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In the absence of a well-documented, comprehensive and permanent source of information on Iran, or formerly and widely known as Persia, that can accommodate many viewers' needs and wishes we decided to create a source, which could provide information on all aspects of Iranian/Persian history, art and culture. Therefore, in compliance with the needs of those who are concerned with Iran/Persia and its issues, in 2001 "Iran Chamber Society" was founded as a non-partisan and non-profit organization with the aim to promote Iranian culture and history. By actively publicizing historical and cultural findings and issues in a format that is accessible for the world community at large, Iran Chamber Society aims to create a global awareness about Iranian society and eradicate the misunderstandings and misconceptions about Iranian society, and to play an educational role as well.

Iran Chamber Society does its best to be the most well organized and comprehensive online source of information on Iranian/Persian history, art and culture without any membership requirement to access the data. We do believe that "Iran Chamber Society" is a free source of information and must stay away from all commercial concerns. Therefore, we decided not to accept, display, or publish any advertisement in order to be able to focus on the content and the quality of information. The Iran Chamber Society's mission is not to play a role of a Current Affair Organization as we know plenty of them are available on the net.

Since our resources are limited we need your support, feedback and advice not only to maintain the content of this site on the net but also to help it grow. All suggestions and corrections are deeply appreciated and will go under the thoughtful consideration. Our achievement up to now is relied on the generosity and commitment of our contributors.

Herewith, Iran Chamber Society sincerely invites all Iranian and non-Iranian scholars and researchers to become contributing members and publish their articles and research papers on this platform and share them with the rest of the world.

Thank you for visiting and contributing to Iran Chamber Society.

Iran Chamber Society




 A short history of high buildings in Iran
 Bazaar of Isfahan
 Iranian architecture today, a bridge between east & west


 A brief history of Persian Carpet and its patterns
  Pictures of Persian Carpets

Cinema and Performance Arts

 Cinema and Performance Arts; Biographies, Related articles and more ...

Culture of Iran

 Festivals, Rituals, Ceremonies and Related articles

Language, Literature and Scripts

 Persian Language and its history; Biographies; Classical & contemporary literary works, Scripts and Related articles

Museum and Gallery

 Historical, Fine Arts, Carpet, Contemporary Art & etc.
 The Treasury of National -Royal- Iranian Jewels


 Introduction to Iranian Music; Related articles; Biographies of artists, Links and ...

National Manuments

 Historical Churches in Iran
  Iranian Historical Churches
 National Monuments of Iran


 A Variety of Delicious Iranian Recipes; Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Dishes, Salads, Soups, Desserts, ...

Religions of Iran

 Fotgotten and today's Religions, History of Religious Minorities; Related articles

Visual Arts

 Articles on Visual Arts; Ancient Iranian Arts; artists and their works; Photography, Painting, Calligraphy, Pottery, Sculpture, Dance; and Related articles



 The Elamite Empire, 2500 - 644 BCE
 By: Cyrus Shahmiri

 The Art of Elamites, (The Art of Ancient Iran of Pre-Islamic era)
 By: Edith Porada

 The Median Empire, 728 - 550 BCE

 Ecbatana, (The capital of the ancient Median empire)
 By: Jona Lendering

 Rhagae, (Religious center in ancient Median empire)
 By: Jona Lendering

 The Achaemenid Empire, 550 - 330 BCE

 The First Charter of the Rights of Nations, 539 BCE
 Cyrus The Great declared the first known Charter of Human Rights.

