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King Kong - 1933 Screenplay

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Author Topic: King Kong - 1933 Screenplay  (Read 11173 times)
Stacy Dohm
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« on: August 25, 2007, 09:32:20 pm »


               As the men come from the edge of the jungle, last fringe of
               shrubbery masking foreground, to look out upon an open glade.
               They pause, as they see broken shrubbery. It is now full
               dawn. Use "Most Dangerous Game" ledge set, men coming towards

                         That's right. We're on his trail.

               He leads them forward out into -

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               The open glade. Kong's footsteps is visible in soft earth

                             (sees footprints, points,
                              shouts back without

               All hurry forward in a dog trot. A couple of sailors,
               running, pass Driscoll, then stop, run back into the arms of
               the others.

                         Look out! Look out!

               They point and all stop as they see --

               An immense spike-tailed beast coming through the jungle
               parallel with them, partially masked by trees. Men in
               foreground here. (Williams Process)

                         Great Scott, that's something I
                         didn't know about.

                         I got an idea there's plenty on
                         this island you weren't figuring

               The beast crashes out into the open.

                         Gimme one of those bombs.

               ONE ANGLE ONLY

               He snatches a bomb from the sailor who is carrying them.

               EXT. GLADE - DAWN

               The beast charges. The men run. Only Driscoll and Denham
               stand their ground. Driscoll fires several times without
               effect. This should be a very wide glade to get the full
               effect of a long charge.

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               The first angle at edge of glade, with Denham and Driscoll in
               the foreground, other men running back.

                             (gun empty)
                         It won't stop him.

               Denham throws his bomb.

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               Second angle again. The bomb strikes the beast, explodes. Out
               of the smoke, the two-horned beast staggers towards the two
               men. They throw themselves to either side.

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               First angle. Driscoll and Denham throw themselves flat on the
               ground as --

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               In the first angle, the beast collapses just short of the

               EXT. GLADE - DAWN

               Its head is just short of Driscoll. It goes limp.

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               The sailors, huddled behind the shrubbery at the edge of the
               wood (as in the first shot of this sequence) stare at --

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               The beast, unconscious on the ground. In the foreground,
               Denham and Driscoll pick themselves up.

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               FIRST ANGLE - the sailors run forward to --

               EXT. GLADE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               Join Driscoll and Denham. They start forward towards the
               beast. It is in the background. (Projection)

                         Wait a minute. He's only knocked

               He takes a gun from one of the men and goes forward to the
               great beast's head. He shoots it through the ear. It's starts
               convulsing, then grows rigid.

                             (after a look, speaks to
                         I told you those gas bombs would
                         bring down anything. We'll get that
                         ape alive.

                         We're not trying to catch the ape -
                         we're trying to save that girl.
                         Come on - we're losing time.

               He leads them off towards --


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