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Zeta Reticuli

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Greys - Orion Greys

Aka: greys type B

Home system

Orion. Their main bases seem to be in the Aleutian Islands. These are the type seen not long ago in Eastern Russia.


Usually about 7 to 8 feet. tall (reports often exaggerate their height as being 9 to 12 feet.) with facial feature somewhat similar to grey type A with the exception of the large nose found on type B greys. The larger Grays apparently have some vestigial reproductive capability, and some of the hybrid species that have been cross-bred with the [taller] reptilian species have full reproductive capability. The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, compared to 1300 cc for the average human. Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter, and the Grays have known technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any manner or pattern that they wish. These greys also have technologies that allow them to perform certain actions that appear "miraculous."


They have been seen giving orders to the smaller type A. These creatures are hostile, but less vicious toward humans. They have certain powers and technologies that allow them to perform actions that appear miraculous. According to some government sources, these extraterrestrial biological entities called themselves the EBAN. It is with the larger Grays that elements of the government made a series of diplomatic agreements in the 1950's, 60's and 70's


These greys are less viscous towards humans than type A greys (but are still considered "hostile".) They tend to influence more through political controls and negotiated agreements with those in power. The Orion Grays give the impression that they are benevolent towards humans, but they are heavily into genetic engineering. They use humans as guinea pigs to conduct various experiments. All this is done through the injecting of certain genomes into flesh and the application of electromagnetic charges. In this way they can grow human body parts to help deformed or injured humans -- or for their own purposes of food and sustenance.
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