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Narrowing-down where Atlantis is/not

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Author Topic: Narrowing-down where Atlantis is/not  (Read 1212 times)
senator Bam
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« on: February 09, 2015, 06:32:09 pm »

After this new springs one I can't do anymore sorry, i have to stop spending any/so much time on the computer because it seems to make the Hell clicking in my throat everytime i swallow unbearably worse (aside from the only having dialup, only access to free sources, and that spending too much time on computer messes up my timetable re other things i need/want to do).

Please note the additions to these sections of the updated last 3 Atlantis-details narrowing-down posts:
concentric circles city (esp the name meaning "stone in the centre"!),
'red white & black',
2 crops a year,
10 kings,
hot springs.

Before the springs one, just first a few additions i haven't inserted into the previous two parts/posts:
Angkor Wat maybe has similar size and surrounding water canals network , but that area doesn't fit major details of the Account.
Pueblo Bonito has cliffs & semi-concentric circles city, but Atlantis doesn't otherwise match there. (It just indicates some sort of connection between the peoples/cultures.)
Tenochtitlan in lake/"surrounded by water" is/was abit similar to the city-island of Atlantis in the Account, but we can't fit major details of the Atlantis there or in Mexico.

Now the another additional Atlantis-details narrowing-down section:

* (6. 24.) (hot (& cold)) spring(s)?
Atlantis royal-island capital-city had 2 springs, 1 hot and 1 cold, and they loved a hot bath.
Hot springs are a feature of fault lines of the world.
Wikipedia has list/s of major hot &/or cold springs of the world. (Some of the places other than our South America inlcude: disko isl Greenland, champagne/boiling lake dominica, elPandeno Mexico, rincondelavieja costarica, Deception isl Antarctica.)
However, many places are ruled out by the (combination of) major details of the Account (large size, direction, great plain, mountains, etc).
The Persian Gulf has/had spring/s, but Atlantis can not be there (not fit size, direction, etc).
Athens only had one not two springs in the same Atlantis Account.
UK has geothermal at Southampton (matching the baths of Badon of the 'Wonders of Britain'), but Atlantis isn't & can't be there.
Mid-atlantic has/had some hot springs but Atlantis can't be found there and/or it doesn't match with some major details of the Account like large size, etc.
USA has alot of springs places/names in maps, but  Atlantis doesn't fit there (re combination of plain, mountains, etc).
South America, & Peru have hot springs.
Peru is renowned for hot springs. Examples of hot/cold springs/fountains in Peru/Bolivia include: Putina hot springs; hotsprings chivay / chivay thermal baths; hotsprings of Ayacucho, Cajamarca, colca lodge, near macchu picchu/aguas calientes, Atacama; Tambomachay aqueducts/bath/spa? Medicinal underground waters Arica?  [Arica "eternal spring"?] medicinal/curative fountain of youth Carhuaz? baths/water fountains Pisac? 'Fountain of the incas' / sacred fountain Posada del Inca/Island of the Sun?
Tiahuanaco itself had "several springs some of
which show vestiges of having been enclosed
and provided with conduits of cut stone in ancient times".
Other places in nearby areas &/or elsewhere in our South America with hot/cold springs include: Tulcan ecuador &/or salinas ecuador, "275 in chile" (including largest Liquine, 7 lakes, atacama, puyehue lake), Rio Hondo & cacheuta Argentina;

ps I think we have answered Atlantipedia's criticism of us/our thesis as being "very flawed"/"major error"/"no evidence"/"not explain"/"daft"/"untenable"/"laughable", and others implications of "(geologically) impossible"/"pseudo". And hopefully this new version is not so "tough going".

edit post: sorry/darn, i can't quit until i have done this one extra thing:

I've just found out that i have to redo all the 24 Milos conference checklist + Allen's added 10 points (total 34 points) ref numbers that we added to the start of our sections headers here, because Jim Allen added a further 16 pts and he also re-ordered/re-numbered the earlier 34 pts! Or else i will have to just (detect/pick-out and then) asign my own numbers to the extra 16 points (and then post a list of the extra 16 numbers to show my numbers).

34 (24+10) pts & original numbering:

50 pts (34 + 16, & renumbered):
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