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(XI.) HISTORY - Into the Twentieth Century

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Author Topic: (XI.) HISTORY - Into the Twentieth Century  (Read 2184 times)
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Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt, the Light of the World, published 1907 AD, p 728: We have now to track the ever-coming child Iusa, Iusu or Jesus in the sphere of time as the son of Iusãas and of Atum, who was Ra in his first sovereignty; not merely in the round of the lesser year, but in the movement of precession as determined by the changing equinox or by the shifting position of the pole. As we have shown, the Zodiacal signs were set in heaven according to the seasons of the Egyptian year* and in the annual circuit of the sun. The birthplace of the Inundation and the Grapes was figured in or near the sign of Virgo or the Virgin, the mother of the child who brought the new life to the land in water as Ichthus the fish and in food as Horus on his papyrus. But Horus the traveller of eternity has to be tracked and followed in the movement of Precession. And thus the new beginning for the present quest is in the sign of Leo.

Massey may have thought he had shown this, but this has been comprehensively disproved by modern scholarship. The Solar Zodiac is Babylonian not Egyptian and is less than two and a half thousand years old.

Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt, the Light of the World, published 1907 AD, p 734: When Horus had fulfilled the period of 2,155 years with the Easter equinox in the sign of Aries, the birthplace passed into the sign of Pisces, where the ever-coming one, the Renewer as the eternal child who had been brought forth as a lion in Leo, a beetle in cancer, as one of the twins in the sign of the Gemini, as a calf in the sign of the bull, and as a lamb in the sign of the ram, was destined to manifest as the fish, born of a fish-mother, in the zodiacal sign of the fishes. The rebirth of Atum-Horus or Jesus as the fish of Iusãas and the bread of Nephthys was astronomically dated to occur and appointed to take place in Bethlehem of the Zodiac about the year 255 B.C., at the time [Page 735] when the Easter equinox entered the sign of Pisces, the house of corn and bread; the corn that was brought forth by the gestator Rannut in the eighth month of the Egyptian year, and was reaped in the month named from Parmuti the Corn-Mother; and the bread that was kneaded by Nephthys in the house of bread.

Horus, or Jesus, the fulfiller of time and law, the saviour who came by water, by blood and in the spirit, Horus the fish and the bread of life, was due according to precession in the sign of the fishes about the year 255 B.C. A new point of departure for the religion of Ichthus in Rome is indicated astronomically when Jesus or Horus was portrayed with the sign of the fish upon his head, and the crocodile beneath his feet (fig. p. 343). This would be about the year 255 B.C. (so-called). But the perverters of the Jesus-legend, in concocting the Christian “history”, had falsified the time in heaven that the Egyptians kept so sacredly on earth during the ages on ages through which they zealously sought to discern the true way to the infinite through every avenue of the finite, and to track the Eternal by following the footprints of the typical fulfiller through all the cycles and epicycles of renewing time.
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