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Atlantis Tiahuanaco

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Author Topic: Atlantis Tiahuanaco  (Read 1784 times)
senator Bam
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« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2015, 06:35:19 pm »

Lets just take one thing at a time. Since the concentric circles seems to be the biggest issue? maybe take that.

And beginning from the sea they bored a canal of three hundred feet in width and one hundred feet in depth and fifty stadia in length, which they carried through to the outermost zone, making a passage from the sea up to this, which became a harbour, and leaving an opening sufficient to enable the largest vessels to find ingress.

Several sources say Tiahuanaco and the Akapana were connected with Titicaca.
There is canal/s there eg the desaguadero (spelling?), and in Posnansky's/Sitchin's/Alford's diagrams. Maybe also in satellite pics but i couldn't tell if canal or modern road.
The canal is seen in a few inscirptions/pictures from Tiahuanaco, eg the Calango stone. The Coricancha picture also shows canal.

Moreover, they divided at the bridges the zones of land which parted the zones of sea, leaving room for a single trireme to pass out of one zone into another, and they covered over the channels so as to leave a way underneath for the ships; for the banks were raised considerably above the water. Now the largest of the zones into which a passage was cut from the sea was three stadia in breadth, and the zone of land which came next of equal breadth; but the next two zones, the one of water, the other of land, were two stadia,

I can't prove the outer 1 or 2 circles on the ground at Tiahaunaco (only in pictures), i can only prove the inner 1 or 2 circle/s and central island on the ground. But Tiahuanaco does have other parts that seem to fit with other land circles (Pumapunku, etc). I need satellite and aerial and infra red photos, and archaeological reports, which i don't have access to on only dialup etc.
The inner circle/s & island we can prove and does imply the other 1/2 circles; and the concentric circles inscriptions/depictions from Tiahuanaco, Pumapnunku, Peru confirm we are right.

and the one which surrounded the central island was a stadium only in width. The island in which the palace was situated had a diameter of five stadia.

This matches Tiahuanaco positively. We already posted the pictures from Posnansky/Sitchin/Alford showing the inner ring and inner central island. Eg:
We posted the text showning the inner island matches the inner island of Tiahuanaco in size and in palace/temple (and small hill). Quote:
"* central island 5 stades:
- central island Tiahuanaco 2x1 miles."


I posted pictures and text proving but is all ignored. I am not wasting anymore time. I hate people making me look falsely wrong by ignoring (or other things i have had elsewhere).

in very first post, in Corciancha picture we see:
- concentric circles city 1 or 2 or 3 times.
- the small hill (akapana)
- the canal.
- the sea (lake)
- the large plain & dicth and channels
- the 2 crops a year
- the cliff/s.
- a couple (Poseidon & Clito?) or twins

in reply 15 pictures we see in picture 1 (Mochica/Chimu mask)
the 3 concentric cirlces, the Atlas pillar.
in pic 2  (Chanchan/Chimu inscirption)
the 3 concentric cirles
in picture 3 (Posnanskys/Alfords diagram of Tiahuanaco)
2 concentric circles and canal, and small hill
in picture 4 (Posnansky's/Sitchin's diagram of Tiahuanaco)
the inner circle and island, and the small hill, and temple/palace.

in reply 16 we see in pic 1
the 3 concentric circles (note from Pumapunku part of Tiahuanaco)
in pict 2 (Sillustani)
we see the circles and the cliff?

in reply 25 i posted links to pictures including
which shows circles etc from Tiahuanaco gateway.

in the Calango stone we see the 3 circles and the canal cutting through the city (and 5, and script)

So we have at least 1 or 2 of the circles in the ground at Tiahauanco, and we have all the circles confirmed in pictures from Tiahuanaco/Pumapunku and Peru.

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