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Jack The Ripper In America. Did Jack The Ripper Visit The United States?

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Author Topic: Jack The Ripper In America. Did Jack The Ripper Visit The United States?  (Read 1723 times)
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« Reply #30 on: April 05, 2015, 05:37:03 pm »

    Monday June 18th 1883 - Sarah's birthday. Filled with remorse at his outburst of the night before Kelly resolves to take her out on their return from work. Kelly waits for her but she does not return until 9 o'clock, over an hour later than usual. Ignoring Kelly she goes into the parlour and tells her mother she is unwell. Kelly runs into the parlour and drags Sarah into the kitchen screaming abuse at her. Then he pulls a carving knife from a kitchen drawer and threatens to stab her unless she tells him where she has been. She claims to have gone to get some quinine to help him with his problems. Kelly calms down instantly and collapses in a chair crying.

    Thursday June 21st 1883 - Sarah returns home from work at around 8pm and says she is going back out to meet Kelly. An hour later he appears without her. Mrs Brider asks where she is and he tells her that he saw her on the other side of the road and did not cross to her. Then he snaps at her that no woman will ever master him and he goes out again.

Kelly was becoming much worse as of late, falling into fits of rage much more often and far too easily. Upon an incident where Sarah breaks away from Kelly seemingly after an argument she runs to her room and locks herself inside to escape him, this resulting in him once again falling into a fit of rage and pure anger eventually breaking down the door to get to her. She says she no longer wants to live him and she no longer wants to see him again which then causes Kelly to once again break down in tears and beg her for forgiveness.

After she refuses to forgive him however his anger returns, this time though he grabs her, throws her to the floor and pulls out a pocket knife he had in his possession and he begins to stab her in the neck. It's said It was like he was trying to burrow into her with his knife and even his own hands, almost like an animal.

He throws Sarah's mother across the room, as she obviously saw what happened and attempted to stop him attacking her daughter, and instead of trying to make an escape, he runs to his room and locks himself in, presumably bursting into a state of tears like before.

The police, as well as a doctor, arrived shortly afterwards and Kelly was immediately arrested for what he had done. Sarah however was taken to a nearby hospital but she went onto die from her injuries around 3 days later, Kelly at the time still begging for forgiveness through letters. He was originally charged with attempted murder but with Sarah's death this changed to murder and Kelly now faced the death penalty in August of that year. At the same time he still didn't seem to quite understand what he had done wrong..

-- His Imprisonment and Eventual Escape From Broadmoor Asylum...

    Kelly’s behavior exhibited such insanity that it is not hard to believe him as the Ripper himself. On the morning of June 22, 1883, Kelly was charged with attempted murder. The charge was later changed to murder when Sarah died at half past ten on June 24. Kelly did not believe he would be sentenced to death because he believed that God had a mission for him (Casebook). This mission could possibly be to rid London of the women he thought so little of throughout his whole life. He was set to be executed on August 20, 1883 but on the 17th he was reprieved and was sent to Broadmoor Asylum (Eddleston 217). He started out on Block four of the asylum with the suicidal and quite mad. Kelly did not respond to treatment and felt that he had done nothing wrong, further showing his insanity and lack of remorse for his actions. He kept to himself and was considered a quiet young man with signs of religious mania (Tully 52). His lack of contact with woman was the likely reason for his somewhat good behaviour in the asylum because women were the spark that ignited his insanity.


Kelly was charged with murder on the 25th of June, 1883, and was sentenced to Broadmoor prison, as was highlighted above, the disease he believed he had received from the work of prostitution ending up causing him to argue insanely with Sarah which then resulted in her death and his own imprisonment - It's possible this was the reasoning behind Kelly's murderous spree and war against Prostitutes later on in life, assuming Kelly really is Jack the ripper of course.

As the above source also highlighted, it appears that while serving time in Broadmoor, Kelly was a model prisoner, particularly with the lack of women around him. He was sentenced to hang on the 20 of August, something that didn't seem to concern him as he believed he was on a "mission from god" and would be saved from death - which of course did occur as on the 7th of August, 13 days before he is set to hang, Dr W. Orange, superintendent of Broadmoor, conducts an examination and concludes that Kelly is legally insane, or to be specific a "Paranoid Schizophrenic."

His life was spared. He was then moved to Broadmoor asylum, while he was here he once again was not bothered by any women and thus became something of a role model prisoner. Even being handed a violin and making his way to play in the prisons Asylum band.
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