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News: Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis
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Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami

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Author Topic: Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami  (Read 119 times)
Major Weatherly
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« on: April 23, 2012, 01:47:07 am »

Public release date: 19-Apr-2012
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Contact: Nan Broadbent
Seismological Society of America
Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami
German researcher presents new research at SSA Annual Meeting

IMAGE: This figure shows the study area in Greece (Thermaikos Gulf). Red stars indicate drilling sites, where researchers have found high-energy layers, which are interpreted a of a tsunami origin.
Click here for more information.


San Francisco -- In the winter of 479 B.C., a tsunami was the savior of Potidaea, drowning hundreds of Persian invaders as they lay siege to the ancient Greek village. New geological evidence suggests that the region may still be vulnerable to tsunami events, according to Klaus Reicherter of Aachen University in Germany and his colleagues.

The Greek historian Herodotus described the strange retreat of the tide and massive waves at Potidaea, making his account the first description of a historical tsunami. Reicherter and colleagues have added to the story by sampling sediments on the Possidi peninsula in northern Greece where Potidaea (and its modern counterpart, Nea Potidea) is located. The sediment cores show signs of "high-energy" marine events like significant waves, and excavations in the suburbs of the nearby ancient city of Mende have uncovered a high-energy level dated to the 5th century B.C. The Mende layer contains much older marine seashells that were probably scoured from the ocean bed and deposited during a tsunami.

IMAGE: This figure shows the excavation area at Mende; the yellow box shows location of section.
Click here for more information.


Earthquake forecast modeling in the North Aegean Basin near the peninsula suggests that future earthquakes in the area could produce significant tsunami waves, although the area is not included currently in the ten "tsunami" prone regions of Greece. However, Reicherter and colleagues say their new findings suggest the Thermaikos Gulf where the peninsula is located should be included in tsunami hazard calculations, especially since the area is densely populated and home to many holiday resorts.

Reicherter will present his findings at the Annual Meeting of the Seismological Society of America (SSA) on April 19 in San Diego.

IMAGE: The image shows excavated deposits.
Click here for more information.



SSA is a scientific society devoted to the advancement of earthquake science. Founded in 1906 in San Francisco, the Society now has members throughout the world representing a variety of technical interests: seismologists and other geophysicists, geologists, engineers, insurers, and policy-makers in preparedness and safety.
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Major Weatherly
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« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2012, 01:48:45 am »

Caption: This figure shows the study area in Greece (Thermaikos Gulf). Red stars indicate drilling sites, where researchers have found high-energy layers, which are interpreted a of a tsunami origin.

Credit: Klaus Reicherter, RWTH Aachen University

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Related news release: Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami
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Major Weatherly
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« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2012, 01:51:11 am »

Caption: This figure shows the excavation area at Mende; the yellow box shows location of section.

Credit: Klaus Reicherter, RWTH Aachen University

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Related news release: Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami
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Major Weatherly
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« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2012, 01:51:41 am »

Caption: The image shows excavated deposits.

Credit: Klaus Reicherter, RWTH Aachen University

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Related news release: Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami
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Blue-Hue? is he Just Blind, or a One-eyed 'king' ?

« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2012, 08:54:43 am »


ABOUT greek Historical Tsunamies,
were they GLOBAL ?But certainly taken for granted ?

I found that ARABY used to be "TSUNAMI-Country "
and Atlantis or Land-of-AD was synomym to Araby.

Can you name some TREATISES on Greek Historical Tsunamies?
I got my Dates only on Reckoning and Hunches
No Maritime Faculties of 50 Universities would take this serious.

Japanes but especially Chines past Tsunamies,
have caused millions of Deaths according to ancient Chronicals

Apparently and probably,
Coastal-cities were more prone to aquatic disaster than we care to know
many old poirt-Cities are now under 50 Meters of Seawater.
The Last major European Sea-levelrise was in 855 bc

But ( Alas, poor people.)Chinese Tsunamies continued in historical times,
I have not researched what their cyclic Dates were
because I foolishly concentrade on Greek Tsunamies,
But I hope that once my discovery of
forgotten Tsumanies will be Published by any University at Large !

After Troy, Odysseus complained of " ADVERSE  WINDS
barring him from returning to ITHAKA, but he wasn't in haste
("He took the extra-mile ")"POSEIDON and HERA(=Moon.)
were"Cross "at him but this was a greek Euphemism for

During the TROJAN Wars,( NOT 1200/1192 but 860-55 bc.)
the Greeks had to haul-up their ships closer to the Trojan walls
because of a Great Flood(= little Tsunami.)

