorial of the Olympian contests, when he had persuaded the Hyperborean people, the servants of Apollo, with speech. With trustworthy intentions he was entreating them for a shady plant, to be shared by all men and to be a garland of excellence in the grove of Zeus which is hospitable to all. For already the altars had been consecrated to his father, and in mid-month the full evening's eye shone brightly, the Moon on her golden chariot, and he had established the consecrated trial of the great games along with the four years' festival beside the sacred banks of the Alpheus. But Pelops' sacred ground was not flourishing with beautiful trees in the valleys below the hill of Cronus. He saw that this garden, bare of trees, was exposed to the piercing rays of the sun. And so his spirit prompted him to travel to the land of the Danube, where the horse-driving daughter of Leto had received him when he came from the mountain-glens and deep, winding valleys of Arcadia; through the commands of Eurystheus, compulsion from his father urged him on the quest of the doe with the golden horns, which once Ta˙gete had inscribed as a sacred dedication to Artemis who sets things right. Pursuing that doe he had also seen that land beyond the cold blasts of Boreas; there he had stood and marvelled at the trees, and sweet desire for them possessed him, to plant them around the boundary-line of the horse-racing ground with its twelve courses. And now in his kindness he comes regularly to this festival of ours, together with the godlike twin sons of deep-waisted Leda. For Heracles, when he ascended to Olympus, assigned to them the ordering of the marvellous contest of men, the contest in excellence and in the driving of swift chariots. And so my spirit somehow urges me to say that glory has come to the Emmenidae and to Theron through the dispensation of the sons of Tyndareus with their fine horses, because that family comes to them with the most hospitable feasting-tables of any mortal men, observing the rites of the blessed gods with pious thoughts. If water is best and gold is the most honored of all possessions, so now Theron reaches the farthest point by his own native excellence; he touches the pillars of Heracles. Beyond that the wise cannot set foot; nor can the unskilled set foot beyond that. I will not pursue it; I would be a fool.

which means there should be a pelagos [of atlas] at the junction of the danube and sava at 10kbc.... and there was


as plato says its a nesos mostly fashioned by nature but helped by the hand of man

the pelagos drained away and became unnavigatable


the coffer [or the pen of geryon at gadiera...vara of yima etc]...,21.0232746,4703m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

see how it blocked the advance of the early holocene sands

amazing accuracy

see how it cuts the outside wall of the kikkar [dotted arc]

recent archaeological discoveries can pintpoint who took this story [of yima and the vara] to egypt etc and when.

its all good fun and fascination if you have no agenda but the truth.


So your true nature comes through. You must be an angler of man, that you put forth your hook and bait, intending to catch a mighty prey; an expert of Atlantis? Well, I'm afraid that if you think me a big fish, or caught by your well disguised deception, adorned with a cry for help, think again, as I used Aristotle's very own mouth to bite your hook. You will have to take up your admonishment directly with him, if Aristotle did not know, who or when, the very first mention of the pillars was uttered or written. But perhaps you are premature, as you cannot convince many of the real “experts” on this site, as to your idea of the location of the pillars.

By Zeus and Apollo, I have to admire your surpassing brevity on how you have proven my ignorance, though. And how has your rhetoric convinced me, only those gods know. Am I to understand that about which you speak? I'm glad to hear it, as Pindar was often quoted by Socrates, but how is your rhetoric relative to a “scientific” proof of Plato's Atlantis? Tell me, Para, are you serious, or in jest? What you say seems to be very strange, and not at all conditioned by many of Plato's words. Are you not a regular declaimer, and running riot in the argument? Perhaps I was too modest with you, which led to my being entangled by you in this apparent trap you laid down. You sound like some of the parrots that perch around this site. Shame on you, as you knew all along the answer to the question you posed. Don't you know that dishonesty is shameful and unjust? Law is the king of all, of mortals as well as immortals; makes might to the right, doing violence with the highest hand; as I infer from the deeds of Heracles, for without buying them, nor having received them freely, he carried off the oxen of Geryon. Are you, likewise, trying to carry away the palm? Neither here, nor in a court of justice could you state a case, or give a reason of proof, nor offer valiant counsel on another's behalf. What you have provided, of what value is it? Your ideas are exactly that which converts a man/woman of sense into a fool. Take my advice and refute no more, but do learn the philosophy of this business of Atlantis, and acquire the reputation of wisdom, and leave to others their pet projects and thesis of the whereabouts of our dear departed Atlantis. I am not surprised at my own incapacity to give a plausible account of my own. But to me, the wonder is rather that the poets of the past are no better at being the source for this subject, and everyone will notice that the poets are just a tribe of imitators, and these things are past their capacity, which they cannot adequately represent in truth, as they add deities, poetry, drama, speculations, and their vivid imagination, to turn and twist things for their fancy.

Surely you are not trying to sell another perspective and location for Atlantis, are you? Or are you just searching for past glory for that obscure region of your native roots?  But I'm afraid that if we continue with your argument and story, the Egyptian priests will have turned out to be just mere story tellers, and not at all blessed with prophetic powers, and truth. Nikas has already made the priests ignorant of Sicily and Malta, although they, according to his thesis, were fluent and knowing with the Etruscan language and civilization.

What do mean to teach us with your presentation of, yet, more Google images? In accordance with the wishes of this site, do you think that you have provided overwhelming proof and have great powers of persuasion over us? Where does your account stand in placement with some of the other more imaginative suppositions and outlandish claims? It seems that you are wanting us to believe that you too have claimed the price. Is this idea of yours an original one, or is there someone before you? When was the first scientific corroboration to Pindar's identification of the pillars as being in your neck of the woods? But I'm afraid that your reference, Pindar, may not really be a good witness for scientific purposes, but good only in appearance.

Pindar, who was he? Was he not just another poet that did not fare well with Plato and Socrates? Nevertheless, lose not hope for your cause, as hope cherishes the soul of him who lives in justice and holiness, and is the nurse of his age and the companion of his journey; hope which is mightiest to sway the restless sole of man. Hope is last to die!

Let the real exerts here make sport with you. Nikas perhaps, will cherish a round or two with you on the location of the pillars. He also claims to be an expert in Greek and many other languages, and he claims to be a scientist of sort, and he too uses Google images as backing evidence of his Atlantis. See his posts on his having found the pillars near Malta, in the Med.

Peace to you too, my friend!
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