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Zeta Reticuli

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Author Topic: Zeta Reticuli  (Read 2082 times)
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« on: July 31, 2011, 03:50:01 am »

Reference:  The Zeta Reticuli Incident by Terence Dickinson
This highly recommended publication is available in hard copy from Stanton Friedman at

In 1988, Bob Lazar came forward with an incredible story.  Bob Lazar claimed he had worked at Area 51 (S4) in Nevada to reverse engineer alien spacecraft that had been captured by the US Government.  During his stay at S4 he was given briefing papers to read and some of them described the alien’s home solar system .. and yes, you’ve guessed it ... Zeta 2 Reticuli, and specifically the 4th planet in that solar system!

I have provided some interesting information below I found on several mailing lists:
From the Extra Solar Planets Encylopedia: Star Name    Distance
(Parsecs)    Spectral
Class    Visual
Magnitude    M[.sini]
Jupiter mass: (J)
Earth  mass: (E)    Semi-Major         Axis       
(AU)    Period
years (y)
days (d)    Eccentricity    Inclination
(degrees)    Radius
Zeta 2 Reticuli    11 pc    G1V    5.24    0.27(J)    0.14 AU    18.9 d    0    --    --

In a rather strange “about face,” the above information was removed from the Extra Solar Planets Encyclopedia site after 4 days.  The official reason for removal was that “the data may have been misinterpreted and there probably is no planet.”

Now this big quarter of a Jupiter mass planet is in an orbit about Zeta 2 Reticuli which lasts 18.9 days and has a Semi-Major Axis of 0.14 Astronomical Unit (AU).  For comparison Mercury has a Semi-Major Axis of 0.387 AU equal to 36 million miles and Earth has a Semi-Major Axis of 1.00 AU equal to 92.9 million miles.  Now if we assume that this newly discovered planet, which we will name Reticulum 1 in accordance with Bob Lazar’s convention, is the closest one to Zeta 2 Reticuli (it’s hard to imagine a closer one), then following Bode’s Law (the law which states each planet is about twice the distance from it’s sun as its inner neighbor) Reticulum 2 should be at 0.28 AU, Reticulum 3 should be at 0.56 AU and, INTERESTINGLY, Reticulum 4 would be at 1.12 AU in between the Earth’s 1.00 AU and Mars’s 1.52 AU, well within the “life-zone” of a G class star!

I just found another possible way that this recent discovery could confirm part of Lazar and Jarod 2’s story.  I found the length of the Zeta 2 Reticulum 4’s year.  How did I do this you might ask?  Simple, with calculator in hand I used two elementary laws of Astronomy.  Bode’s Law and Kepler’s 3rd Law.

The numbers I used were from that data on the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia Website are these:

    * The Semi-Major Axis of a planetary orbit is measured in Astronomical Units (AU).

    * The Period of an orbit is measured in Earth days or years.  The newly discovered planet has a Semi-Major Axis of 0.14 AU and a Period of 18.9 days.

    * Some Definitions:

         1. 1 Astronomical Unit (AU)  =  92.9 million miles  =  the distance between the Earth and Sun.

         2. The “Semi-Major Axis” is the measurement of the planets orbit, an ellipse, in relation to it’s star in Astronomical Units.  The Earth’s Semi-Major axis is 1.00 AU.  The “Semi-Major Axis” of a perfectly circular orbit would be the radius of that orbit.

         3. The “Period” is the amount of time it takes to complete one orbit.  A planet’s period is it’s year.  The Earth’s Period is 365.25 days.
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