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The source of the name '''MISER (EGYPT)'''

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Author Topic: The source of the name '''MISER (EGYPT)'''  (Read 426 times)
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« on: September 21, 2013, 10:42:02 am »

Do you know the source of the name '''MISER (EGYPT)''' ʔ
When the people of '''Misra (Egypt)''' learned of the destruction of Amqa, they were afraid, for to make matters worse their master, Nibhururia, had just died,.............
 Written by: Mursili II (Mursilis II) the son of Suppiluliuma I King of Hittites Kingdom, he refers to correspondence with Egypt and in particular the widow of a pharaoh.
(Amarna letters)

Do you know the source of the name Pharaoh ?
The Greek/Hebrew Pronunciation :
Pha    Ra     oh
The Arabic Pronunciation :
ف       رع     ون
Why there is missing  "N" in  Pha  Ra  Ohn ?
Why in Arabic it is Fi not Fa ?   
فِ   وليســـت    فَ             فِرعون

The Arabization  of the name Pharaoh is Phiraohn.
(But it is not the Ancient Egyptian Pronunciation.)

What is the meaning of RaA Mes Sew ?
  In Ancient Egyptian History There were 11 Kings by the name RaA Mes Sew, two of them in the Nineteenth Dynasty and nine of them in the Twentieth Dynasty .
Note :            Idiosyncrasy of the Egyptian language is honorific transposition in which the sign for a God or king is placed first out of respect.

RaA Mes + RaA Sew = RaA Mes Sew
Son of RaA + He is RaA = Son of RaA is RaA
The son and the father is RaA ( which means 2 = 1 )

Christianity was originally actually an Egyptian doctrine.

The Egyptian Deuteronomy is the same like Christian Trinity.
( The son of RaA is RaA himself )
Also the Ptolemaic Deuteronomy  is the same like Christianity's relationship between
 son and father.(The apparent God )
Ptolemy V Epiphanes (Ancient Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Ἐπιφανής, Ptolemaĩos Epiphanḗs,
 reigned 204181 BC),
He ruled Egypt under the title of  (The apparent GOD )

Christianity was originally actually an Egyptian doctrine.
A copied form of deity from a number of pre-existing mythologies!

The christian trinity was originally Egyptian doctrine

Alexander the great was the savior from the Persian tyranny .
Jesus Christ considered the savior from the Roman oppression .
The titles of Alexander the great :
The savior , the King , and  the son of God  AMON.
The titles of Jesus Christ :
The savior , the king , the son of God , and  (The apparent GOD )
The title of Ramses ( 11 of them and more alike ).
The son of God and the god himself ( RaA Mes Sw RaA ).
Ptolemy V Epiphanes (Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Ἐπιφανής, Ptolemaĩos Epiphanḗs ).
His title was ( the apparent God ).

Jews under the Ptolemies

The language of the Egyptian Jewish people was Greek; after a generation or two immigrants from Israel forgot their Semitic speech. Their Hebrew scriptures they knew only in the Greek translation, which was named the Septuagint because, according to the legend, the translation had been made by the Seventy Translators under Ptolemy II Since the Seventy Translators were held to have been themselves miraculously inspired, there was no need for the Egyptian Jews to concern themselves with the original Hebrew. As a matter of fact, the translation of the Old Testament was made, bit by bit, in Egypt during the last three centuries before the Christian era. According to the first form of the legend, it was not the Old Testament as a whole, but only the five books of the Law which were translated by the Seventy Translators

The Gezer calendar is a 10th century BCE inscribed limestone tablet discovered in excavations of the ancient Canaanite city of Gezer, 20 miles west of Jerusalem
"Abijah" is probably the name of the scribe. The name means "Yah (abbreviated form of YHWH, the Hebrew name of the God of Israel)Yah is my father". This name appears in the Bible for several individuals, including a king of Judah (1 Kings 14:31).
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