PLATO told of ONE Cataclysm that destroyed ATLANTIS
Because Zeus wanted to destroy HYBRIS mankind
But Atlantis survived TWO Cataclysms , only, a third in 705 bc, proved lethal

Ofcourse a CATACLYSM is the same as a TSUNAMI( I knew that ?)
Even Priest Sonchis at Saiis corrected SOLON on his seeming error

Egypt knew MANY Cataclysms where Athens only knew ONE
But only for Medxia SHORTAGE reasons, all liutterature was destroyed too!

I discovered that the Moon caused all past Tsunamies every 50 years.
MOON is a geological recent sattelite captive of Earth around 1055 bc

Before THAT event Moon was a satelite of Planet Venus called Afrodite
When Venus passed closeby Planet Mars, moon reverted to Mars Orbit

OVID even said so in his treatise Osiris and Isiridis
Plutarch in his tale about Mars wanting to court Minerva
but was too shy and asked"Anna"to be an intermediate
but He found "old Anna"instead inbetween the bed-sheets

Since 1055 bc MOON has caused a MEGA Tsunami every 50-th year
on the Dot, in the following sequence:

1055 (=Flood of Deucalion/Bibical-Flood of"Noach")

1005 (=Flood of King DAVID/Thutmoses-2 FAMOUS question of Pest or Famin.)

-955  (=Flood of ANDROMEDA who married Perseus( Thutmosis-3.)

-905 (=Flood of Enki & Enlil.)

-855 (2nd Flood that destroyed PLATO's Atlantis.)

-755 ( Founding of Rome after a Tsunami hit Italy.)

-749 Flood at Pothidae stopping Persian fleet entering Greece.

-705 (Flood/Earthquake during assyrian host invading Israel.during King Menachim.)

-685 Sennacherib's Army destroyed by Flood & Earthquake before Jerusalem.

-655 ( Artaxerxes-3 invading Egypt after a Flood.)

and so on, into modern times keeping "Right on Schedule "

455 aD Romans left Holland because of a Mega Tsunami

505 ad Mars comets fell in Northern Germany ( Whilst King ARTHUR was fighting there.)

aD Carolinguan Floods in Noth-France.

905 aD Flood that sunk a forest in Brittany, Northern France( Church LeMont-Saint Michel.)

1145-1165 Mega Tsuna Mega Tsunami in England.mies in Northern Europe

1345-55 BLACK  DEATH after a Mega-Tsunami in England and Danemark.

1425-55 Mega-Tsunamies in Hollands river estuaries( named euphemistically"Stormfloods.")

1755 aD Giant Earthquake & a Mega Tsunami at LISBOA-Portugal( Right on"Time")

1805-15 Explosion of Volcano Tambora in Sumatra/Java

1883-88 Explosions at KRAKATOA east of Java.( with Tsunamies.)

1906 Giant Earth Quake(+Tsunami.)at San Fransisco( "Right-on-Time ")

Giant "Storm-Floods"in North-Europe/Holland( Dutch Dikes collapsed.)

MEGA asian Tsunami with recurrent afyershocks( 2011 Fukushima Japan.)

2055, maybe , 2054 or  2056 statistically, is a Next MEGA-Tsunami to be expected(!(Next in 2105 !)

in ancient Times the ""FIRE "- BIRD/ PHOENIX supposedly rounded Earth's Orbit
These Mega-Tsunamies were named LEVATHIANS in Bible and TYPHONS in Greece.

every 500 Years, from West(PO-river) to East( Eridanos=Gulf-of-Aden.)
( Where the Aethiopians got burned Faces !!! )
This must -ofcourse- be"every 50 Years "NOT every 500-Years( Phoenix is the MOON! )

PELA-SCIAN(= Proto - Greek ) Creation MYTH says, that
MOON left Venus and courted Mars( EURYNOME courted OPHION.)
But kicked his "Teeth "out than went to Earth & Bounced off Indian-Ocean as" Afrodite "

PROOF of this ius in the PUDDING,
MARS Borealis-Basin is a bowled-cut-out in Mars'lithosphere
AITKIN- Hole is a cut-out trench in Moon's below
The Astronomical/Planet Symbols, of Moon with Cross"+ Mars with Arrow should tell that tale

When MOON Hit Mars(= formerly The greek WATER-Planet Poseidon. turned ARID as "Aris ")
Moon headded towards Earth, "Clothed "in Mars'primeval waters.

