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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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Ancient Maps

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Author Topic: Ancient Maps  (Read 10162 times)
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #105 on: February 07, 2009, 09:18:37 am »

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SURE,........NO THING,

( But I hope that 'BIANCA' will exonerate this reply which is not on this Topic !)

However I am sure that the answer/elaboration that you asked for
will not be the one that you set your expectancy on.
So my effort to tell you will be a futile exercise !

I don't mind repeating my theory:
conserning the historical MOON- Fall(-s) to Earth.

The Pelgaskian Creation Myth
mentions that the MOON" Eurynome" bashed Mars' northern Ocean.

The marsfragments fell to Earth made Skidmarks and left the scene
Well known passing meteorites may be the renments of this meteoric encounter.

In the Saudi Desert meteoric-r craters are present with an average Diametre  of 100 m
These fell on Waterlakes in the former marshlands of the Rub-al- Chali desert(-s)

But the Pelgaskian Creation Myth describes the first observed-Moonfall .
When Earth's PANGEA was still intact and the meteoric Skidmarks were straight alined.

Later,after Gondwana, PANGEA fell apart, not because of Hotspot-convection but6 by the 1-st Moonfall
( on Antartica ) which caused the Seafloorspreading of the Atlantic Ocean the Date is 1055 bc.

200 years later occurred the Second MOONfall on Hawaii and this collision emptied all mountain-lakes
by paleo-geologists this Event is called the ( Great-)@Quarternary lake( Dam-) Burst of post Glacial time
supposedly in 8.000 bc but actually in 855 bc

If the Neolithic Period of Magdalien( in Europe.)was conventionally in 8.000 bc now it was in 855 bc
meaning that When the Egyptians enjoyed their 18-th Dynasty, Whole Europe( eg Franche)was still in the neolythic Epoch.

HOW do we know that the Moon ACTUALLY BRUISED EARTH TWICE ?

The Egyptian astronomers mention a Moonfall in 800 bc but did so 50 years after the Event !

The cause of all ancient Floods/or Tsunamies was a close passage of the MOON.
The MOON had an irratic Orbit passing by the Equator to cause Tsunamie EVERY YEAR
and a big one EVERY 50 Years.

Even today a grand Earthquake occurs every 50 years too long apart to be recognized as a recurrent  Patern.
1755 Lissabon .......1883 ...........Krakatau,.......... 1815 Tambora, 1906 San fransisco, 1925 Japan,  2004/5 the latest Asian Tsunami

The MOON was named the PHENIX in Latin, but PHAETHON or: ATON in Greek
thus ACH en ATON's " SUN " Disk was the Moon's Red-glowing winged Disk.

Anyway the Egyptians and greeks sought an exp[lanation Why earth was Destroyed by Tsunamies
They argued that the FIRE or Phenix- Bird scourced Earth every: 50(0)years to be" Reborn"from Ashes.

There is a recognizable pattern of 50-year cycle recurrent Tsunamies in greek Myth:
1255 Deluge of NOACH(= Sargon-1 of AGADES.)1075 Deluge of PHORONEUS, 1055 Deluge of DEUCALION
1005 Deluge of King DAVID(= Thotmosis-2)( he was given" Choice" between Long Famin or Short Plague( he chose the last .)
955 Deluge of ANDROMEDA( ex-wife of PERSEUS(= Thotmosis-3)
905 Deluge of Enki & Enlil, 855 Deluge of OGYGOS(= Amenhotep-3 + 4.)

The 1055 bc Event is named in GREEK: the TITANO- MACHY when ZEUS was cast or hidden in Earth's Dycte grotto( in Yemen -Ioman.)
The -855 bc Event is named: the GIGANTO- MACHY, when the MOON rose from the Sea as" Aphrodite or: " DIONE- Nyssos"

In 1055 bc Hera was displeased with her ugly offspring HEFAISTOS and casted him to Earth
in 855 bc ZEUS was displeased wityh his ugly son and re-casted him to Earth a second time.
The Isle of SAMOS claimed that Hephaistos landed on it and in gratitude created the Retsina Wine

Although Hephaistos was taken0-in again at the Olympus-Palace he was revence-full
and created a golden Chair for Hera( or: CASSIOPEIA.) that clasped her middle to the backseat.
And Zeus hinged golden Anvils to Hera's ankles.

Although or maybe because MARS was Hephaistos Uncle,
he too was kept prisoner for a while in Hephaistos gift of a Golden vase.

Meanwhile Hephaistos also had made the" NECKLAGE of Queen Sita Kamose
but Semenkare gave this to Hypsyhile to get her husband, Adrastus uncle ( forget name)
to participate in the TROJAN - War.

In the BIBLE/ Tora
the MOON- Fall is decribed as the
This LIGHT Angel or LUCIPHER, Heosphorus, was named the " SPLENDOUR- of - ISRAEL "
He was the Prince of Light or Darkness afterwards. called BELIAL or BAAL/ Ballat presently: ALLAH !

DIABOLO, CAITAN/ Satan was the Licht Angel ARIEL,
afterwards called AZRAEL,  Azazel who's AVATAR was the Beast of the APOCALYPSE
 called BEHEMOTH(= the White holi- Elephant.)

In 855 bc King Salmanasser-3 besieged ADEN.
( He had wrested this  city from the Egyptians)
The City council of ADEN choosed this Date of year
because according to their MOON Chart a Grand Tsunami was due

That Tsunami did not fail to occur and the ASSYRIAN Army was washed away and the Siege was lifted !

However King Salmanasser-3was undaunted, he amounted another Siege in 853 bc
known as the " BATTLE -of- KARKAR( = ADEN as the " City -of- Cities ".)

This time the Tsunami- schedule was averted and ADEN fell to the Assyrians
in the Bible the Battle of KARKAR is said to have been in KARchemish (at the Orontes.)
But this is due to Eratosthenes " moving" the PILLARS to Gibraltar( by political expediency.)
causing the South Arabian Scene to " move-up" also to North- Araby.

Salmanasser-3 knew that the Atlantoii in Aden worshipped the Sea-Horse or White Elephant.
So he ordered this MOON-Avatar as TABOO meaning that every Icon of it to be removed on penalty of death.
Afterwards White holi Elephants were painted as winged Lions or Winged Snakes, to circumvent the taboo-penalty.


MOON in greek Myth collided twice with Earth
( Causing the rise of Mountains: Andes & Hymalay by Seismic waves.

A TABOO decree by assyrian-Emperor Salmanasser-3 in 855 bc
caused these Events to be hidden or blurred in the rewritten Greek Lore after 855 bc.

If this is not the explanation that you were looking for,
it is because it is a " dissident -theory" only discovered by" BlueHue"
and discarded as" just another odd theory" by the other Atlantist theorists.

Sincerely" BlueHue " dd 7-th Febr. 2009  Polytech-Univ.of delft/ Holland.
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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