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News: Towering Ancient Tsunami Devastated the Mediterranean
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Atlantis uncovered? - A Journey to a sunken City in the Atlantic Ocean

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Author Topic: Atlantis uncovered? - A Journey to a sunken City in the Atlantic Ocean  (Read 910 times)
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Blue-Hue? is he Just Blind, or a One-eyed 'king' ?

« on: April 03, 2014, 10:21:21 am »

My apology, for this late reply,
I liked you Style of response:"Dude, the 'Atlantic-Ocean' is in America !"

Yes I read some of Herodotus'Histories, but not about the "Persian-Wars" Too many Battles)
But let's oncentrate about the Toponym "Atlantic-Ocean" as "Sea-of-Atlas"

Okeanos-Atlanikoum, as I mentioned earlier, it is a misunderstanding to suggest
that the ancient atlantic Ocean encompassed the 'World' as in 'Globe-of-'

Araby or the Peninsula-of-Punt was alternatively known as "The World", so
obviously the Okeanos as World-River WAS NO ALLUSION TO THE Spheral-GLOBE
but rather to Araby, enclosed on almost 4-sides by Sea-brances, named Sinusses
( Sinus-Alanitus, Sinus-Arabicus, Sinus-Persicus, and the "Middle-Sea">or PONTUS
PONTUS was part or even "Son -of- Okeanos", it's -present- name is "Gulf-of-Aden"

In Plato's terms,
the (-Present-)"Red -Sea" was the Veritable-Okeanos"
but the "Gulf-of-Aden" was "the "True-Okeanos".y

Originally( and no ancient-araby mapper realised this)

ARABY is derived from: Latin "Terra-Arabis" the litterary translation of Greek "Meso-Pothamia, Land inbetween two Rivers
Those 2 Rivers were NOT the Tigris/Euprates, but the 2 Okeanos or Sinus in Latin

That PART of the entire Okeanos that streamed along the Coast of Ad-Land ONLY, was named the Ad-lantic-Ocean. or Interconnecting Sea, hence Pontos-Sea
The socalled Atlantic-OCEANthus existed in three separate PARTS.

The vertical-western PART, now Red-Sea, was named the "Mid-World-Sea"(or"MED")
because, it streamed along the coast named " Mid-World ""or "MITTANIA"(=Mid-World)

WHEN the original/ aboriginal/ Barbarious/ Latin & Greeks from South-Araby, were
destitute, after the unrecorded Mega-Tsunami of 705 bc, in Felix-Arabia/ Yemen/ Oman

Emp.Sanherib(=Sargon2)arranged that the Mediterranean Peoples went to present Europe as assyrian Colonists, with Assyrian Gods, whereby'Zeus'was Salmanassur-3
The Patricide who murdered his Father Saturn(= Assurnasirpal-2)or Shuttarna of Mittanni !

Hence the original name of Okeanos-Media, was recreated as (New/Nea-)MidlandSea
Otherwise one shoud wonder if the Present-"MED"is New, where then is,the Old-one?!

To conclude my research/backfee narrative:
IF the present Atlantic Ocean is its ancient name than pray, why is that name

written on the historical Map of Pensylvania-Colony as "MARE- OCEANUM" abnd NOT
Mare Atlanticum or Oceanum-Atlanticum?( Around 1625)
"Because, when in 1648 the Treaty of Munster in Gemany was concluded, ending the
80-years War between Hollan & Spain,

The Dutch stipulated that HENCEFORTH THE MARE OR OCEANUM HISPAGNOLUM SHOULD BE RENAMED "DUTCH-SEA" overpretentious ofCourse so the old Toponym
got an already previous suggested name neutral name "Atlalantic Ocean" !

Sincerely, "Blue-Hue "dd Apri 3, 2014

Quote from: Carolyn Silver link=topic=30867.msg24t7715#msg247715 date=1352525403 way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever heard of Herodotus, have you eve read the Histories of Herodotus?

The oldest known mention of "Atlantic" is in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC (Hdt. 1.202.4): Atlantis thalassa (Greek: Ἀτλαντὶς θάλασσα; English: Sea of Atlas)!

That is WAY before any of the dates you mentioned. As I said, read some history!  Cheesy
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Atlantis in,"historical-Perspective"

This Egyptian,INDIAN-Ocean trade-Empire was
ruled by-CEO-Queen Tiy

PLATO wrote (GREEK!)" ATHE " Now,Aden= Solomon's/OFIR, in Herodotus-Araby-Map

ATLANTIS-Dialogue=Satire,on Athens-Trade boycott(of Darius2,413bc)

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