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how stop clicking throat?

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Author Topic: how stop clicking throat?  (Read 63 times)
senator Bam
Sr. Member
Posts: 99

« on: February 20, 2015, 09:36:15 pm »

Every time i swallow there is hell/annoying click in my throat, plus all my throat/nose/head sounds hollow-like when tap it.
It is always worse/worst when i want/go to try to do my off-computer/off-net/on-paper studies, and is stopping me from being able to do them (i already have alot of other troubles making hard to be able to do my studies but this one is impossible hell and i can't do them at all. I have to swallow just like i have to breathe (thru nose) etc.)

Does anyone know any preferably natural or else medical solutions?

I am not able to get to a doctor/gp because of my hell situation/condition, plus other past/present external/internal reasons.
I know lots of possible reasons why that might be the cause but i can't do much about them because of situation/condition (which this trouble and the possible reasons are due to):
- infected ears from having to wear ear plugs all the time (misophonia, + noisy attached neighbours & neighbourhood, + need to do studies).
- infected sinus or nose lining from having to fiddle with Bent-inside nose (because someone punched me in face when sitting down 20 years ago, and because tickling hairs everytime i breathe annoying me)
- damaged throat from incidents or from bad posture.
- thick tongue [or mucus?] from lack of exercise and too much carbs/food.
- external uncleanliness &/or oral/dental uncleanilness.
- chemical or biological poison/s (incl fluoride) (or allergins) in delivered water or in food (including from yoghurt).
- not enough water (because have to ration water due to fluoridation and plumbing troubles here).
- radiation from computer or smart meters.
- past acid reflux.
- fume from the flats repainting
- from neighbours spraying outside my window.
The hollowness seems to indicate interconnected ENT troubles is most likely.

I never had this trouble before though until the last year or so, though i did have burbling in throat sometimes in previous years (has come back a little bit too).

I know people don't care/no one cares (or will just say goto doctor/psych), but worth asking anyway as it is driving me mad and i don't want to end-up in mental unit or other similar bad. (Not being able to do my studies is one of the two things in this world that make me Very miserable/angry (the other is being single & aging).)

(Any christians could pray, but i tried alot/some and either God doesn't exist or he is punishing me for my badness.)

(Sorry if too personal info but I do not have much choice as this is driving me insane and i have to explain a few things.)
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Goddess of Love, Hate & Fury
Superhero Member
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« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2015, 03:32:59 am »

Sounds like a thyroid problem, what are your other symptoms?

From what I hear you  can just tilt your head down when swallowing fluids, or put your finger on your adam's apple so it can't move when you swalllow. I am not really sure of a permanent fix without a diagnosis, and it is hard to recommend a home remedy without knowing what is wrong.
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senator Bam
Sr. Member
Posts: 99

« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2015, 05:53:00 pm »

Main symptoms are just clicking when swallow, and hollow sounding when i tap throat/nose/head. Not sure what else except occasional burbling. I already tried tilting all angles but doesn't stop it. It seems to be most like sinus (or ears) but i can't find away to stop it other than pressing finger/thumbs into sinus holes.
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