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King Kong - 1933 Screenplay

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Author Topic: King Kong - 1933 Screenplay  (Read 11163 times)
Stacy Dohm
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« on: August 25, 2007, 09:37:02 pm »

DISSOLVE IN on the exterior of a bank, leading, in the
               background down into a hollow filled with fog. The men come
               in from camera left and look down. (Fog Hollow set from "most
               Dangerous Game")

                             (following tracks with
                         There's his foot again --
                             (following director)
                         -- he's down in that hollow where
                         the fog is, some place.

                         There's water down there. Here.

               They listen. Sounds of splashing.

                         That's him, splashing through. Come

               They run down into fog. (CURTAIN EFFECT)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               The men run down the muddy bank through heavy fog towards the
               water, left to right. (Fog Hollow set)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               The water's edge, as the men run down through heavy fog left
               to right. A couple of fallen trees, floated down with the
               current, lie half submerged by the bank. Kong's footprints is
               in the mud, Kong splashing out of stream on other side can be
               heard as men come up. (Fog Hollow Set)

                             (looks at footprint, then
                              across stream)
                         He must have swum across.

                         That's out for us. We can't swim
                         with guns and bombs.

                             (looks about, sees log,
                              gets an idea)
                         How about these --
                             (indicates logs)
                         -- for a raft?

                         Yeah, that's it. A raft.

                         All right, boys, gets busy.

                                   1ST SAILOR
                         Get some vines, Tim.

               Tim, the sailor to be used in tree, runs for vines. Other
               sailors run to logs.

                                   2ND SAILOR
                             (at log)
                         Pull 'em clear now.


               DISSOLVE IN on the raft, now completed. They have bound the
               logs together with liana vines. Heavy fog.
               The arms and bombs are loaded on the raft. So are they men.
               They last of them are just getting on.

                         Don't get the arms wet, boys.

                                   SAILOR A
                             (guarding them)
                         I'm watching 'em.

                                   SAILOR B
                             (helping another on)
                         Easy now.

                             (shouts, looking around)
                         All set? All set, everybody?

                         All set. Let 'er go.


                         Shove off.

               A couple of sailors; still on shore, push the raft out until
               they are waist deep, then jump aboard. Others use poles to
               push it towards the opposite bank. Ad lib, "Push -- put your
               back in it, etc."

               EXT. STREAM - GENERAL VIEW - DAY

               The raft moves across the stream through heavy fog.
               (Miniature raft and miniature men.)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL OR MED. SHOT - DAY

               This shot moves through fog with men as they pole raft.

                         Easy now -- keep her against the

                         Keep your weight in the center,
                         boys -- weight in the center.

                                   1ST SAILOR
                             (stops poling to stare)
                         Holy mackerel -- look at that.

               All look.

               EXT. STREAM - LONG SHOT - DAY

               A huge scaly head rears up from the water to look down on the
               raft, drifting, horrible. It is the head of a Dinosaur. In
               this the raft can also be seen. (Miniature raft, miniature
               beast.) Heavy fog. The men shriek in wild commotion.

               EXT. STREAM - FULL OR MED. SHOT - DAY

               The angle which moves with the raft as the men, yelling
               wildly, attempt to pole the raft towards the shore. One or
               two men are pushed off in the panic. Everyone shoves the
               wrong way. Heavy fog here.

               EXT. STREAM - LONG SHOT - DAY

               The Dinosaur dives and starts for the raft in a series of
               undulating, sea-serpent dives. Wild panic and shrieks on the
               raft. Heavy fog. (Miniature raft, men and beast.)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL OR MED. SHOT - DAY

               The angle which moves with the raft. It has come to a
               standstill now as the men shove in the wrong directions,
               shouting at each other. Some are trying vainly to reach the
               arms. The head of the Dinosaur rears up from the water behind
               the boat, upsetting; as he comes up under it, the raft with
               its occupants. They fall, screaming, into the stream. Fog.
               (Miniature projection)

               EXT. STREAM - MED. SHOT - DAY

               Three sailors as they land in the water and come up

               A FLASH. Fog. Tank.

               EXT. STREAM - SEMI CLOSE UP - DAY

               A sailor drowning. Flash. Fog. Tank.

               EXT. STREAM - MED. SHOT - DAY

               The sailor with the bombs starts to sink. He loosens the
               bombs and lets them go to the bottom. Fog. Tank.

               EXT. STREAM - LONG SHOT - DAY

               The Dinosaur thrashing among the men and the broken raft.
               Some swim for the shore. (Miniature raft, men and beast as
               before) Heavy Fog.

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               The men run out of the water on the far bank. The beast can
               be heard behind them. They run up, left to right. Heavy fog.
               (Fog Hollow set, use bullrushes)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               The men run up another section of bank. Either away from
               camera or left to right. The beast can be heard behind them.
               Fog. (Fog Hollow Set)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               Another shot of the men running up the bank, away from camera
               or left to right, with the beast heard behind them. Fog. (Fog
               Hollow Set)

               EXT. STREAM - GENERAL VIEW - DAY

               The men run up the bank. One man (Tim) is in the rear. He
               sees the Dinosaur following through the fog (double print
               miniature) He runs toward the jungle - (tree not in this
               shot) Fog. (Fog Hollow Set)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               The men run out of the fog at the top of the bank. (Fog
               Hollow Set where they were seen entering fog, curtain effect)
               Left to right movement, slightly head-on.

               EXT. STREAM - LONG SHOT - DAY

               The men run left to right, followed by the beast. Tim, the
               last man, runs towards and into the jungle, with the Dinosaur
               after him. (Miniature man, miniature beast, projection on) No
               fog. (Most Dangerous Game set)

               EXT. BANK - FULL SHOT - DAY

               The men climb a bank. (Most Dangerous Game Ledge set)

               EXT. STREAM - FULL SHOT - DAY

               Tim runs up to the base of a tree, climbs it. (Real man, real
               tree from Most Dangerous Game set)

               EXT. STREAM - BANK - FULL SHOT - DAY

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