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January 17, 2020, 05:01:44 pm
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News: Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis
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Narrowing-down where Atlantis is/not

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Author Topic: Narrowing-down where Atlantis is/not  (Read 1135 times)
senator Bam
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« on: February 09, 2015, 05:05:11 am »

Here are some more added Atlantis-details narrowing-down sections. Still a few we haven't added yet (hot springs, etc) (though they were/are in my previous rough paper still on my blog).
(Note we have also updated/improved/added-to the first post ones.)

Note the numbers are from the Milos/Melos convention 24 points plus Jim Allen's added 10 points (making 34).

updated tue 10 feb 5pm.

* cliff/s?
We searched for Atlantis in various areas that are more/most well-known for cliffs (Germany coasts, Albion, Faeroes, Grand Canyon) but Atlantis not found there and they don't fit all the details of the Account (direction, large size, elephants, city, plain, etc).
In my atlas/maps, in all the world the only main seeming places for steep areas around the outside/coasts of the continents is the underwater true continental edges of the Americas. But we searched all around the Americas eastern coasts in satellite photos etc and Atlantis can not be found there and doesn't fit all the details of the Account.
There are some areas with cliffs around Titicaca. However, we searched those areas and all around lake Titicaca and Atlantis city just doesn't fit any of the places except for Tiahuanaco.
We are not totally sure of the exact/correct match for the cliff/s of Atlantis city at Tiahuanaco, but (there is not doubt that it is the right site, and) the cliff/s may match either: the "crest" &/or plateau Kimsa Chata &/or Puna on the right/east side (, and/or the similar ridge/flanks/peak/height Quimsa-Chata &/or Serrania Machaca on the left/west side.
The cliff/s seem to be shown in local pictures showing the concentric city of Atlantis/Tiahuanaco. May be the wedge  beside the concentric circles city in the Sillustani inscription? The cliff/s seems to be shown in the Coricancha picture ("Ilyapa"/"Rayo").

* (20.) (invasion, &) war with Athens?
We can't yet totally prove the Atlantis/Athens war at/from the Peru/South America end/side in our Atlantis/Tiahuanaco scenario/thesis. We can only give some the few possible evidences so-far for the war from areas between Peru and Greece/Egypt.
The Account and our notes here show that Atlantis was outside the Pillars / in the Atlantic, not inside the Pillars / the Mediterranean
Peru: giants deprived of light vs sons of light?
UK: giant Albion (son of Neptune) vs Hercules?
UK: Latinus/Chittim army vs Britannia inhabitants?
Spain/Hoeh: Antaeus vs Hercules?
Plato: (decadent) Atlantis vs Athens/Eurasia.
Greek: Poseidon vs Athena/[Cecrops]?
Classical/Josephus: Saturn/Cronus/Crete vs Zeus?
Homer/Zangger: Trojans vs Mycenae?
Herodotus: Asia vs Europe?
Dio Sic: Atlantioi vs Amazons?
Egypt: Sea Peoples vs Egypt?
Bible ('Exodus') : enemies vs Egypt?
Mahabharata: 10 kings vs Su-dasa?
lost source: "sorcery vs good law"?
Compare modern USA versus Europe?
Assyrian depictions of Toakkari Sea Peoples bearing South America fan palm?
[Note that "Hercules/Athens/fairest race" may be for Indo-European not just Athens?]