 Cyrus the Great: The decree of return for the Jews, 539 BCE
 By: Charles F. Horne

 The Art of Achaemenids, (The Art of Ancient Iran of Pre-Islamic era)
 By: Edith Porada

 Eye of the king, (Inspector in the Achaemenid empire)
 By: Jona Lendering

 Pasargadae, (Oldest of the capitals of the ancient Achaemenid empire)
 By: Jona Lendering

 Darius the Great's Inscription at Naqshe Rostam

 Words of Darius the Great in Bisotoun's Inscription

 Susa, (Favorite residence of the Persian king Darius I the Great)
 By: Jona Lendering

 Achaemenid Army
 By: Professor A. Sh. Shahbazi

 Immortals, (Elite regiment in the ancient Achaemenid empire)
 By: Jona Lendering

 Persepolis, (or Parse, ancient capital of Persian -Achaemenid- Empire)

  Pictures of Persepolis, Ancient Capital of Persian -Achaemenid- Empire

 Royal Road, 5th century BCE
 By: Jona Lendering

 The Persian Wars
 By: Professor Livio C. Stecchini

 Histories of Herodotus, (A reference of Persian Empire of Achaemenian era)
 By: Herodotus of Halicarnassus

 Cyropaedia of Xenophon, The Life of Cyrus The Great
 By: Xenophon

 Anabasis of Xenophon, (A reference of Persian Empire of Achaemenian era)
 By: Xenophon

 The Anabasis of Alexander: The Battle of Gaugamela
 By: Arrian (Lucius Flavius Arrianus)

 The Battle of Gaugamela
 By: Ernst Badian

 Persian Syria 538-331 BCE; Two Centuries of Persian Rule
 By: Adnan Bounni

 Palestine Under the Persians 539-332 BCE
 By: Dr David F. Graf

 Seleucid Empire, 306 - c.150 BCE
 By: Jens Jakobsson

 Iran After the Death of Alexander and Its Resistance to Hellenism
 By: Maryam Hedayati

 The Parthian Empire, 247 BCE - 224 CE

 The Art of Parthians, (The Art of Ancient Iran of Pre-Islamic era)
 By: Edith Porada

 Parthian Army
 By: Professor A. Sh. Shahbazi

 Ctesiphon (Parthian: Tyspwn), The capital of the Parthians and the Sassanids
 By: Jona Lendering

 General Surena, The Hero of Carrhae
 By: Shapour Suren-Pahlav

 The Sassanid Empire, 224 - 642 CE

 A Review of Sassanid Images and Inscriptions
 By: Asghar Mahmoudabadi

 The Karnamak-e Ardeshir-e Papakan
 By: Charles F. Horne

 Emperor Ardeshir and the cycle of history
 Dr. Richard Frye

 Economy In Sassanian Iran
 Rika Gyselen

 The Art of Sassanians, (The Art of Ancient Iran of Pre-Islamic era)
 By: Edith Porada

 Sassanian Army
 By: Professor A. Sh. Shahbazi

 Manichaeism, (The Forgotten Religion of Sassanid Era)
 By: I.J.S. Taraporewala

 Mazdakism, (A religious and social movement of Sassanid Era)
 By: I.J.S. Taraporewala

 Islamic Conquest, 636 CE

 Saffarid Dynasty, 861 - 900 CE

 Samanid Dynasty, 819 - 999 CE
 By: Cyrus Shahmiri

 Turks and Mongols, 10th - 15th century CE

 Ziyarids Dynasty, 927 - 1043 CE

 Ghaznavid Dynasty, 962 - 1186 CE

 Ismailieh (Assassins), 11th century CE

 Safavid Empire, 1502 - 1736
 By: Shapour Ghasemi

 Afsharid Dynasty (Nader Shah), 1736 - 1757

 Zand Dynasty, 1757 - 1794

 Qajar Dynasty, 1794 - 1925

 The Siege of Herat 1837 - 1838
 By: John Carl Nelson

 The Qajar class structure
 By: Ahmad Ashraf and Ali Banuazizi

  Pictures of Qajar kings and era

 Constitutional Revolution, 1906 - 1911

  Pictures of Constitutional Revolution, 1906 - 1911

 Pahlavi Dynasty, 1925 - 1979

 Oil Nationalization, 1949 - 1951

 A short account of American planned 1953 Coup
 Operation code-name: TP-AJAX

 The post-Mosaddeq era and the Shah's White Revolution

 Islamic Revolution of 1979 and Establishment of Islamic Republic of Iran

  Pictures of 1979 Revolution of Iran

 Iran after the victory of 1979's Revolution

 Iran-Iraq War 1980 - 1988, (A short account of Iraqi invasion)

  Pictures of Iran-Iraq War 1980-88



 Historic Personalities of all times; from Kings, Politicians, Generals, Revolutionaries, Freedom Fighters to ...

