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Plato's Geo/vulcanology of ATHE as Aden in Yemen(was a good name=mud-Satire ? )

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Author Topic: Plato's Geo/vulcanology of ATHE as Aden in Yemen(was a good name=mud-Satire ? )  (Read 118 times)
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Blue-Hue? is he Just Blind, or a One-eyed 'king' ?

« on: April 11, 2015, 09:22:03 am »

PLATE used a phrase to describe the Typhoon
that had hit 'Atlantis' as Torrents from Heaven & torrents from undernieve

in modern times meteorologists would name that an 'athmospheric 'river.

We still don't fathom what caused the Atlantis disaster.

Plato mentions Zeus who sent his Nemesis a girl named ' Pandora'

The king of Atlantis Epimetheus fell for her but Prometheus did not

others have allready surmised that these socalkled 'Kings of Atlantis were

PLATO's contemporaty City-generals named NICIAS & ALCIBIADES

moreover the antagonists in the Atlantis-Dialogues seem to've been

the very combattants from the lost Sicillian-Raid-on Syracuse dd 415-413 bc

Thus PLATO simply used an old( known-)Myth to emphazise Athens

political strives (with Persia as'Atlantis')after the Navigation Treaty of 420 bc

I have brought-up this findings a douzen times in another topic but

except " JULIA "&  "Atalante"nobody saw THAT Elephant-in-the-Room'.

'Bianca' wanted a written proof as PROOF of this Elephant but declined

acknowledgement for the Elephant in the Room name;'Elephas Maximus-Assyrus"

So in this new Topic I will not digress in various geological stratums to

Proof that "Atlantis"City Poseida(= Poseidon as in Ras-Aidan.)

was a petrified Mud-Volcano in Ras Aden Yemen rep.

People simply don't take time to read geological gibberish.

My aim as spell-breaker is to proove withoput original documents

that'Atlantis'was in Araby and NOT in America,

My evidence was not accepted in previous topics BECAUSE

the lame reason that The America's were Atlantis simply while

It is situated along the Atlantic-Ocean( overlooking that


As late as 1647 on the US-MAP of Pensylvania (a Coastal colony!)


Mare - Oceanum - Britannicum and thus NOT 'Atlantic '-Ocean.

Why not?  BECAUSE the original SPANISH NAME was Oceanum Hispagnol

Only when the Dutch made a peace-treaty with Spain, dd 1648 at MÜnster

The spanish Sea name was changed to : Atlantic-Ocean maybe the BOOK

of BACON dd 1620 has something to do with that name-change ?!

Atlantic Ocean as a geolocal 'EVIDENCE'of 'Atlantis Location

You understand that it is very frustrating and demotivating to be

constanly told and reminded of, that one is a ' nitwit '

not knowing that the 'ATLANTIC ocean is in 'America'

Originallky Mister Master-Pilot COLUMBUS named 'Amereica'

NEW - India,

So neihter 'America' or '; Atlantic-Ocean existed as n original toponym

In practice my discovery of 'Atlantis 'in Aden/Yemen

is still seen as the most unlikely Location solution thus the 11th theory!

in 2008 SCI-Fi Tv launced 10 scientific documentaries

on 10 most likely'scientificf'Locations for 'Atlantis'

Not ONE mentioned that in the KORAN "Atlantis' is named 'Ad-Land'

So the whole mystery about Atlantis comes down to

Media-shortage or "Not( wanting to be) seeing the Elephant in the room"

The name of the Elephant in the Room is: "Elephas - Maximus - Assyrus "
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Atlantis in,"historical-Perspective"

This Egyptian,INDIAN-Ocean trade-Empire was
ruled by-CEO-Queen Tiy

PLATO wrote (GREEK!)" ATHE " Now,Aden= Solomon's/OFIR, in Herodotus-Araby-Map

ATLANTIS-Dialogue=Satire,on Athens-Trade boycott(of Darius2,413bc)

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