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King Kong - 1933 Screenplay

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Author Topic: King Kong - 1933 Screenplay  (Read 11548 times)
Stacy Dohm
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« on: August 25, 2007, 09:31:22 pm »

DISSOLVE TO wall and Great Gate. The gate is being opened by
               natives. Procession passes through, taking Ann to the altar.
               People crowding to top of wall.

               CUT TO exterior of wall, projection of altar on left. Ann
               being tied to altar. People crowding to top of wall.

               CUT TO exterior of wall, projection of altar on left. Ann
               being tied to altar. People crowding top of wall with

               Two men begin beating big gong, those on wall yelling and
               beating drums.

               CUT TO Great Gate, natives closing and bracing it.

               Top of wall. Chief invoking Kong:

                         Kara Ta ni, Kong. O Taro Vey, Rama
                         (We call thee, Kong. O Mighty One,
                         Great Kong.)
                         Wa saba ani mako, O Taro Vey, Rama
                         Kong. (The bride is here, O Mighty
                         One, Great Kong.)

               CUT TO altar and jungle opening set, split shot. Noise
               suddenly stops. KONG steps from jungle opening, looks at
               people on wall, beats his chest. Sees Ann, starts toward her.

               CUT TO exterior of wall, projection of altar on left. Kong
               walks way from camera till he blocks altar from view.

               People on wall watch in silence.

               CUT TO close altar set, Ann and altar against projection
               background, cutting to double projection when Kong passes

               Kong in close up stands behind girl, looking at her. He looks
               up at wall and beats his chest. He walks round altar, then
               starts to unfasten her.

               CUT TO straight shot of people on wall, breaking out in wild
               demonstration as Kong takes Ann.

               CUT TO village street, Council House set, ship's party racing
               through and into court.

               CUT TO exterior wall set, Kong turns from Altar with Ann in
               his hand and walks toward camera. Crowd on wall in uproar
               gong, drums, yelling, waving torches.

               CUT TO Driscoll and party reaching Gate, he hears Ann scream,
               looks through window.

               CUT TO what he sees. Edge of Jungle set, miniature.

               KONG walks away from camera and into jungle, turning to look
               back, so Ann is seen in his hand.

               CUT TO Great Gate. Driscoll wildly gesturing to sailors to
               open it. Noise continues.

               Sailors struggle with pole. They get it down and start
               tugging at gate.

                         He's got Ann! Who's coming with me?

                                   1ST SAILOR
                         I'll go.

                                   2ND SAILOR
                         Sure. Me too.

                                   3RD SAILOR
                         I'm going, sir.

                         All right. Here you - and you -
                             (selecting sailors)

                         What did you see?

                             (brushing him aside)
                         Skipper, you stay here with half
                         the men and guard this gate. Don't
                         let 'em close it.

                         Who's got the bombs?

               Jimmy comes forward.

                         Come on, you fellers.

               Driscoll, Denham and eleven sailors start through gate.

                             (shouts back)
                         Keep the gate open for us, Skipper.

               LAP DISSOLVE

               EXT. JUNGLE - FULL OR MED. SHOT

               PAN to follow the men, headed by Driscoll and Denham as they
               plunge through the jungle; left to right. (NOTE: This along
               top of ledge-crevasse set, not showing edge.)

               EXT. JUNGLE - FULL SHOT - DAWN

               CRANE TO FOLLOW as they come up the ledge. A twittering of
               birds and insects' noises. Ad lib as they come: "Watch that
               log" -- "Shove right on through." Men go left to right.

                             (stops, wipes his
                         No telling where he's gone in this

                         He came by here. Look at those
                         broken branches.

                         That's right. He's up ahead

                             (looks about)
                         The sun ought to be rising about

                         Listen to those birds.
                             (bird noises)
                         It's dawn all right.

                         Look here.

               He points to one of Kong's great footprints; just visible as
               a first shaft of dawn light strikes down between the trees.

               CRANE TO CLOSE. All move forward - TRUCK TO FOLLOW

               To look at Kong's footprint. Probably no close up necessary.
               Ad lib murmurs together, "Get that" - "It's tracks" - "Look
               here, Jo."

                         Look at the size of that. He must
                         be as big as a house. He's come
                         this way, all right.

                         And he's heading that way. Come on.

               TRUCK to LONGER SHOT as he leads them forward. All hasten on
               after Kong.

                             (to sailors)
                         Keep those guns cocked.

                                   SAILOR IN BLACK SWEATER
                         He's telling us!

               As they exit, camera left - DISSOLVE OUT.

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