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Jack The Ripper In America. Did Jack The Ripper Visit The United States?

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Author Topic: Jack The Ripper In America. Did Jack The Ripper Visit The United States?  (Read 1876 times)
Keira Kensington
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« Reply #30 on: April 05, 2015, 05:46:22 pm »

If, for example, Kelly believed the mission from god was one to rid the world of prostitutes for example, which isn't out of the question given the circumstances which led him to be where he was, then the fact he was certainly saved would only confirm for himself that he was indeed on a mission and quite literally had to carry it out. There was one problem though... he was in prison. Thus, he worked up a plan to escape along with the help of prison inmate George Stratton.

On the 23rd of January, 1888, months before the ripper murders first began, Kelly and Stratton head off together seemingly for band practice as both were involved with the asylum band at the time, and both had their instruments with them, however in the months leading up to the escape they both fashioned themselves a set of keys which they would use for the daring escape, I believe spending months on it.. as the story goes anyway.

Stratton locks up after him and keeps the keys to make his own escape at a later date. Kelly then climbs the six foot wall of the prison garden to freedom. His escape is not noticed until the inmates are called for bed at 7.30. An anonymous note in Kelly's Broadmoor file indicates that John Merritt was also seen in the neighbourhood of Broadmoor on the day of the escape which may suggest that he helped him escape somehow.
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Rising Against

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 08:09 AM
-- The Return of Kelly and the "End of Life Confession"...

Little is actually known about the exact whereabouts of Kelly in the aftermath of his rather dramatic escape from Broadmoor asylum in 1888. This makes is that little bit more difficult to determine, conclusively that is, whether he could've even been in London at the time of the killings which if he was gives this theory much more creditably, In my opinion. It does seem however that he did at least travel there at some point after his escape though, as well as staying for a while.

At the very least we know for a fact that shortly after the murders first began in Whitechapel Sarah's parents, Sarah the murdered wife of Kelly remember, had their home raided by police and they were subsequently questioned about the possible whereabouts of Kelly and I believe their residence was also searched for clues.

So we know for an absolute fact that the idea of James Kelly being behind the murders thus was also the infamous Jack the Ripper was at the very least seriously considered by those in the police force who were desperately looking for him at the time.

How can we determine where Kelly may have been however? Well, after making a disappearance in 1888, little is known about what he did, where he went and so on. Despite there being a relatively well known and large man hunt for him, which is where he originally "gained his fame", but all to no avail of course. That is until 1927 where he quite literally turned up on the doorsteps of Broadmoor asylum and all apparently of his own free will.

An old, frail, dying man.. but a man alive still. And still capable of giving something of a confession to explain his whereabouts all those years.

In this "confession", nothing is ever 'admitted' It would seem, but even so I personally believe, as do some other researchers from what I've read, that Kelly was dropping some pretty serious hints which may tie him to the Ripper case. For example In the "End of life confession", Kelly himself claims that, and in his own words remember, “I have been on the warpath since I left Broadmoor.” Of course this once again is going from what I've read and from what I've seen in various documentaries - So It's unclear exactly what context this is used in unfortunately.

[removed at member request]

He also supposedly says in his letter that he had problems with society such as “all kinds of skank”, not forgetting he claimed in 1888 that he would be saved from death with the help of God, this after being handed a death sentence for murdering his first wife, and that he was given a "mission" - of course I'm making nothing but assumptions here but It's possible he believe his mission was to literally rid the world of this, as he called it, "Skank."

This I believe potentially backed up by his actions in America which I've explained in the next section of this thread... he was literally going from place to place, perhaps "cleansing" them in his own deranged eyes.

Well I theorize that due to his mental instability, his own claim of being on a warpath, and his obvious dislike of prostitutes, It's becoming clearer that he should at the very least be seen as a major suspect for the original Jack the Ripper, someone who has yet to be revealed even well over 100 years after the murders first occurred. At the very least Kelly, as a suspect, should be considered much more than he already is.

Anyway, the murders around Whitechapel seemingly came to a stop after the death of Mary Kelly, for whatever reason. However, this may have been the end of the killing spree in London, yes, but even so the killings may have continued..

- Return of the Ripper -


The Rippers Possible Infiltration of America

Whether James Kelly really is Jack the Ripper, I don't know, there is after all well over 200 different suspects in this case, some others fitting the profile almost perfectly. Fortunately though this thread is not a discussion of those but instead a discussion solely on Kelly.

In regards to the Ripper, well, nobody knows for sure who the name of this murderous character really is, all we can do unfortunately is speculate. Either way, it would seem that his murderous rampage around Whitechapel would come to a stop late on in 1888.. but as was mentioned, this doesn't seem to be where the killings from this man stopped still.

They may have continued in America of all places, more famously to a woman by the name of Carrie Brown in New York...
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