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Atlantis Tiahuanaco

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Author Topic: Atlantis Tiahuanaco  (Read 1785 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2015, 08:35:37 pm »

I've just read Atlantipedia's/Tony's new Mediterranean article and see he raises the same issue/s he raised in the page about my thesis. So it is on topic to answer here (see first post was answer to the entry criticisms).

Atlantis was outside not inside the pillars & Mediterranean. Was outside Pillars. Was in outer/real ocean not in inner/Mediterranean sea; & they conquered with upto Tyrrheania & Libya/Egypt (from west). Atlantis was large island that not fit in Mediterranean ("larger than Asia & Libya", large plain, large population, 10 regions, mountains, etc). The Atlas mountains are in very western end of Mediterranean. (Africa/Atlas & Gades/Spain clearly mirror South America/Andes and North America?) Some say the Mediterranean had number of pelagoses and the Atlantic was the one external pelagos. The "Atlantic/Ethiopian/Erythrean" sea was clearly the (south) Atlantic ocean.

It is not good enough to say his figures are suspect (and that may be multiplied by ten). You have to dis/prove each thing (like we did the date). [Saying/asserting/assuming suspect is even more Suspect.] Moreover we have shown clear proof of the large plain matching with Peru/Bolivia (the Altiplano, plus it is also shown in the Coricancha picture (see first post), plus seen in Crespi collection pictures, etc).

Yes there were 12 pillars of Hercules, but the ones of the Account (and of Herodotus) are clearly the Gibraltar/Tartessos/Gades/Huelva ones.

Herodotus said his contemporaries were wrong to say world was only the 3 continents of Asia, Libya, Europe. Moreover that was long after Atlantis had "sunk".

The catastrophe was global/continental/regional not just local. Atlantis and Athens are on touching tectonic plates.

They say Plato doesn't explicitly say the 2 armies were lost at same time anyway?

Odyssey is no proof of Mediterranean, as the Odyssey locations are still highly disputible. I suspect that it may even relate to whole world or whole hemisphere/"world". [12 stops/stages Odyssey, 12 kings Scheria, 12 Scylla, 12 books Homer, etc all recall 12 stages Amenti/Tuat, 12 pillars Hercules, 10 kings Atlantis, 12 months, 12 signs Zodiac, 12 tablets Gilgamesh epic, 12 battles Arthur, 120 poles Gilgamesh, 12 volumes Virgil, etc.)

Wolf's Odyssey doesn't necessarily match (i managed to get through to it eventually and studied it very closely). At first i was pretty convinced, but oin further thinking and studying (incl Spanuth's notes) see it may not match. There are some seeming possible matches (Aeolia, Scyllas, Circe, Thrinakia, shield shape, basilicata, cape collone, etc), but other things seemingly certainly do not match (Cimmerians/Hades, in ocean, great/*tidal* river, at end/remotest, Phaeacians were sailors, arena/s, hot baths?, 9 days?, desc of/from Poseidon? etc). His Scheria name match is actually closer to Scylla name.
Moreover Odyssey was after the Trojan war which was century/centuries after Atlantis. See my chronology table & notes a couple of posts/replies ago in this thread.
(The drug nepenthe/moly may connect with concaine of New Kingdom??)
Trojan war & Odyssey even have links with Mahabharata. Tacitus said Hercules & Odysseus visited Germans/Norse?

Uliliyassis (Hittite) ~ Uthuze/Ulysses/Odysseus ~ Yudhishthira (Indian)? ~ Utnapishtim (Akkad)?

Maybe Odysseus is Quetzal-co-atl?Huh

plutarch said: ogygia/venus/calypso island in midst of western sea 5 days sail west of britain, further still to west is/are island or 3 islands of cronos, great mainland lies beyond, continent saturnia forms atlantic shore at least 50 stades (500 miles) from ogygia, 13 greeks descended from hercules, cronos held prisoner by zeus in 1 of islands beyond ogygia [or] in great mainland that lies beyond the islands & sea....
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