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Cayce's Poseidian Temple and 1998 Side-scan Sonar Results

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Author Topic: Cayce's Poseidian Temple and 1998 Side-scan Sonar Results  (Read 504 times)
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« on: September 05, 2007, 02:32:24 am »

Here is a short article I stitched together for The A.R.E.'s Ancient Mysteries Newsletter Aug '06 at John Van Auken's behest.  I was hoping to renew interest in the search for the Temple of Poseidian Records and possibly open some checkbooks.  It seemed to have worked because we landed half of the funding right before the Nov. expedition!
It includes a review of '98 sidescan sonar data by Bill Donato, and connects it with the Cayce readings.

Poseidian Temple
Search for Atlantis
by Paul Bader

Let's briefly examine the only instances where Cayce mentioned the Poseidian Temple of Records.  This is the original "Hall of Records" time capsule established by the ancient Law of One group in Atlantis. Then let's look at the only possible lead which exists for it at this time.  The first reading was given as part of a series to locate buried treasure on the islands of Bimini some fifty miles east of Miami, Florida:

GC: You will have before you the islands of North and South Bimini, and the submerged land adjacent to same.
EC: Yes, we have the islands as are seen in the natural formations as are visible at the present time.
....this is of the first highest civilization that will be uncovered in some of the adjacent lands to the west and south of the isles, see? Ready for questions.
(Q) Is this the continent known as Alta or Poseidia? [Atlantis]
(A) A temple of the Poseidians was in a portion of this land. (996-12)

Unfortunately, no further questions were asked about this temple during this particular reading.  I believe that when Cayce's source was asked to identify the Bimini region as "Alta or Poseida", he responded by saying that a temple was in that vicinity because the Source considered this temple and its contents as being rather important to humankind, and it was looking for an opportunity to point it out.  It's likley that followup questions about this temple were asked in subsequent readings because a letter sent to Cayce shortlyafterwards is found in Report 1 on reading 996-12. It includes this letter from Mr. 943 to Edgar Cayce, requesting a followup question:

"Dear Mr. Cayce:
In following up reading given as of March 2nd, 1927, at Miami, Florida, with reference to the development of Bimini, the following questions would be of interest:
1. Give location of temple of the Poseidons and how far below surface must excavation be made to locate it and what would be found in the ruins of the temple?"

Most of the original copies for the 996 series of readings were loaned out over seventy years ago and never returned! They contained the psychic clues for the location of hidden, pirate treasure and more information about the part of Atlantis known as Poseidia which existed in the Bahamas. The followup reading which probably covered that Poseidian temple in more detail is among those that are lost.  My suspicion is that the missing readings are gathering dust in someone's attic and I pray that they are found and brought to light soon.

In 1933, Cayce gave several past life readings for a business executive who was the primary Atlantean record keeper in Egypt:

"...the sealing of the record chambers. For, these were to be kept as had been given by the priests in Atlantis or Poseidia (Temple), when these records of the race, of the developments, of the laws pertaining to One were put in their chambers... the opening of the records that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis; for with the change it must rise (the temple) again." (378-16)

Here the Temple of Poseidia which contains the sacred records of Atlantis is mentioned as the origin for duplicate copies sent to Egypt and interred within the subterranean Hall of Records complex near the Great Sphinx of Giza.
A couple of months later, Cayce gave a reading about the Atlantean energy source called the "firestone" crystal for a young electrical engineer, and he was told that the first place that construction plans for the crystal could be found:

"As indicated, [See 996-12] the records of the manners of construction of same are in three places in the earth, as it stands today: In the sunken portions of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water - near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida." (440-5)

Notice that Cayce's stenographer added a reference to the 1927 reading in brackets. Was this done at the behest of Cayce or Cayce's source? Note also that this reading mentions "temples" -plural.  The suggestion made her is that the mysterious temple mentioned in 996-12 was one of these temples, and perhaps that determination was based on information from the missing readings. (half of the 996 series)

I have theorized that the crystal plans and the spiritual records of Atlantis may have been integrated since the crystals played such important roles throughout Atlantean history and were in the charge of the Law of One initiates.  Therefore, it seems likely that a temple near Bimini is the first time-vault holding the sacred records of the Atlantean Law of One group.

When the so-called "Bimini Road" formation was officially discovered in 1968 (many people knew of it long years before), a couple of news reports sensationally described it as the "tops of sunken temples."  It is, in actuality (and beyond any shadow of doubt), an ancient breakwater probably erected by a "proto-Phoenician", maritime,  Mediterranean culture some four to six thousand years ago, but it would be extremely ironic if the Poseidian temple was found buried underneath this breakwater!

Though many people have searched for the sunken temples mentioned in the Cayce readings, the closest and most exciting lead came in 1998 from an expedition led by my friend archeologist Bill Donato. Here is his report from the Atlantis Organization's newsletter:

PROJECT: ALTA, PHASE 3, PART 2 ~ June 1998

"The biggest, and most important discovery came about two weeks after the expedition. Doug Gossage sent me printouts from the side-scan sonar. If we can verify these images then we may finally have conclusive proof for the existence of Atlantis!

