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New inroads to Atlantis in ADEN( By BlueHue)

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Author Topic: New inroads to Atlantis in ADEN( By BlueHue)  (Read 220 times)
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Blue-Hue? is he Just Blind, or a One-eyed 'king' ?

« on: March 22, 2012, 12:58:47 pm »


I suffer severe medical probelms, my Eye sight gets worse I can hardly sea the Keyboard or Screen letters my right eye is blind, my left one is myopic grade/dioptry minus 20,
so I don´t write commentary anymore.

Mrs. Caroline SILVER, once mailed me "DUDE"the Atlantic Oceaqn is around America
I took no offence but, accusing me of únscientific statements about ANOTHER'Atlantic-Ocean'around Araby is really aking the Bisquite.

Our socalled Atlanic Ocean was a compromised Sea Name after the Treaty of Munster signed in Germany in 1648, ending the 80-years War between Spain and the Dutch Republic
who's admirals refused to sail through a Sea that bore the name of Spanish-Sea
So the"Allied"re-named it to a NEUtral"toponym as the Atlantic-Ocean.

Never the less, during the Pennsylvanian Colony periods, tyhe socallede Atlantic Oceaqn wasstil chartered as the `MARE / OCEANUM`)  or formerly as the Mare Britanicum or Mare Hispagnola, but, NOT yet  as the `Atlantic / Ocean `

So a premise of America beiing Atlantis based on the Geo/name `Atlantic Ocean
is a propaganda for American patriotism, but not for putting Atlantis in the proper historic perspective.

What many atlantis researchers don t know, due to the proverbial
 media/shortage is that the Atantea survivers were survivers of a Mega tidal wavein as late as 705 bc.

All Latin nations and Greeknations before them, oginate from ) South/'ARABY
They were given a proxy, y the assyrian emperor SanHerib to colonize Europe`NOVA`
as assyrian subjects

and they may have colonized Scandinavia as well accoubnting for the Fantasy`/tale of a`Heracles in the Baltic, which therefore is just folklore transmitted by Greek immigrants as Assyrian settlers

The political tie with metropole home land Assur was subsequently severed by political changes turmoil in the metropolitan homeland

My contention is that our socalled Biblical/history is not greek but purely Egyptian and the socalled Olympic Gods were new and Assyrian. Zeus the patricide is Salmanasser/3 the Patricide.

Recently I read that archaeologists in Cartage had found no punician building foundations prior to 700/705 bc
I guess that the same goes for the oldest foundations of Rome and Athens their age goes not beyond 705 bc( 7th-Century.)

Yet Cartage was founded in 1200 bc, Athens in 1.000 bc and Rome in 755 bc.
The only conclusion seems to be that after these Metropolitan cities were founded
a atural disaster must have prompted the founders after only 50 odd years
to re-settle in Europe
 Since their original habitats were destroyed these Greeks Punicians & Romans
thought that the opresent city-locations were the origina ones too.

But obviously when their foundation age doesn't exeed 700 bc
the original settings must be elsewhere
Like Ras Fartak for Cartage and Aden for Athens, and also Aden as Ladon/Latium for the Romans
which feature as Aromatii on the Herodotu's Araby Map and these Greeks as the Gorgones.

The only problem in THIS scenario is
were the Etruscan foundation date genuine ?
because The Etruscans were already in Italy since 900 bc.
and the Romans came tumbling after.
Read my Subscript for more information
 THANK - You !
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Atlantis in,"historical-Perspective"

This Egyptian,INDIAN-Ocean trade-Empire was
ruled by-CEO-Queen Tiy

PLATO wrote (GREEK!)" ATHE " Now,Aden= Solomon's/OFIR, in Herodotus-Araby-Map

ATLANTIS-Dialogue=Satire,on Athens-Trade boycott(of Darius2,413bc)

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