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Atlantis Tiahuanaco

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Author Topic: Atlantis Tiahuanaco  (Read 1785 times)
senator Bam
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« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2015, 04:01:48 am »

Some of these people dispute, but some of these are stark in my opinion. (Left out a few more of the 10 kings and the red white and black which are in my blog Atlantis paper/page.)

contents of matches below between Atlantis account and South America/Peru/Tiahuanaco:
outer ocean, outside pillars, wester, atlantic, route, sank, large island, kirchir map, mountains, Atlas motif, popn, civilisation, plain, midpoint, sea, distance city to sea, concentric/city, hill, temple/palace, central island, rw&b, volcanic/quakes, distance, date, oreichalc, 2 crops, elephants, bulls/"bulls", script, sacrifice, boats, name Atlantis, blue robes, poseidon, opposite continent, 10 ks/twins, other sources, gadeira?, came to before boats?, below sun?.

* in outer/real/true ocean not in Mediterranean/inner sea
- (South) Atlantic/Pacific/Antarctic.

* outside/beyond/front/facing/opposite not in Pillars
- North and South Americas both qualify as opposite Pillars (now/then, on various maps projections).
- South America is opposite in map projection with Giza/Cairo as/at centre/center (which Piri Reis map is supposed to match).
- pole shift.
- also compare Zanne's map.
- 45 degree tilt (Schulten/Sitchin)?
- Kirchir's map  fits/matches South America.
- possibly disputible where the Gibraltar/Tartessos/Gades/Huelva Pillars were (the pillars might not have been exactly at Gilbraltar/Tartessos/Gades/Huelva but abit further out/down)?
- sources seem to imply Atlas/Africa (& Europe/Gades/Spain) mirror Atlantis/S America/Andes (& N America)?

* western:
- Western Hemispere.

* in Atlantic:
- is in Atlantic. (Atlantic could be both sides of Atlantis.)
- "Atlantic/Ethiopian/Erythrean" sea/ocean was South Atlantic (Herodotus etc)?

* route
- the statue of man on horse that was once in Azores used to point (?south-)westwards and was named or connected with the word/name Cates/cati which means "this way" in Quechuan (Incan/Peruvian).
- ancient canal/strait of Tehuantepec (Compton)?
- Around north(west) corner and down west coast?
- there would have been different geography then before the shift/catastrophe. If there was a shift then America would have been closer to Africa.
- the candelabra on Peru coast seems to be a route marker?
- across Amazon/Madeira river/s.
- Through Magdalene river in Colombia?
- Through Entre Rios region?
-  around southern tip?
- it is possible that the 12 stages of Urani/Amenti/Aaru are a map across South America to Tiahuanaco?
- "extensive trade routes".
- "Seas were highways not barriers".
- links between Andes and Egypt/etc include reed boats Titicaca & Tana & Gulf; 3 pyramids Sipan & Giza; links between Tierra Dentro & Malta (Frank Joseph)?
- Seculus said they kept trade route secret?
- sites like Stede Citades, Paraiba, etc?
- 3 circles of Atlantis cross & 3 pyramids may match 3 landmasses?
- South American fan palm in Assyrian pictures of Toakkari Sea People?
- wind/tide currents?
- compare Naymlap etc?
- Africa sticks out further than Europe, and South America centred further east than North America.
- route of Viracocha extands from Potosi or Tiwanaku to Cajamarca or Macchu Picchu or Quito.

* "sank/sunk"/"submerged" / "swallowed"/"overwhelmed"/"disappered into the depths of the sea" (& "vanished/disappeared") in terrible quake/s & flood/s:
- the Account doesn't say "sank/sunk", it says swallowed-up.
- people have to consider that there are a number of possible scenarios/matches for "sunk/sank" (sunk/sank, sumbmerged,  tidal bulge, shifted, displacment, etc). It looks like the sinking is most likely continental shift or pole shift/crust displacement  (the land &/or water shifted sideways)?
- Tiahuanaco had flood in archaeology and in tradition/myth.
- long night catasrophe ca 1400 bc (Inca kinglists).
- unu Pachacuti "water overturns land"?
- evidences Andes pushed up suddenly & violently in lifetime of humans/civilisation (Velikovsky, Darwin, Lissner, Berlitz). (Dates for Tiahuanaco includes 1500s bc.)
- Stonehenge (contemp Mycenanean) damaged on southwest side.
- The catastrophe was global/continental/regional not just local? &/or Atlantis and Athens are on touching tectonic plates? (2 armies may or may not have been destroyed in same or not in same catastrophe/time, but fits either way.)