I had received the package of Saturday afternoon around 3:30 or 4:00. I was surprised and pleased at having gotten them so soon. One of the images looked very much like a pyramid and another like some sort of spire, though I now feel that these are simply shadow effects. But there were other images that were quite different and represented "hard targets" as they even had shadows behind them. The more I looked the more obvious it became that these shapes looked like structures of various sizes and shapes, especially in two frames that were right next to each other, so I initially designated them as "City 1" and "City 2". This might be a little misleading as "2" was actually scanned first, but when I looked at the images "1" was more apparent. There were also two other frames that clearly were picking up hard targets which could be large debris, wrecks, or even structures. Note that all of the most interesting features were discovered on June 2nd and June 3rd. I have re-designated "City 1" as "Target 1" and "City 2" as "Target 2".

Some have tried to claim that these could simply be side-scan "errors" as one might get if you make a turn with the boat when scanning, or do to some technical problem. I reject this hypothesis for several reasons. The data, which was converted to CD-ROM, includes the course followed, how far above the ocean floor the side-scan fish was, the sizes of the various features, can indicate how tall something is if it has a shadow, and much more. It is clear that "Targets 1 and 2" are part of the same feature as each pixel has a G.P.S. coordinate and indicates that they are only about 100 feet apart, the whole site being at least hundreds of feet in extent and probably much more.

When initially scanning one of the crew had said he'd seen something that looked like a "building". Jonathan reported that they'd searched for it but weren't able to relocate it --but the side-scan registered it. This is probably the rectangle in "Target 2" which Jonathan has found to be about 65 feet by 31 feet.

There are also features in the background that may be structures of fair size and something that looks suspiciously like a "fret" design, a common motif in Meso-America, the Andes, and the American Southwest, as well as Greece and other parts of the Old World. It is, however, the features of "Target 2" which stand out strikingly. There are two very clear post lintel systems on top of each other. There are a cluster of rectangular features with corresponding shadows. There is what appears to be a wall. There is what appears to be a structure with a staircase, a portico with two vertical support elements, a roof, and some other evenly spaced vertical support elements that brings to mind a Maya-type structure. The most spectacular feature is right in the middle of the feature and resembles a tiered structure with about four tiers and probably more. This image looks different than the others because it shows something I believe which supports my position: it shows reverse perspective!

We know from the data that the side-scan fish was comparatively close to the bottom and the gain was adjusted too high. This is admitted by everyone. It may also be the best thing that could have happened. Because the gain was turned too high we get a sharper contrast with harsher shadows revealing more than would otherwise be the case. The top of the tiered feature cannot be seen as it is in shadow, implying that the feature is taller higher than the fish is off of the bottom. This is where the "reverse perspective" is shown, just like if you shined a flashlight up from the bottom of something so that it appears to widen out at the top in an optical (or in this case acoustic) illusion --which could only be there if a solid object were being registered by the device.

This same feature has what appears to be a staircase going up the center to what looks like a doorway at the top of the structure with a smaller superstructure, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Maya type temple. Even more in line with "real" structures is the undisputed fact that virtually all of the features resembling architecture are proportional to human architecture in size. Taken together the idea that this is some kind of side-scan error cannot be supported statistically. To reiterate: the features resemble structures (especially Maya/Meso-American types), they are proportionate in size to human architecture (as an example features resembling two columns measure out at about 10 feet high and just under 3 feet wide), the feature closest to the fish shows perspective and shading at the top, several features show shadows indicating that they are hard targets, and the shapes resemble manmade features. Add to this that Edgar Cayce described Atlantean architecture as being built in tiers (like that of the Mayans), especially in their temples, that he said a temple of the Poseidians could be found near Bimini, and that much would be found to the west (and south) of Bimini and the picture begins to look pretty good. Anyone that has ever read the 364 readings that is familiar with Maya building practices will be struck by the similarity to those he describes as being Atlantean. Note that these images only occur in specific locations and are not interspersed throughout the readouts haphazardly. The data is consistent with the interpretation that this may be a true habitation site."

Since this report, we have awaited funding for a followup expedition to rescan this area in the waters west of Bimini in order to investigate these targets.  This work is extremely important to humankind.  Locating the ruins of Atlantis will not only confirm Edgar Cayce’s psychic statements on this subject, it will shift the current historical paradigm, while the public discovery of the actual records of Atlantis (that detail humanity’s Creation story) will shift the spiritual paradigm into a new age of peace and enlightenment for all of us.

We are grateful to sources within the A.R.E. and to Don Dickinson’s Law of One Foundation for making these discovery efforts possible. Δ

Paul Bader is a longtime researcher of the Cayce readings and a board member for the Advanced Planetary Explorations Institute (A.P.E.X.) and The Atlantis Organization.
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I'm a newbie and I goofed up!   Embarrassed  I meant to post this in the The Atlantis Organization thread. If an Administrator reading this would move it that would be most appreciated! 
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"For the greater individual is the one who is the servant of all. And to conquer self is greater than taking cities."

Reading 3253-2
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