 Articles on History of Iran and Iranians, past and present, by Iranian and non-Iranian historians and scholars ...

 Iranian Personalities of all times; from Intellectuals, Philosophers, Physicists, Mathematicians, Chemists, Physicians, Historians to ...




 Culture of Iran; Cultural issues, Festivals, Rituals; and Related articles.

 Visual Arts; Ancient Iranian Arts; Artists and their works; Photography, Painting, Calligraphy, Pottery, Sculpture, Dance; and Related articles.

 Cinema & Performance Arts; Biographies, Related articles and more ...

 Museums & Galleries of Classical and Contemporary Arts, Carpet, Fine Arts & Glassware and more ...


R E L I G I O N S   O F   I R A N

 A brief history of Christianity in Iran
By: Massoume Price, 2002

 A brief history of Iranian Jews
By: Massoume Price, 2001

 A Commentary on Professor Zirinsky's Article:
American Presbyterian Missionaries at Urmia During the Great War
By: Dr. Arian Ishaya,

 American Presbyterian Missionaries at Urmia During the Great War
By: Professor Michael Zirinsky

 Anahita -The Mother of Gods-, Iran the cradle of the early gods
By: Mohammad Sadeq Nazmi Afshar

 Bahá'í History
By: Dr. Moojan Momen and Peter Smith

 Bahá'í Social Teachings
By: Dr. Moojan Momen

 Christianity in Ancient Iran: Aba & The Church in Persia
By: Benjamin George Wilkinson

 Dying for God: Martyrdom in the Shii
By: Jonah Winters

 History of Shi'ism
By: Sayyid Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai

 Influence and Role of Iranians in other Religions
By: Fariborz Rahnamoon

 Iranians' Role in Expansion of Buddhism
By: Dr. Ali Asghar Mostafavi

 Magians (Old Persian Maguš); experts in Iranian religious -probably: oral- traditions
By: Jona Lendering

 Manichaeism -The forgotten religion of Sassanid Era-
By: I.J.S. Taraporewala

 Mazdakism -A religious and social movement of Sassanid Era-
By: I.J.S. Taraporewala

 Mithraism, it's Influence on Christianity
By: Dr. Zartosht Ataollahi

 Mithraism: Mithra Khsathrapati and His Brother Ahura
By: Professor Mary Boyce

 Moral Philosophy of Zarathushtra
By: Kambiz Sakhai

 Pre-Zoroastrian religions of Iran
By: Massoume Price

 Religion in Iran

 Religious Dissidence and Urban Leadership: Bahais in Qajar Shiraz and Tehran
By: Juan R. I. Cole

 Suhrawardi, Hafiz and Zoroaster
By: Kambiz Sakhai

 The Early Years of Sassanid Empire and Religious Turmoil in Persia

 The Elamite Religion
By: Françoise Vallat

 The Establishment and Development of Christianity in the Parthian Empire (1st century - 224/6 A.D.)
By: Evangelos Venetis & Dr. M. Alinia Mozdoor

 The Family in Bahá'í Faith
By: Dr. Moojan Momen

 The Unveiling of the Babi Poetess Qurrat al-`Ayn Tahirih in the Gardens of Badasht
By: Professor Negar Mottahedeh

 The Secrets of Zoroastrianism
By: Mark Willey

 Zarathushtra; The First Monotheist Prophet
By: Noorbakhsh Rahimzadeh

 Zoroaster and Zoroastrians in Iran
By: Massoume Price, 2001

 Zoroastrianism under the Achaemenids
By: Kersi B. Shroff

 Zoroastrian Myth of the End
By: Massoume Price

By: Robert Charles Zaehner

 More articles on Religions of Iran


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