* large Island/continent/landmass
[larger than Asia & Libya (some dispute it is "between" not "larger than", but the majority of last 2500 years say larger than), "whole island", 10 regions, great/large plain, many species incl elephants,  (high) mountains, large population/army, Kirchir's map, Atlantis a "large/r island" that ruled over the other islands of Atlnatic, self-sufficient, etc. Compare that Herodotus said Europe was larger than Asia & Libya.] :
- Island in ancient and modern can mean island, continent, world island/old world, peninsula, etc.
The Old World is called the world island.
- Atlantis could only be either/both of the Americas or Armorica plate.
- (South) America (or Americas) is a large world/landmass/continent/island.
- Atlantis island in Kirchir's map is large and seems to match S America in details.
- if there was a continental shift then South America may have been more of an island before shift.
- Kusa?

* Kirchir map match:
- his Atlantis (betw America and Europe/Africa) seems similar to S America (between N America and Africa/Europe). S America is centred further east than N America.

* (high(est))mountains/Atlas
- Andes (which parallel Atlas) (though they have been pushed up higher in the catastrophe).
- mountains shown in Coricancha picture?

* Atlas [Shu] (world pillar/tree) motif
- spade symbol above head in Peruvian masks including the Chimu/Mochica one i posted earlier (from Pears).
- Ru "Atlas" (Polynesian)?
- hats of Easter island moai?
- Rairu's father Karu "sky maker"?
- Chamacoco tried to climb into sky up a huge tree?
-  the 2nd intermediate/air part of 3 parts of Coricancha picture?
- arco del cielo (Coricancha)?

* large population:
- South America is a continent.
- "There are also many evidences of large populations in South America, for thousands of years".
- finds a couple of years ago about Amazon then (geograpic/scientific magazine tweet on twitter?).
- evidence/s that Altiplano had high population (Allen).

* civilisation/high culture
- many Peruvian/Andean remains.
- the Heliolithic culture?

* large/great plain with surrounding ditch and criss-crossing channels:
-  Altiplano & geoglyphs,
- all 3 shown in Coricancha picture,
- seen/shown in Crespi collection.
- sukukolos "raised fields" Peruvian agriculture system.

* midpoint of the longest/sea side of island
- Peru/Titicaca/Altiplano is in middle area of Pacific side of Sth America.

* (near) sea
- lake Titicaca ("vast inland sea");
- shown in Coricancha picture.
- Andes then had Pacific geo-climate (Lissner).
-  evidences of Tiahuanaco connection with lake/sea/ocean then.
- "sea ports in the Andes" (Velikovsky, Sykes, Daniken).

* 9.2 km distance from city to sea:
- roughly the exact same distance from Tiahuanaco to Titicaca. (The figures of sources vary. One says Tiahuanaco 10 miles from Titicaca, another says "Tiahuanaco [now] 12 m sth of Titicaca"? Another says a few / 13 miles from Titicaca.)
- "vast area" / "several square miles in area".

* circular/concentric land/water circles (&) city
- concentric canals/circles in Tiahuanaco/tiwanaku diagrams (Posnansky/Sitchin/Alford),
- shown 2x in Coricancha altar picture,
- Pumapunku inscription (Allen),
- shown in Sillustani inscription (wiki) [compare with Chalco glyph Mexico?],
- concentric circles shown in Chanchan/Chimu inscription (picture posted in earlier post).
- concentric circles seen in the Chimu/Mochica mask i posted in earlier post.
 - concentric circles seen in Calango stone (Sitchin 'Lost Realms'),
- concentric circles shown in Crespi collection (Daniken). Also maybe shown in head of figure in Crespi collection?
-  Posnansky has concentric circles symbols from Tiahuanaco/gateway (Sitchin).
-  "radiating cross" (Sitchin).
- The snuff tablet in wiki Tiwanaku article also possibly shows water/circles (Wiki)??
-  3 carved channels between Ilyapa temple & rainbow temple?
- 4 parts Cuzco recall Atlantis cross?
- concentric circles also in the 3 windows drawing of Salcamayhua?
-  evidence that Tiahuanaco/Akapana was connected with Titicaca (water).
- Eldorado/Manoa?
- Huinaymarka means "eternal city".
- Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku called "Baalbek of New World".
- Atlantis/Tiahuanaco city & Titicaca is (inverse) analogy of Eridu/etc city & Persian Gulf.
- "lost city of giants Ecuador"?
- Atlantis can only be in Americas (incl/excl Antarctica) or Armorica plate, and (Titicaca &) Tiahuanaco is only place in the whole Americas & in Peru & around Titicaca that it can be and that fits/matches.