* (7. 24.) Red, white & black?
The Atlantis account mentions "red, white and black" cliffs/stones/buildings.
From various sources it seems that "red, white & black" is not just geological but also castes/races/ages:
red, white, black (Plato/Hitler).
gold, silver, bronze/copper (Olympics/Peru).
Shem, Japheth, Ham (Judaeo-Christian).
Thracian/red, German/white, Ethiopian/red (Hoeh).
zeus/jupiter/ammon , poseidon/neptune/atlantis , hades/pluto?
Examples for red white & black stones/rocks from Atlantipedia are:
"Canarians decorated their temple with red, white and black rock, the colours of tufa, pumice and lava". "The cliffs of Santorini are also known to display red, white and black rock." "red, white and black bricks were used extensively in Çatal Hüyük."
"pre-Roman structures near Gibraltar that incorporate red, white and black blocks in their construction." However none of these places matches with all the major details of the account (in Atlantic, beyond pillars, large size, sank, date, mountains, plain, etc.
One source said Iceland has black lava. But Atlantis doesn't match Iceland in all the major details.
Peru/Bolivia has match/es for "red, white & black":
-  red white black stones wall/building Llachon?
- red permian rocks at Tiwanaku?
- 3 bands (gold, silver, copper) in mountains by Titicaca?
- "triple striped red yellow green" [Titicaca]?
- red white & blue steps at church of Paucarcolla?,
-  red, white & black traditional dress code Taquile?
- 3 eggs of gold, silver & copper of Peru myth.
-  Kunturwasi red, black, yellow, pink, malachite green (ref Wikipedia)?
- red, white, black stones at Pampa Aulagas (Jim Allen)?
- "the first people were divided into tribes according to their colour" (Kadevo, Brazil)?
- "3 parts Coricancha picture [heaven, air, world/underworld]"?
- top, middle, bottom rows of Tiahuanaco gateway?
- the Bolivian flag (Jim Allen)?
- Paucar "multicoloured"?
And elsewhere in South America:
- "Pottery recovered from Las Ánimas complex [Norte Chico, north Chile] has linear designs painted with white, red or black."
- tierra Dentro red, white, black (Colombia)?

* (8. 13.) large population?
Atlantis account says/implies Atlantis had a large population & army.
Today the world's largest population centres are usa, europe, india, (indonesia), china.
In modern geopolitics the  northern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere or northeast quadrant has the most population. Asia/China has much/alot.
We have shown that Atlantis can't be many places in the world.
The New World is the largest landmass after the Old World.
 Large population fits Peru/South America (then) (as do many other major details of the Account).
- South America is a continent.
- "There are also many evidences of large populations in South America, for thousands of years".
- geoglyphs of Altiplano in satellite pictures evidence there was once large population there.
Tiwanaku area of Altiplano "15000-30000 inhabitants, dramatically raised by satellite imaging to capacity 285000-1,482,000 people"!
Churchward said Mu had a large population, but he/that may be spurious, and/or it is not definite where Mu was/is, and/or it is close to world population (&/or "holocauast"?), and/or Mu may or may not match Atlantis, and/or it could match America.

* blue robes?
Atlantean kings/priests of Poseidon had blue robes. (Blue can be for sea or sky?)
Odin had blue robe, but there is no match for all the details of the Atlantis Account with Scandinavia/Germany area.
Superman has blue costume, but obviously no Atlantis match (not being smart but listing all considered/possible candidates/similarities).
Blue robes can fit Peru/America (as do many other Atlantis details):
- Araucanian blue-robed in Huxley's book?
- gold & blue (robe) Sipan?
-  blue & yellow/[gold] feathers headress Chimu/ChanChan (ref Readers Digest 'Vanished Civilisations')?
-  blue-violet cape Mama Ocllo? (green tunic Manco Capac?)
(- green stone-carving of king Naymlap? Legend of Nyamlap / green idol, Ecuador?)
-  quipus made akin to tzit-zit "fringes on the corner of a blue thread"?

