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King Kong - 1933 Screenplay

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Author Topic: King Kong - 1933 Screenplay  (Read 11163 times)
Stacy Dohm
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« on: August 25, 2007, 09:27:11 pm »

CUT TO village. Wall visible over roofs. Party enters.

               Drums much louder.

                         Not a soul in sight.

                         That wall, Skipper! What d'ye say
                         to that, eh?

                         Colossal! It might almost be

                         But what's on the other side?
                         That's what I want to know.

                         Who do you suppose could have built

                             (trying not to be
                         Aw, I went up to Angkor once.
                         That's bigger than this - and
                         nobody knows who built it.

                             (with a feeling of
                              something even more
                              important than a picture
                              pending, but trying to
                              strike his usual note)
                         Oh, boy! What a chance! What a

               The chant begins, rising in volume. They all stand frozen.

               Ann clutches Driscoll's arm. Sailors frightened. Chant dies
               down to a mutter.

                             (shaking himself)
                         Come on!

               They all move forward cautiously. TRUCK WITH THEM.

                         Hear that! They're saying Kong!

                         Hope you'll be able to speak their
                         lingo Skipper.

                         Can you catch any words yet?

                         I'm not sure. It sounds something
                         like the language the Nias
                         Islanders speak.

                         What do you suppose is happening?

                         Up to some of their heathen tricks.
                         Now don't go rushing out to see.

                             (meekly, but bubbling with
                         All right. But isn't it exciting!

                         Sure. I wish we'd left you on the

                         I'm so glad you didn't.

               They approach masking house.

                         Wait. Easy row. Stay here till I
                         see what goes on.

               They stop in a group behind house. Denham looks round

               CUT TO what he sees. The Ceremony.

                         Holy mackerel! What a show!
                         Skipper, get a look at this!

               Englehorn carefully goes forward and peeps around.

                         Did you ever see anything like that
                         before? If I can steal a shot
                         before they see us -

               He beckons to sailor carrying camera.

                         Hey! You with the camera!

               Sailor starts forward with it.

                             (to Driscoll)
                         I want to see.

                         Come on and look, but be careful.

               Ann looks around house. Denham moves beyond and starts
               setting up. Chant begins to rise. As it reaches forte, Chief
               sees them and shouts.

                         Bado! Dama pati vego!

               Ceremony stops, natives turn and stare.

                         Too late, they see us.

                         Let's beat it!

               He turns to run. Driscoll seizes and holds him.

                         Hold on there! What are you running

                         No use trying to hide now.
                         Everybody come out here in plain
                         sight. Put up a bold front.

               Driscoll, Ann and sailors come forward in a group a few paces
               behind Denham and Englehorn.

                         Bado! Maka mini tau ansaro.(Wait!
                         Two warriors come with me.)

               In silence, the Chief with two warriors close behind him
               advances through the crowd of natives. The women in the crowd
               begin to slip away.

               The group of whites watch in tense silence the approach of
               the Chief.

                                   2ND SAILOR
                         Say, let's scram outa this.

                         Stand still, you fool!

               Group of sailors are fingering their rifles, shifting

                             (over his shoulder without
                              looking away from Chief)
                         Steady, boys. Don't get nervous.

               Ann takes hold of Driscoll's arm. He puts his hand on hers
               without looking at her.

                         Never let a native see you're
                         worried, boys. Bluff 'em.

               The chief stops.

                         Watu! Tama di? Tama di? (Stop! Who
                         are you? Who are you?)

                         Come on Skipper, make him a
                         friendly speech.

                         Tabe! Bala kum nono hi. Bala! Bala!
                         (Greeting! We are your friends.
                         Friends! Friends!)

                         Bala reri! Tasko! Tasko! (We don't
                         want friends, Go! Get out!

                         He understands you, Skipper! What's
                         he say?

                         Telling us to get out.

                         Talk him out of it. Ask him what
                         goes on.

                         Vana di humya? Malem ani humya
                         vana? (What are you doing? What is
                         that woman doing?)
                             (he points to girl)

                         Ani saba Kong! (She is the bride of

               The natives all murmur "Saba Kong!"

                         He says the girl there is the bride
                         of Kong.

                         Great! Find out what they're going
                         to do.

               The Witch Doctor rushes forward, very angry. He addresses

                                   WITCH DOCTOR
                         Dama si kasi! Dama si kasi! Punya
                         bas! Punya! (Strangers have seen!
                         It is finished.)

                             (to Englehorn)
                         Tasko! (Go!)

                         What's that?

                         He must be the witch-doctor. He
                         says the ceremony is spoiled
                         because we have seen it.

                         What's the word for friends?


                         Calm the old boy down.

               He advances with outspread hands, saying, "Bala! Bala!"

               Englehorn hesitates for a moment, then steps forward too.


               The warriors move menacingly forward.

                         I don't like the looks of this,
                         Denham. The women have cleared out.
                         That's a bad sign.

               The Chief sees Ann.

                             (shouting to the natives)
                         Sita! Malem! Malem me pakeno!
                         (Look! The woman! The woman of

               Natives all look at her and murmur.

                         What's that?

                         He says look at the golden woman.

                         Blondes are scarce around here.

                         Malem ma pakapo! Kong wa bisa! Kow
                         bisa para Kong! (The woman of gold!
                         Kong's gift! A gift for Kong.)

                         A gift for Kong, he says.

                         Good Lord!

                         Dama, tebo malem na hi? (Strangers,
                         sell woman to us?)

                         Wants to buy her.

                         Sani sita malem ati -
                             (pointing to sacrificial
                         - kow dia malem ma pakeno.
                         (I will give six women like this
                         for you woman of gold.)

                         He's offering to trade us six of
                         his girls for Ann.

               Ann gasps, tries to smile.

                         You got her into this, Denham.

                         Tida, tida! Malem ati rota na hi.
                         (No, no! Our woman stays with us.)

               Chief growls menacingly. Warriors take another step forward.
               Sailors finger their rifles.

                         I'm going to take her back to the

                         We'd better all get out before they
                         think to cut us off from the beach.

                         I guess so. But tell him we'll come
                         back tomorrow to make friends.

                         Dulu hi tego. Bala. Dulu. (Tomorrow
                         we come. Friends. Tomorrow.)

               Chief does not move, glares at them.

                         Get going, Ann. Don't act scared.
                         Everything's all right. Smile, Ann.
                         Talk to Jack. Keep your chin up!

               Ann, very frightened, but smiling gallantly, does as he tell
               her. She and Driscoll retreat slowly, pretending unconcern.
               The sailors fall back one by one, Englehorn and Denham last.

               Denham cocks his hat over one eye and begins to whistle
               carelessly, one hand on his revolver. As they reach the
               corner of masking house.
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