* small hill / dwelling of (Poseidon &) Clito:
- Akapana (Posnansky/Alford/Sitchin/Daniken drawings/descriptions),
- shown in Coricancha picture?

* temple/palace (& sizes [185mx92m])
- kalasasya 400x450ft /
- kantatayita /
(- puma pinku) /
- throne room160x130ft / [100x85ft /
- hall 45x22ft]?
- "the monolithic gateway of the temple is the largest example of its kind in the world".
- coricancha "golden palace"?

* central island 5 stades:
- central island Tiahuanaco 2x1 miles.

* red white & black (&) cliff/s:
- r w & blue steps church Paucarcolla,
- gold silver copper,
- the first people were divided into tribes according to their colour [3 castes/races?] (Kadevo, Brazil)?
-  3 parts Coricancha picture [heaven, air, world/underworld]?
- cliff(s) shown in Coricancha picture?

* volcanic/tectonic/quakes line:
Some sources reckon Atlantis "must" be in a volcanic/quakes region because of discovery/thesis a couple of years ago that ancient sites seemingly often were/are.
- Tiahuanaco is near Khapia.
- the candelabra?

* distance (remotest, at ends of world, at distant point in Atlantic, unmixed with other mortals).
- Peru is western-most and southern-most (tropic capricorn) of major world civilisations.
- compare people object because of the distance.
- if there was a continental shift then Atlantis/America was once closer to Old World.

* date ("9000 yrs before" / "9600 bc", or 900 yrs before / ca 1400s bc) ("3rd deluge") ["bronze age"; same time as Moses].
- Many scholars say it is not possible because Athens/Sais/etc wasn't there so early.
- Plato's 900(0) years Atlantis = Herodotus' 900 years Moeris & 900 yrs Hercules.
- Hyperboreans lived a 1000 years = 100 years.
-  Exodus mentions enemies of Egypt?
- shoal of Sesostris?
- long night c 1400/1394 bc (Inca king lists, Sitchin, cp Hoeh),
- archaeologists date for Tiahuanaco [1580 bc] bc.
- "Bronze Age America"?
-  Exodus & Joshua's sun stand still about same time.
- Posnansky date for Tiahuanaco.
-  "12000th yr" Tiahuanaco.
- 10481bc Akakor (though supposed to be a fake)?
- Peruvian is the oldest civilisation/agriculture in Americas (and one of the few oldest of world).
- in Americas "oldest is south and east not north and west" (Compton).
- Stonehenge (contemp Mycenanean) damaged on southwest side.

  * oreichalc ("gold + copper/gold")
- gold byproduct of copper/zinc production.
- tumbaga "gilded/gold - copper (Allen)?
- gilded-copper (Sipan).
- Crespi collection includes brass/tin/zinc?
- AuAgCu of Chavin (Mattievich)?
- Akapana/Tiahuanco/Titicaca/Andes/Peru a copper/tin/zinc smelting/mining centre (Sitchin  'Lost Realms'),
-  Andes/Peru is [one of the] major/richest source(s)/deposits of copper/tin/zinc in world (Collins atlas).
- Tiwanaku ~ Anaku "tin"?
- Andes ~ antis "copper"?
- titicaca may (be from titikala and) mean "tin/lead crag/rock"?
-  "Bronze Age America" (Fell)?
-  uru names in Andes (Sitchin),
- gold of Eldorado/Conquistadores/Peru/Coricancha?
- "unusual alloys" in America [similar to "unusual alloys" in Africa] (Jantsang & lost source)?
- stone blocks with grooves/ [nail] holes [for metal sheets] at [Pumapunku]?
[- compare "tears of the lady" with tears of the sun?]

* 2 crops a year
- sukakollus summer & winter agriculture system.
- shown in Coricancha picture ("sun/stars & moon/clouds = summer & winter", Sicthin);
- before Andes raised.

* elephants
- seen in Crespi collection,
- mastodons/toxodon (Allen, Hanc0ck, Childress).
- Americas had "Indian" elephants (MacKenzie).

