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April 06, 2020, 09:21:04 am
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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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Narrowing-down where Atlantis is/not

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Author Topic: Narrowing-down where Atlantis is/not  (Read 1213 times)
senator Bam
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« on: February 09, 2015, 10:57:39 pm »

Alright we found a solution:

In the contents list (below) of all the Atlantis-details narrowing-down sections that are in the 3 posts on the narrowing-down above:

The numbers are the original Milos conference 24 points & Allen's extra 10 points (total 34 points) and order/numbering.

The numerals are the Milos 24 pts & Allen's extra 10+16 pts (total 50 pts) and order/numbering.

(We haven't put the numerals in the 3 posts Atlantis-details sections headers yet.)

contents of the 3 narrowing-down posts above:

 -- the 1st post/part's sections: --
real or fiction?
west or east?
south or north? (10, xlix)
continent or island? (1/4/24/25, i/iii)
atlantic or indian/pacific? (3, iii)
america or europe/asia/africa/antartica?
"sank" or sank? (1/17-19/22/24, i/xxxix-xli/xlv-xlvii)
muddy sea: where? (1/22, i/xliii)
elephants america or asia/africa? (12, xxxv)
900 yrs or 9000 yrs? (23, xliv)
pillars: gibraltar or messena/dardanelles? (3, ii)
atlantic/ocean or mediterranean/sea? (3, iii)
far or near? (3/14/20-21, xlii)
king one of oldest atlanteans: where?
(near) the sea: where? (9)
large plain: where? (9/11/26-29, xvii/xviii/xix/xxii-xxv/xxx)
orichalc: where? (6/8/31/32, viii-xi/xiii/xiv/xvi)
high/mountains: where? (9/27, xix-xxi/xxx)
atlas motif: where? (9/27)
mountains on sea side: where? (9/27, xx)
plain in middle of long/sea side: where? (9/26, xvii/xxv)
kirchir map: where?
volcanic/quakes: where? (2/6/7/18/19/24)
concentric circles city: where? (1/2/5/24, i/v/xlv)
small/low hill: where? (5, iv)
temple/palace: where? (5/8, xiii/xvi)
half a mile central island/city: where? (2/5/24, xxvi)
9 km city to sea: where? (5, iv)
name atlantis: where? (34, L)
own script: where? (8, xvi)
bulls/sacrifice: where? (15, xxxviii)
civilisation/culture: where? ( 8 )
2 crops a year: where? (29, xxxii)
boats: where? (8/13/21, xvi/xxxiii/xxxvi/xlii)
 -- the 2nd post/part's sections: --
cliff/s: where? (xx)
war with athens: where? (20)
red, white & black: where? (7/24, xv/xlviii)
large population/army: where? (8/13, xxxvi)
blue robes: where?
5x2 sons/10 kings: where? (33, xxxi)
cisterns: where? (vii)
horses/chariots: where? (13, xxxvi)
many species of animals: where? (12, xxxiv)
 -- the 3rd/last post/part section: --
hot springs: where? (6/24, vi/vii/xlviii)
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