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Bleeding Brain Virus stolen at Texas Lab‏

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Author Topic: Bleeding Brain Virus stolen at Texas Lab‏  (Read 225 times)
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« on: May 20, 2013, 12:56:12 pm »

Bleeding Brain Virus stolen at Texas Lab‏

Well, it seems to have happened again. A small vial of a potentially deadly strain known as the Guanarito virus has went missing from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. It is not known how long the vial has been unaccounted for so it is anyone's guess as to where it is and what has been done with it.
The virus was discovered missing when an unidentified "official" noticed that one out of five vials was missing, even though they are "locked" in a bio-hazard freezer. As soon as it was noticed the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was notified of the risk. It has been a week since it has been reported and we have heard very little about this potential hazard, in fact it was hardly reported at all despite the curious circumstances behind the incident. Why would a vial of a potentially dangerous virus be missing from a U.S laboratory and who would want something so hazardous in their possession?

The Guanarito virus is part of a family of diseases that were discovered to have caused several deadly outbreaks in Venezuela and the government has made it a priority to study it, hence why the virus was apparently locked inside of a Texas University bio-hazard freezer in the first place. The reason the government has prioritized this virus to be studied is because "it can potentially be used by terrorists in a contagion attack". Therfore, reports of this virus being "potentially" dangerous is likely because if the individual or organization that possesses the vial has ill intentions it can be used to cause an outbreak on a targeted population. It would not be hard for an insider of any given enemy government to enroll in a class at a University to have access and obtain deadly viruses to use on the American population. If this were to happen, it is unknown how severe the consequences could be which is why these "deadly" strains should be studied in more secure locations, and not on University campuses. This would significantly decrease the risk of something like this happening. In fact, "deadly" viruses should never be at a school in the first place, as it should be high level graduates that have access to these materials as opposed to people who are not even in the field yet. This is just one example of how to avoid risks like this from occurring in the future.
UTMB director Scott Weaver said that "Guanarito has been responsible for causing deadly diseases within the South American country (Venezuela)". The symptoms of the missing virus (aside from death, as it has been classed as "deadly"), is a severe hemorrhagic fever which could lead to death. Essentially, your brain starts to bleed which can lead to death if not treated and since it is still being studied as a priority it is unknown if there is a cure for this virus. If you have ever watched the movie "Outbreak", it has a similar plot to this real life event as a virus is released on the public that causes the exact symptom, "hemorrhagic fever". It was also showing on television around the time the vial was reported to be missing. Coincidence?
The UTMB said that there was no security breach or break-in at the Texas facility, nor did they "believe" there was evidence of foul play and that the vial "could have" simply been broken during the labs cleaning process, all answers indicating they are clearly unsure of what exactly happened.

It is not clear if we will ever find out the answers as to where it could have ended up however the government wanted it studied due to it's potential for being used by terrorists and this is a huge red flag for anyone who has followed the course of history even the slightest. Lyme disease was also released from a U.S laboratory (Plum Island) and was developed by a Nazi scientist who escaped persecution in a CIA plot called Project Paperclip, and was rewarded a new life in America to work on bio-hazard studies. He is now known for introducing Lyme disease on the population of the world as it escaped the laboratory in a similar unknown breach as the recent incident in Texas.

Worth noting is that in December of 2012, an unknown epidemic hazard was announced in Northern Ontario in a report by the Family Survival Protocol. This report stated:

"A woman was found dead on a Via Rail passenger train early Saturday morning. The company says the Vancouver-to-Toronto train stopped near Parry Sound, Ont., because four passengers were showing flu-like symptoms. Emergency crews boarded the train and confirmed that a woman who Via Rail described in a news release as elderly had died. The other three passengers were taken to hospital for treatment, according to the news release. The train was about six hours late getting to Toronto, according to the release. The train had left Vancouver on Christmas Day night. Via said a quarantine was placed on the two rooms the passengers were in, which is part of their standard procedures. Itís not believed anyone else was in those compartments, which will be sterilized. Health officials say itís not believed that other passengers or the trainís crew were exposed to those taken off the train, which had 200 passengers and 13 crew members on board. The local coroner was trying to determine the cause of death and the Ontario Provincial Police say the womanís identity was being withheld until all family members were notified."

Similarly, in more recent reports (March 2013) it was claimed that a deadly new "Coronavirus" has been spreading throughout the Asia and Europe and has claimed lives in the Middle East, China, and has since worked its way North claiming lives in the UK as well. This virus is similar to, yet more deadly than SARS and originated from the Middle East.
"The SARS coronavirus infected very few animal cell lines. It was finally traced to bats and civets. But we may have a very hard time, as this new virus seems to be much more promiscuous,", stated Yuen Kwok-yung, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong. "The SARS coronavirus infects very few human cell lines. But this new virus can infect many types of human cell lines, and kill cells rapidly...If the new virus mutates further, it could cause a deadly pandemic" he warned.

One question remains...Why do laboratories "create" deadly viruses again? It just does not make any sense to me whatsoever.
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