* bulls (sacrifice)
-  Sitchin 'Lost Realms',
- "bulls"/llama (Allen 'Atlantis in Bolivia')?
- horned animal sacrificing a human (Sipan pottery, Reader's Digest 'Vanished civs').
-  ceramic stone bulls on housetops,
- pottery cow / cow shaped vase / cow sacrificed & entrails put in vase (Larouse world mythology),
- seated "deer" figure carrying a club (Larouse world mythology).

* script
- Crespi collection (Daniken),
- Colango stone (Sitchin),
- before quipus.

* (bull) sacrifice
- horned animal sacrificing a human (Sipan pottery, Reader's Digest 'Vanished civs').
- llama sacrifice (Allen).
- cow sacrificed & entrails put in vase (Larouse world mythology).

* some matches for boats/seafaring:
- 10 ships Paraiba inscription (Kolosimo)?
- compare totora/reed boats (shape/design if not material) [similar to Noah's Ark (Fasold)],
- Heyerdahl.
- Chimu/Mochica "myth" says Naymlap arrived with a "fleet" of "balsas" (Pears),
- Chimu (Chan chan) pottery figure of "reed boat" titled "life on the ocean wave"?
- Peruvians had "sea-worthy rafts" (Readers Digest 'Vanished Civs").
- "sea ports in the Andes" (Velikovsky/etc).
-  Dragon-boat racing Puno?
-  raft of Taycanamo myth?
- evidences that Phoenicians visited (South) America.
-  Polynesians.
-  "Maps of the ancient sea kings" (Hapgood).
- "the seas were highways not barriers".
- the "archaic maritime" culture of North America,
- "extensive trade routes".
- coc(h)a "sea" names?

* name Atlantis/Atlantic/Atlas
- the Account says the names were Greek translations of Egyptian translations of Atlantean originals.
- there are possible matches for the name in S America/Tiahuanaco area eg Tahuantinsuyo / Antisuyo/Antisuco / antis/Andes; isla Allan; Atau?; ["Alpha"?]; [Atlatona?].

* some matches for blue robes:
- Araucanian blue robe (Huxley).
- gold & blue (robe) Sipan?
- gold & blue Chanchan?

* Posei-don (sea/water / quakes / horses / trident etc god):
- Vira-coc(h)a "sea" god?
- Pachacamac god of earthquakes?
- shown in Coricancha picture?
- Rimac?
- Eldorado?
- candelabra like trident?

* (parts of) opposite continent:
- matches either  N America (cp Kirchir map)? Asia (cp 2/3 steps, Indus/Hrozny)? Australia? Antarctica?
- Kusa & Pushkara?

* 10 (5x2/twins) kings  [12 ks Scheria?]:
- 5 deities of the Urus?
-  5 flanking either side on 'Gate of the Sun',
- 5 fountains?
-  9th inca rebuilt temple sun?
- 9/10 [icons/sephiroth] Coricancha altar picture?
- 10 kings Taycanamo dynasty,
- 10 ships Paraiba inscription (Kolosimo)?
- 10th king after Naymlap?
- 10 citadels/enclosures Chanchan.
- 11 pillars Tiahuanaco?
- 13/26 cities Akakor map (though supposed to be a fake)?
- some cities/tribes were founded by or descended from two persons (i can't find the details/references at moment). King and nobles of Chanchan "descended from 2 stars".
- 2 creatures in the concentric circles in the El Dragon picture (Chanchan)? (That's the picture i posted earlier.)
- Tupi & Guarani? Witoto & Zaparo? Quechua & Aymara? Yahgan & Ona? Quat & Iae?
- Bachue always bore quadruplets or sextuplets?

* other versions other than Plato's showing/saying where it was:
- the Inca picture from the Coricancha with half a dozen to a dozen matches of details from the Atlantis account?
- chimu/mochica mask has atlas pillar motif & concentric circles.
- Alfords & sitchins/posnansky's Tiahuanaco diagrams have the circles & small hill.
- the matches between Peru and Atlantis are too strong to just be "from Atlantis (or part of Atlantis) but not Atlantis".
- the 12 stages of Tuat/Amenti may match South America?

* Gadeira:
- Cadira Venezuela?
- Gades/Spain/Europe & Atlas/Africa maybe analogous to North America & South America/Andes/Atlantis?

* Poseidon came to Atlantis large island &/or Atlantis royal island before boats/ships:
- continental shift &/or Atlantic land bridges??

* under/below the sun?:
- tropic capricorn?
- equator cuts through Peru in pole shift maps?
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