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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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(XI.) HISTORY - Into the Twentieth Century

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Author Topic: (XI.) HISTORY - Into the Twentieth Century  (Read 2379 times)
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Gerald Massey, Lectures: The Hebrew and Other Creations - Fundamentally Explained, page 122 , c 1900: So it is with the Fall. Here, as before, the Genesis does not begin at the beginning. There was an earlier Fall than that of the Primal Pair. In this, the number of those who failed and fell was seven. We meet with these Seven in Egypt--(Eight with the Mother)--where they are called the "Children of Inertness," who were cast out from "Am-Smen," the Paradise of the Eight; also, in a Babylonian legend of creation, as the Seven Brethren, who were Seven Kings; like the Seven Kings in the Book of Revelation; and the Seven Non-Sentient Powers, who became the Seven Rebel Angels that made war in Heaven. The Seven Kronidę, described as the Seven Watchers, who, in the beginning, were formed in the interior of heaven. The heaven, like a vault, they extended or hollowed out; that which was not visible they raised, and that which had no exit they opened; their work of creation being exactly identical with that of the Elohim in the Book of Genesis. These are the Seven elemental powers of space, who were continued as Seven timekeepers. It is said of them, "In watching was their office, but among the stars of heaven their watch they kept not," and their failure was the Fall. In the Book of Enoch the same Seven watchers in heaven are stars which transgressed the commandment of God before their time arrived, for they came not in their proper season, therefore was he offended with them, and bound them until the period of the consummation of their crimes, at the end of the secret, or great year of the world--i.e., the Period of Precession, when there was to be the restoration and re-beginning. The Seven deposed constellations are seen by Enoch, looking like Seven great blazing mountains overthrown--the Seven mountains in Revelation, on which the Scarlet Lady sits.

Gerald Massey, Lectures: In Reply to Professor A. H. Sayce, page 139 , c 1900: P.S.--By the by, is Professor Sayce equally certain that he is correct in his dates of precession? He gives the entrance of the vernal equinox into the signs of the Bull and Ram as being about the years, 4,700 and 2,500 B.C. I found that Cassini and other astronomers gave the figures 4,565 and 2,410 B.C. And from data kindly supplied to me by the present Astronomer Royal from independent calculations made at Greenwich, these were the dates, corroborated and confirmed.

Massey's Messianic View: At the end of Massey's life, in 1907, Massey's Ancient Egypt, the Light of the World was published. In this rather strange work, Massey places the Messiah legend not with the Hebrews but with an Egypt stretching 10 000 years back into the past. [He accepts Herodotus age for Egyptian history at face value - something now disproved by modern scholarship.] He starts with Leo at the Vernal Equinox and then follows the Messiah legend forward through what we would now call the Ages. This is what we would now call the Movement of the Ages but with a Messianic feel which is no longer present in the New Age reading of the Ages. Much of what Massey writes is regurgitated in certain modern books concerning Egypt and Precession, but with little credit given to Massey. Some excerpts of this long work are given below. [As we now know that the Solar Zodiac came to Egypt only after Alexander the Great's conquest in 332 BC - the Egyptians instead possessed their own astral system of 36 decans - Massey's work has, unfortunately, to be considered to be a long exercise in seeing patterns where none actually existed.]
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