ATLANTIS did NOT sink by Sea-Levelrise in 10.000 bc, but in 855 bc.
MEAN -LEVEL Searise in 10.000 until 855 bc is"only"100-Meters, but
inbetween 855 bc & 755 bc, the Sea rose 50 Meters, finally
enabling the,
Greek colonization of the Black-Sea basin aerea.

When Moon Struck Earth twice, in 1055 % 855 bc
during the TITANO-Machia & GIGANTO-Machia the modern paleo-geologists
Made that happen in the MAGDALENIEN=- Epoch ( dd 8.000 bc )
and called it the great "QUARTERNARY - LAK╦- BURST "

Before 1055 bc Europe & America were still"PANGEA "
and Earth and Venus/Mars were still in ORBIT around Planet Jupiter

All historical Tsunamies have been caused by the MOON onlyand,
Stratigraphic layers can not be tangent by lateral forces but a bump.
Moon bounced-off Antartica in 1055 bc causing the Andes Mnts to rise
Moon bounced -off Hawaii(in 855 bc.) causing the Himalay Mnts to rise.

HOW do I know this Huh
and other Atlantologists do not ?
BECAUSE: Titano-Machia & Giganto-Machia were named as the
"Battle of the Gods with the Stars "

These GODS had Known names:
His Son PHA╦ETON was AKNATON(= Amenhoteb-4

Starconstellations bore brand new names after the 855 bc Moonbounce Event
e.g. CASSIOPEIA & CHEPHEUS were non-other than
PERSEUS is Thutmoses-3 & HERACLES is HOR-em-HEB

When HERACLES was Born( about 880 bc( NOT 1380 bc.)
the Sky was lighted-up by a COMET-passing named the birth
of the Milkyway.  ( Earth was beiing torned-away from Jupiter's Orbit then.)

EARTH's axis tilted by Comets(= Mars-meteors-) bouncing off Earth
Proof is the rift of Mars-meteorite Pebbles called"MUHARAK "
lining the Lybian- Desert in Egypt
and the 100 Meter transference meteor-pitts
 in the Arab DAHNA-Desert

These are all millions of HOT-Hail pebbles from the Biblical-ten Plagues
One doesn't have to travel to Mars in order to fetch Mars-Pebbles !

NASA proofed this.
by issue in the 1995 Scientific-American Magazine,
Showing Straight Lines from skipping Mars Meteors
just before "PANGEA "split apart when MOON 's impac(-s) followed

In AKNATON's Tombs at El-Amarna the wall-paintings show
ATON(= PhaŰeton.)the (NIGHT-) Sun hovering towards Earth
with 13 wirling "Hands"showing ANKH-endings.

Officially AKHNATON(= Amenhoteb-3.) reigned in 1350 bc
But to his detriment Dr Velikovsky, discovered 500-error years
in egyptian Chronoilogy, THUS year 1500 bc is actually year 1000 bc
Thus Akhnaton reigned( in REVISED-Chronology.) from 855-until 820 bc.

He was after 855 bc named "The criminal of Aton"for worshipping that MOON.

a sphere with a Cross on Top is Sign of the EARTH,
but ALSO of passing COMETTS, so
what, to think of the "CHILD-Jesus"holding a Crossed Sphere ?
Is the SKY-"Lord "of the Zodiak a benevolent person
or an Earth -wrecking COMET Huh( e.g.the STAR of Caesar at Bethlehem !)

I asked 50 European Universities to adopt & promote my Discovery
but they all refused to get involved in" Mythical Fairytales.")[Even Princeton-Univ. ]
Discovery-TVChannel & BBC-history-TVChannel & SKY-TVchannel abstained too,
which is  strange because they too have issued speculative programms about"ATLANTIS"

At Home, for discovering "Atlantis"I was made a Social-Outcast
for deviating from the Official tlantis-CANON story-Line
I had to throw away my Atlantis Books Lest I was to
Continue renting my Council-apartement now I turned' Tarzan-Cartoonist.'

Sincerely,  " BueHue " dd 12 Oct. 2012  at Amsterdam/ Holland.

PS, disclaimer,
I apollogize to other A( much Longer standing-)Atlantologists
for beiing a "Spell-Breaker "and beating them to the race for "Atlantis"
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Atlantis in,"historical-Perspective"

This Egyptian,INDIAN-Ocean trade-Empire was
ruled by-CEO-Queen Tiy

PLATO wrote (GREEK!)" ATHE " Now,Aden= Solomon's/OFIR, in Herodotus-Araby-Map

ATLANTIS-Dialogue=Satire,on Athens-Trade boycott(of Darius2,413bc)
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