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Hypothetically..... What philosophies would govern a new planet?

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Author Topic: Hypothetically..... What philosophies would govern a new planet?  (Read 3696 times)
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« Reply #60 on: November 04, 2013, 03:59:11 pm »

The angels of Heaven, and the fallen angels. These are the zetas, and Lyrans... And several other species who are involved.... There is a war in Heaven and they are fighting for and against us.
Our government has a treaty but it's been violated and this war has raged since. If it wasn't for the Lyrans we would already be dead.
However, the powers that are in control of the world's resources, (within the power of their infinite wealth) are indeed the greatest threat to mankind at the moment.
 Roll Eyes As the story of all this goes anyways.

As for philosophies, the one thing I envision more then anything else is a type 1 civilization that doesn't exchange currency.
It works together for the good of all. Every act is a matter of either needs like clear fresh water, and whole foods to things like technology and science.
Every contribution to further human progress is what matters to the collective survival of our species.
Despite what the truth is about mankind's place at the moment, we have a free will.
With that said, why are we still continuing on the way we are?
We CAN do anything, and loving one another as brothers and sisters in it's truest sense is what it will eventually take to overcome our programming.

The word Slaves was mentioned. Ironic that we hardly notice that as we are living day to day that it isn't obvious that we are slaves to mere men who care about nothing but fortune and power.
Yet if we can free our mind from this prison and envision something, anything together. The chains of our bonds will break, and a new world will be created.
One that is not governed by fast talking devils with no souls. But a world filled with people who understand hardships and want better for themselves and each other.
That is what being a human means. It means to be created to love and create. Why would we wish to surrender this freedom a second longer to the filthy ways of the greedy, and weak-minded who care nothing for life? I am proud to be human because I can love, and because I see something greater then myself at work all around me. Philosophically, I am a slave who is free spirited and I am ready to choose freedom.
Help me reject their orders and let us decide the future we want for once in human history. If it's their world you want, fine. Do nothing.
However, consider this... You can share the responsibility for the destruction they thrive on. The wars. Deaths of innocent women and children. Global depletion of fertile Earth and so on.
 Huh For me, there is only one choice for becoming a better more responsible race.

We must starve the beast by doing all we can out of love and the sake of our survival. We have to do what must be done with no expectations like money, or the things they use for rewarding deeds.
Somehow, we need to organize a global labor strike. Don't spend any money. Don't go to work, and don't cash checks. Withdraw all your money and sit on it and don't give it to any businesses.
If you need food, pay a poor farmer. Water? We can use what we know about purification methods for drinking water. These won't answer all the questions some of you will ask. However, consider how long the human race has been here. Before money, PEOPLE survived. And now, if we can have those gifted individuals who will apply their genius for free... We can undo what has been done and do something else to reinvent the world as a better place that isn't ran by the choices of the few. It can be reinvented with the ideas of people like you and me.

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