* (# 33.) twins/2(x5) kings, 5(x2) kings, 10 kings?
Atlantis account has 10 kings (5 x 2 sons of Poseidon).
Some correspond 10 kings of Atlantis with 12 kings Scheria/Phaeacia. (There does seem to be a 10/12 interchange in ancient times.) [Maybe compare "13 Greeks descended from Hercules" (Plutarch)?]
      Matches with Peru/(South) America for 10 [or 12] kings:
-  9th inca rebuilt temple sun?
- 9/10 [icons/sephiroth] Coricancha altar picture?
- 9 kings from numbers 4 to 15 in Peruvian kinglist?
- 9 niches temple Macchu Picchu?
- 10 kings Taycanamo dynasty,
- 10 ships Paraiba inscription (Kolosimo)?
- 10 communities on Amantani,
- 10 kings Naymlap to Fempellec / "10th king after Naymlap"?
- 10 walled citadels/enclosures/structures/districts Chan Chan (Marcahuamachuco).
- 10 months x/of 29 days calendar (Peru)?
- 10 headed snake Amazon (ref Kolosimo),
- terrace of 10 niches Ollantaytambo/[Tiahuanaco?],
- Viracocha adopted 5 pairs of twin sons,
- "larger islands of the Uros house about 5-6 or10 families",
- about 10 on the crown of Tata_Pancho?
- 11 icons/pillars/months Tiahuanaco?
- Akakor map has 11 sites/peoples?
- pottery paintings upto 11 colours?
- "11 gates &/or el Rocque/12th gate"?
- 12 with Viracocha on gate?)
- 12 braids of hair Tiahuanaco?
- 12 wards Cuzco*
- 12 gods/pillars (legend of Nyamlap/green idol, Ecuador)?
- pedrade 12 angulos/12 angled stone Cuzco?
- "12 heads of the meander" Tiahuanaco (Bellamy)?
- 13/26 cities Akakor map (though supposed to be a fake)?
There are of course matches for 10 kings in some other places (eg 10 curiae Rome, dynasty of 10 god-kings Egypt, 10 patriarchs bible, 10 kings Adites, 10 emperors Chinese myth, 10 horns beast in bible), but none of these places fit all the major details of the Atlantis Account. A couple of them are too small for 10 kings regions.  NZ Maori had a fleet of 10 Canoes, but Polynesians link with our South America. Churchward's 10 parts/regions of Mu may link with our Atlantis.
      Matches of 5 with Peru/(South) America
- 5 samptni deities of the Urus?
-  5 figures flanking either (right & left) side  of central figure on Tiahuanaco 'Gateway of the Sun',
- 5 types ceramics North Peru?
- 5 major harbours Taquile?
- 5-toed foot on Calango stone?
- 5 fountains?
- 5 head feathers?
Someother places had 5s (eg 5 cities Philistines, 5 cities of Siddim, battle of 5 forts NZ Maori myth, 5 stones Stonehenge) but the places don't match with the major details of the Account. (The Stonehenge and Maori ones may connect with our Atlantis/America.)
      Matches of twins/2s with Peru/America:
-  King and nobles of Chanchan (Chimu) "descended from 2 stars".
-  chucuito ruled by 2 equipotent chiefs,
-  little ceramic stone bulls on rooftops always in pairs?
- federation of villages each divided into 2 moities,
- 2 groups hananzaia & hurinzaia, or  arasaya & masaya at Tiwanaku and in dancers festival.
- flanking pair/twins in female figure of Crespi collection?
- 2 creatures in the concentric circles in the El Dragon picture (Chanchan, ref 'Vanished Civilisations')?
- Tupi & Guarani? Witoto & Zaparo? Quechua & Aymara? Yahgan & Ona?
2 cities Huari/Wari & Tiwanaku/Tiahuanaco?
 Quat & Iae?
- "Bachue always bore quadruplets or sextuplets"?
There are matches for twins/pairs/2 kings in other places (eg Sparta 2 kings, Anglo-Saxons 2 co-kings, Rome 2 consuls, 5x2 Stonehenge), but those places don't match the other details of the Account.

*  Cisterns?
Tiahuanaco is pointed out in a number of sources as having water cisterns/drains/pipes, and/or "elaborate drainage systems & conduits"! (Ref/s Daniken/etc.)
[Tambomachay aqueducts?]

* (13.) horses/chariots?
Matches for ancient Peru/(South America):
- statue of man on horse pointing west with word cates/cati ("this way" in Quechua) in Azores?
- "skeleton of ancient horse found in peru".
- Horses & camelids Pikimachay?
- Uros boats called "Totora horses"?
- horse shoe shape temple Pukara?
- horse sacrificed, its entrails placed in vase?
vase made in shape of horse (fertility ceremonies, Peru, Larouse world mythology?)
- hippocampus / little seahorse?
- "Prehistoric" America/s had horses (though it may be North America? [Note that the evolutionary dating is wrong, not right. Though it would also/alterantively fit with "9000" years anyway.])

* (12.) many different kinds/species of animals/fauna?
The Account says Atlantis had "... every kind of animal domesticated and wild, among them elephants. For there was plenty of grazing for this lagest and most voracious of beasts, as well as for all creatures whose habitat is marsh, swamp and river, mountain or plain."
This surely must best fit/match a continent sized land-mass like North/South America or Americas/New World.
"Prehistoric"/ancient North &/or South America/s had all the sorts of animals implied in Atlantis account including elephants, mastodons, toxodons, horses, giant sloths, sabre toothtigers, llamas, alpaca, camels, new world monkeys, buffalo, pigs, [dinosaurs,] puma, coyote, rheas/ratites, etc
And for Peru: One or more sources say "under Titicaca animal varieties not found anywhere else in world".
"Madidi national park richest biodiversity in world"?
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