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November 24, 2020, 03:53:53 am
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Hypothetically..... What philosophies would govern a new planet?

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Author Topic: Hypothetically..... What philosophies would govern a new planet?  (Read 3690 times)
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« on: August 24, 2013, 03:34:19 pm »

Hiya Harry,

I would start it out like this - no marriage, no religion, no laws of any kind other than one: people can't go around hurting each other! That takes care of war, murder, all that stuff. And no marriage cause then people could screw whoever they want with no guilt!  Wink

Oh that's brilliant !!!!!    Roll Eyes  Soon you have a nation of bastard children that no one will claim responsibility for.... then what.... you'll be repeating what goes on in the ghettos on Earth.... crime, poverty, welfare, and eventually a collapsed civilization.

What would be the name of this planet....  ?   Feministia

No thanks....

I'd bring a Bible and the US Constitition for starters then all the 27 Amendments.

Rebel, I'm sure Rachel ment no pun brother.... Settle down man. I mean if you really get down to it, the idea has a small amount of real merit here.
Sure there would be an increase of births. However, if the consenting individuals involved understand the consequence of these acts and agree to act responsibly.
The increase of population would certainly help in ensuring the survival of the human race.  Wink  Besides, random partners exist all through nature. Humans are the only species to adopt marriage in to it's social order.

I do like the concept of creating our life philosophies around what the bible and free masons have established here. Yet it's the basis of those things and there outcomes that must be more carefully thought out.
Just saying. May I also add- with no government in place, money might for once be replaced by contribution to building resources that everyone benefits from.....Your social merit is based on what you contribute to the good of all.

Rebel is right, just cuz you go to a new planet doesn't mean you forget human history.  There are many planets out there that used to be just like Earth but finding GOD, as a being who sits between the nuosphere and the vacuusphere (out space) and living with his directives in mind has allowed for many a technologically advanced and prosperous civilization.   Stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek is made for people on Earth to show that human behaviors do carry over and the lessons learned from history and science need to be transferred over.  Many ET civilizations are just fine with us staying confined to our planet until we marry spirituality and technological development.  Would you want any Jerry Springer yay-hoo or Globalist sicko in control of a Starship ?  Neither would any other Lyran (human) civilization living on other worlds around Orion, Andromeda, Lyrae Star System, the Pleadies etc.

The reason we don't have a nuclear World War 3 on Earth is cuz Mercury and Mars had civilizations on them that had nuclear wars and made their planet surfaces uninhabitable.  UFOs are sent to this planet to act as a kill switch to all the nuclear nations on Earth to keep a nuclear tragedy from happening here.  No matter how out of control the Russians, Chi-Coms and the Globalists get.

You have to be as spiritual as well as technical before any Lyran shares any info with any Earth being.  Until Earth people adopt a Roddenberry/Adamski mindset we will mire in our own corruption for eons more.
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